Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winter Re-Inspiration

I’ve had the winter blues…I decided I needed to reinspire myself, sartorially of course, for Winter. Because all I keep doing is thinking about pretty Spring & Summer clothes.  Unfortunately, when looking through wintery images I found I was most inspired by cute 1940s knitwear. Which is impossible to find vintage and practically impossible (with the exception of Rocket Originals, it seems) to find repro! I have been knitting myself but it’s a very slow process and I’m an impatient kind of gal (I need to take photos of my projects).

Knitting from vintage patterns is also rather difficult – it doesn’t help that I’m a complete newbie and all of my patterns are Australian so finding information on the different types of yarn, etc. (when it doesn't mention the weight) seems to be impossible, so far. Though if anyone has any great resources to point me to I’d be incredibly grateful. Luckily, my mother has been knitting for about 50 years so she’s been helping me a lot – although she said she never really paid attention to yarn suggestion or even to the tension gauge and everything she’s ever done has worked out really well.

But enough of that – here’s some images of things I’ve been drooling over (luckily not literally or some of my patterns would get a bit soggy):

I can't remember where I found this - if it's yours, sorry!

I scanned this myself. And it's the lady's cardigan I've been drooling over...not the fella. ;]

Again, if this is yours let me know!

...And again.

Scanned myself, hence the terrible quality.


I suppose it isn't that hard to find vintage inspired cardigans...but they're all inspired by the heavily embellished cardigans of the 50s and I'm just looking for simple knitwear (or knitwear that has the pattern knitted into it). 

I think I’m equally inspired by plaid. I like plaid best in winter and gingham best in summer. 

I know there's only one plaid shirt but I would still wear everything on this (except for the ice skates). So adorable! Source.

Oh. One other thing? Trousers. Wide legged trousers, to be exact.

So far, I think I’m most drawn to these from Heyday! I will have to save up for a pair, methinks.  Damn you, GBP! You are the bane of my existence (or, well, not really). Though perhaps beige would work better in slightly warmer weather? Perhaps a darker pair first, then. I also love the trousers from Vivien of Holloway, Big Beautiful Barbara Brown and reVamp.

I seem to be drawn to things that are a little bit, well, cute rather than glamorous lately. And also things that are a little more practical. Isn’t that such a nasty word? But I think when you’re limited in funds you’re probably better off buying things that will work well in many ways, than something that can only be worn on certain occasions (unless it is so amazing that you know you will regret not buying it for the rest of your life – bit dramatic but you get my point). Plus, I’m a sook in winter and would rather look warm and cute.

Although, in the spirit of not being practical I haven’t even though about hats, coats, gloves or scarves!  I don’t generally need anything too heavy over here but coats are still a necessity. Just something super simple like this (but in navy blue):


So, I suppose the conclusion I’ve come to is that I’m plenty inspired for winter…but knowing what you want to wear is different from having what you want to wear. I need to go through my wardrobe and see which things might look good together – find new ways to wear what I have. That's always fun!

Andi B. Goode


  1. I always think of the wrong season too. I'm in the middle of a long summer (Autumn won't be here until October/November) and I'm dying for my knits and long sleeve dresses.

    1940's knitwear is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Angel: I wonder if it's because we see so many pictures from the other hemisphere online? It is, isn't it? Sigh.

  3. I'm very lucky my mum knits and she knits really well! In fact she does commission stuff for other people sometimes too, although I don't shout about it too much as it means I don't get my knitwear done!! I sew but I haven't the patience for knitting!

  4. Straight Talking Mama: You are lucky. As am I. Mum's knitting me up a lovely sweater, right now. Oh, neat! Also, a lot of people say that about knitting - but I don't have the patience for sewing. lol. I'm strange. ;]

  5. Oh wow these are wonderful! I just started knitting too, and am completely aweful at it, but I am determined to make myself a pretty 40's style sweater! I love that image of the snow-wear! Why did people ever stop wearing these?

  6. Ashley Louise: I know how you feel - we shall get there though! Sigh. I often wonder the same thing...

  7. Oh I feel your pain!! I keep seeing these lovely floaty dresses on US and European blogs and thinking it might be fun to step outside in some pastel summer number - but then COLD hard reality hits.

    How long till summer?

  8. Aren't those vintage catalogues wonderful?I could look at them for hours.
    I'm having trouble findle simple cardigans too,it's so frustrating!
    I love the hey day pants,they are on my wishlist too,they have just released some in a lovely french navy colour.Fluer de Guere is wearing them on her blog.
    I keep looking at summer stuff also,in fact i've bought about 4 dresses over the last few weeks,Silly of me really since i wont be able to wear them for months.Oh well at least i'll be well dressed once the warmer weather gets here:)
    Hope you have had a happy day

  9. A lot of 1980s knitwear was 40s inspired, maybe you'll find some,
    its also often synthetic so no chance of succumbing to moth.

  10. I hav to agree with you Andi, there is nothing much here in at the NZ in repro knit wear and alas my knitting skills currently sitting at the level of baby blankets and scarves.
    I brought the pants from Heyday last month and love them! Shona is a joy to deal with and the pound conversion was quite surprising! all up incld shipping I paid $116 ( pretty good) and much cheaper than cue etc.

    Have a fab day

    XX Rosina Lee

  11. Gingham and plaid are my favourites too! I'm craving summer as well, but we'll be in summer in a few weeks' time, thank goodness. I always crave summer - am so not a cold-weather person.

    I have nothing useful to say on the subject of knitting because I can't knit! Sorry. But good luck with your quest.

  12. Rebeccak: I know! It's so taunting. hehe. I've been wondering the same thing...
    Mrs Cleaver: Yes, I saw the trousers on Fleur's blog. They're lovely =D That's a good point - I'm going to have some decent stuff by the time summer gets here, too. lol
    Miss Rayne: That's true but they don't seem to sit as nicely and I'm a bit sick of synthetic stuff.
    Rosina: It's frustrating! Oh. I can't even afford 116$, right now. I bought something on etsy for 30$ and I even had to think long and hard about that. =\
    Andrea: They're so fun, aren't they? Oh darn you. Hehe. ;]


    They're one of the best purchases I've ever made.

  14. Earanee, I'd love to but they're really a lot more than my budget can handle right now (or for the foreseeable future) :( I shall just admire them from afar!

  15. Hi Andie,

    you may want to try

    They have a few knits and swing pants .. and they are Australian

  16. Thanks for the link, Elise. I spent ages trying to find that store again! I really like the knits. =D

  17. Also, I promise to stop whinging about how much money I don't have, guys. ;]

  18. vintage sweaters are what i'm thinking about as well right now:)

  19. The Collar of the Dove: Good to know it's not just me. Hehe.

  20. Wonderful images! I know wish that it was winter and that I could knit. I agree, it's hard to find simple knits, all of the plain cardigans that I find are too slippery for me to embroider on.

  21. The Frog's Eyebrows: Glad you liked them. =] It's such a pity! I find a lot of them are too thin, as well.

  22. these are gorgeous inspiration ! i love vintage style :}

  23. Cassidy: Thanks! Glad you like them. =]


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