Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Crafty: 1930s Blouse

I make no secret of my dislike for sewing - whenever I've tried to learn I tire of it easily and get little joy from it - but I decided that I can't very well expect my mum to make every little thing that I want. So, I'm learning...again. And hopefully I will end up enjoying it! So, yesterday I went out and bought myself some fabric so I could get started on the blouse from this pattern set, from Wearing History:

My progress, thus far:

The fabric



I was going to start making it up today but got distracted by knitting, which I find far more therapeutic and suited to my personality. But I am determined to sew, even if I only make it through this one blouse! I got upset because I didn't cut the notches but Mum and my sister's partner, both experienced seamstresses, said they often don't bother and mark it with chalk or cotton. I decided that, seeing as I rarely cut the notches in the same place anyway (am absolutely pants at cutting anything out, really) then cotton/chalk would be more accurate.

I'm sure most of you will know of Lauren's wonderful patterns - she's truly amazing. I'm always gobsmacked by her work! I have the 1940s Style Panties and Sunkissed Sweetheart Patterns, too. The panties were the first things I made but, as they're a little dodgy, I'll wait 'til I've made something semi-decent then I will show them together. 

And I'm completely in love with her latest pattern:

I wonder if these beautiful '30s hats would go so well with my '40s clothes? Hmm.

The Wearing History etsy store is here and her blog is here.

I probably ought to have waited until I was actually finished with the blouse (which Mum is going to assist me on as I get awfully nervous) but I was a little excited, I suppose. Oh, and I hope the photos are OK - they come to you courtesy of my iPhone.

Andi B. Goode


  1. ooh good luck! I hope it works, it's a really cute shirt :D I'm awful at sewing too so I know the feeling lol

  2. Kate: Thank-you! =D So do I. Hehe. Hurrah for being bad at sewing! lol

  3. Good luck with the shirt! I gave up sewing aaages ago because I didn't have the patience, so I completely understand where you're coming from.

  4. Katie: Thanks. =] Glad it's not just me!

  5. I can sew things like curtains and pillows without any trouble, but when it comes to sewing clothes it