Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Crafty: 1930s Blouse Completed

I finished the blouse! Hurrah! Mum helped me pin it together, and to understand the instructions (reading patterns, no matter how simple, is like reading a foreign language for me, at the moment, so it's nice to have someone to 'translate') but I'm proud that I didn't just give up and let mum take over, like I usually do.



I really am rather proud of myself, which in itself is an achievement as I find it very difficult to internalise  my successes at the best of times.

I wore it out on Friday night to the Way We Wear Fair; I saw lots of lovely things (most of them incredibly expensive) but the only thing I regret is not picking up a little sailor doll I saw. He was lovely. Oh well!

A view of some of the stalls.

There were vintage wedding dresses on display. I forgot to take photos of the really nice ones.

One of the many items I couldn't afford...

Isn't this carved bracelet beautiful? But it was 325$ Eek.

Edited to add: I was quite taken with the deco light fixtures in the 'powder room'.


I did, however, purchase this lovely 1930s straw hat - the woman who sold it to me said that it had belonged to her aunt. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love but I left it for a few minutes, telling myself I'd return to the stall once I went around to all the others. Well, I only made it to the next one and I kept peeking over the racks to see if it was still I knew I had to go back. The lady who sold it to me was lovely, too and asked if I was going to wear it - I assured her I would (it's perfect for summer) and I think she felt better about letting it go.

Here's a few extra shots showing off my blouse...



I probably didn't need to add this as well but I like that you get to see more of my room.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. Sorry that this is rather light on text, today, but I'm awfully tired and have no idea why.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Style-Volution: Three

In my last Style-volution post I think I mentioned having a style crisis in 2007. I’m not sure if this was a particularly accurate description but I was really referring to my lack of cohesive style for the year. I feel as though my personal style changed quite a bit during this year and it definitely fluctuated along the way. This was the year I began my degree (in visual arts) and I wonder if that had anything to do with it...a new course, a new look? Perhaps. But I definitely explored a few different 'looks' during 2007.


For some reason, I thought bleaching my hair would be a good idea…I suppose I just wanted to see what I’d look like as a blonde. Of course, as I’d been dying my hair red for at least six months my hair was rather orange to start with.


I was rather fond of pulling funny faces. And short skirts, sometimes. The far right is as blonde as my hair went.


Then I dyed my hair a brown-ish red. Despite the outfits in the middle, I suppose you can see I still had an interest in vintage-esque looks.


My bedroom looks so different! But that is irrelevant. The third picture is what I wore for my 21st – Mum made it for me as I had a 1940s themed birthday party.


These are all still some of my favourite outfits, even though I wouldn’t wear them again. And, yes, there’s another silly face!


At the end of the year I dyed my hair black again. I still have that blue dress (it’s 1970s) but I don’t wear it, anymore. I just don’t want to part with it – I think it’d be good for a costume, actually! I also still have the floral two piece but am going to be selling that (also 1970s – don’t suppose anyone is interested?)

So, there you go - that was 2007! I only have one post left to do as I started this blog in 2009 so there isn't really anything to show you, I suppose. Hope you're all still enjoying the series. As with the others, I've uploaded 'out takes' to Flickr.

Andi B. Goode

Thursday, August 26, 2010

1950s Subculture: Teddy Girls

While I do love the mainstream fashion of the past, (though I will admit I know little about designer wear, past or present) I’ve always been drawn to the fashion of subcultures. Mods, rockers, rude boys, skins, punks, goths, new romantics…I just truly find subcultures fascinating (and definitely need to do more research – as an aside, if anyone has any suggestions for books, etc., on subculture fashion in general I’d much appreciate it!)

I am by no means the first to write about Teddy Girls and I’m sure I have nothing new to say – my only hope is that someone, somewhere will discover something new to inspire them.

Before turning his full attention to the film industry, director Ken Russell photographed these snazzily dressed young women. Taken in London, in 1955, Russell called the series ‘The Last of the Teddy Girls’. He says that no one paid much attention to the teddy girls before he took the photographs though there was plenty on the teddy boys.

They were tough, these kids, they'd been born in the war years and food rationing only ended in about 1954 – a year before I took these pictures. They were proud. They knew their worth. They just wore what they wore.” (Source)

Many people found ‘ted’ males intimidating but one of the girls photographed by Russell insists that they weren’t violent or trouble-making girls – “…we’d just sit on each other’s doorsteps and play music.”

These were working class girls who left school at 14 or 15 and spent their money on their striking outfits. They rejected the post-war feminine clothes in favour of their customised outfits.

I love the mix of masculine and feminine in teddy girl fashion – they mixed cameo brooches and high-necked blouses with drape jackets and rolled up jeans. Like their male counterparts, the Teddy girls’ fashions were inspired by Edwardian fashion (hence, ‘Teddy’).

Unlike this girl, I wouldn't say I'm keen on seeing a Teddy Girl revival. Much like many songs & films, sometimes the original is the best. And, like with so many subcultures, Teddy Girl style is made more interesting when seen in context – as Susannah Price wrote in her 2006 article “Their choice of clothes wasn’t only for aesthetic affect: these girls were collectively rejecting post-war austerity.” Their style also presented a counter to the often extreme femininity of 1950s fashion.

Subcultures generally exist because of specific social, political, etc. climates…the clothes are reactions to these things, and that is what I find most fascinating.

There is surprisingly (and dishearteningly) little out there about Teddy Girls. If it weren’t for Ken Russell’s beautiful photo-essay would we even remember these girls? Or would they be forever forgotten, leaving us only to remember Teddy Boys?

I won’t go on any longer, but here are a few other write-ups on the photographs (& other things) that I found whilst trawling through google search:

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I made it over 500 followers! Eep. How exciting. I am thinking about doing another giveaway to celebrate - I'll either see if I can buy a gift or maybe see if anyone wants to sponsor one.
P.P.S. Am trying to fix strange changing font size, right now.

Edit: As this is one of my most popular posts, I thought I would add that some of my ideas have changed since first writing it (specifically with respect to the Teddy Girl revival) - I think some of the reasons that young girls turned to this fashion could still be applied to fashion today or turning to these styles could reflect something else. I realise it sounded like I was against anyone taking inspiration from them, too, which I'm certainly not.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Crafty: 1930s Blouse

I make no secret of my dislike for sewing - whenever I've tried to learn I tire of it easily and get little joy from it - but I decided that I can't very well expect my mum to make every little thing that I want. So, I'm learning...again. And hopefully I will end up enjoying it! So, yesterday I went out and bought myself some fabric so I could get started on the blouse from this pattern set, from Wearing History:

My progress, thus far:

The fabric



I was going to start making it up today but got distracted by knitting, which I find far more therapeutic and suited to my personality. But I am determined to sew, even if I only make it through this one blouse! I got upset because I didn't cut the notches but Mum and my sister's partner, both experienced seamstresses, said they often don't bother and mark it with chalk or cotton. I decided that, seeing as I rarely cut the notches in the same place anyway (am absolutely pants at cutting anything out, really) then cotton/chalk would be more accurate.

I'm sure most of you will know of Lauren's wonderful patterns - she's truly amazing. I'm always gobsmacked by her work! I have the 1940s Style Panties and Sunkissed Sweetheart Patterns, too. The panties were the first things I made but, as they're a little dodgy, I'll wait 'til I've made something semi-decent then I will show them together. 

And I'm completely in love with her latest pattern:

I wonder if these beautiful '30s hats would go so well with my '40s clothes? Hmm.

The Wearing History etsy store is here and her blog is here.

I probably ought to have waited until I was actually finished with the blouse (which Mum is going to assist me on as I get awfully nervous) but I was a little excited, I suppose. Oh, and I hope the photos are OK - they come to you courtesy of my iPhone.

Andi B. Goode

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Style-Volution: Part Deux

First of all, apologies for not blogging much of late; I’m going through another uninspired patch and I’m trying to think of some different ideas of things I might want to do for the blog, in the future. Also, I'm glad so many people enjoyed the first part of this series! I thought it might've just been my own vain self that liked to look at old pictures of yours truly.

And I’m going to preface this entry by saying that I may, or may not, be leaving out some of my terrible outfit choices. Because there are many. But why not show the best of my style-volution?

2006 was definitely a year when my look changed a fair bit (though not as much as in 2007, I think, but you will see that later) – the biggest change was with my hair. I was forever changing my hair from late 2005 – the end of 2007.


On the left is my first attempt, ever, at a consciously vintage inspired hairstyle.


On the left: best rolls I’ve ever done. They were almost solid with the amount of hairspray I used. Then I got a ‘trendy’ asymmetrical haircut.


I grew the black out of my hair and then got it cut short. My first pincurl set is seen on the right, there.


In between these two outfits I spent a month in the USA – California, New Jersey and New York to be precise. I really didn’t look any different there, surprisingly enough. And you can also see I dyed my hair red.


I loved this hair colour – I rather miss it. Sigh. The hairstyle second from the left made me think of a rockabilly Bride of Frankenstein. 

If you didn’t see the first part of the series, you can see it here. Next up is 2007, when I think I had a bit of a style crisis.

Hope you all enjoyed the second part as much as the first. And you can see 'out-take' shots on flickr, again.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. Remember I'm listing some of the things I no longer want for sale here. Some is my own vintage (40s-80s) and some are pieces I bought with the intention of selling on. I'm also in the process of listing pre-loved clothes on there, too, for shipping costs only. So, keep checking and/or follow the blog!
P.P.S. My friend (I like to think we are friends) Kate is having a sale of her really cute art. Please go buy things from her! Apparently if you tell her I referred you I get more discount but I'm really just keen on seeing her make some money. Go here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Outfit: Friday Day and Friday Night

I've been testing out some of my not-yet-worn summer dresses in anticipation of warmer weather. Of course, as it is not yet warm, I've had to wear cardigans and things but I've at least had a feel of whether or not I really like the dresses. This is just one of said dresses, which I wore...somewhere. It's a mystery! I bought it from etsy, a couple of months ago.

Dressing for Summer doesn't change the weather...

So, that was what I wore during the day on Friday. On Friday night I went out for yummy Indian food, shared with lovely (and possibly yummy) friends. I decided I needed a black dress for the occasion and spent a week, or so, scouring local vintage shops in hopes of finding one that I both liked and would fit me. I began to despair but then I found one that was perfect. Lucky me!

Little Black Dress (I finally have one!)
Early '60s dress found at Honey Hive Emporium, Prospect Road. It's the same label as this dress - fashioned by Gina of Melbourne. I think it's the third or fourth dress I've come by that was made by Gina. They've all been very simple. Oh, and a lovely girl told me I reminded her of the 'brunette that Marilyn had with her' - I assumed she meant Jane Russell. I was extremely flattered, of course! I love Jane.


And no more regrowth! Yay.


One of my favourite brooches. I don't accessorise much. I forget to put on things like rings and brooches, I stopped wearing necklaces as I found they get annoying when you're Lindy Hoppin' (and as I got out of the habit, I forget about them, too) and I often find bracelets irritate my skin. But some outfits just need a little bit of sparkle, don't they?

Andi B. Goode

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ukulele Videos + An Outfit

I think I mentioned the other day, when I posted the last ukulele video, that Kate and I would be performing the following week. Well, that all happened on Thursday and I'm happy to say that I have the videos for you to see (well, hear more than see as it was rather dark and there's not a lot to actually see in them):

Unfortunately we didn't have any scantily clad hula girls like were in this video from a Laurel and Hardy film (I don't know which one...)

We also performed Dolly Parton's Jolene (eep!). By this point my mouth was completely dry from nerves and I found it a little difficult to sing...

The performances were for the Isle of Swing Sesh Grad Dance (I made the fliers, which you should be able to see here) - The Swing Sesh runs six week Lindy blocks and has a different themed grad dance at the end of each block. Oh, by the way, Kate and I perform under the name They Call Us Tallulah (at least, now we've had one performance we can say that we do, anyway).

As the videos were so dark here's a very silly photo I took of my 'costume':

Wearing my Heyday trousers, again, and a striped t-shirt I found at a Salvos.

I do hope you enjoyed the videos! Playing ukulele is probably my favourite thing to do, after buying pretty dresses.

Andi B. Goode

Friday, August 13, 2010

Style-Volution: Part, the First.

When Cheri Pinktrix of The Vintage Lesbian Project did a style evolution post, back in June, it reminded me that I had wanted to do something like that for a while (though I suppose I did something similar in this post).

Ever since I got my hot little hands on a digital camera (the first was my mother’s in 2004) I’ve been taking rather ridiculous amounts of photos of myself. Someone once told me they wish they had done the same as I literally have a documentation of my youth. Because there are so many photos I’m doing this as a series, starting with the year after I finished high school, right up to when I first started posting pictures on wardrobe_remix, probably.

So, for the first edition, I bring you Andi in 2005 – she was...well, what some would call 'emo', though (whilst loving that no one in my high school really knew what that meant, at the time) I never used the term to describe myself. I turned 19 in 2005, so I'm either 18 or 19 in these photos.


I spent an awful lot of time listening to The Smiths (still my second favourite band). And Bright Eyes, too.


First photo: classic Myspace shot. Ah, those were the days...or, perhaps not.


I really liked leopard print...and black. This is probably why I wear very little black, now.


And I ended the year looking ever so slightly rockabilly.

I hope this was somewhat interesting (especially as I have a few more posts to do, to complete the 'series') - if you want to see some 'out-take' photos, you can find them here on Flickr.

P.S. I kept getting distracted whilst writing this as I was reading through all of my 2005 LiveJournal entries. It's so strange!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Outfit: Versatile Beret

I've mentioned quite a few times now that I've been learning how to knit; I'm really excited that I can now show you my second finished project! (You can see the first here).

Versatile Beret

Versatile Beret

Versatile Beret

It's not entirely finished - I need to put some ribbon around the edge and then it will be 100% done - I think I might just use white ribbon but I'm not sure.

You can see me wearing it with my perfect winter dress, too:

Perfect Winter Dress with Saddle Shoes

This is the pattern I used to make it (click to go to Flickr for a bigger version if you'd like to use the pattern yourself):

Versatile Beret Pattern

I'd also like to mention that I've started a blog to sell some of my clothes through, both vintage and non-vintage. It currently has nothing on it but I will start posting things to there soon (I have photos of 15 items, already, and will be photographing more) so if you'd like to stay updated you can follow it here.

Andi B. Goode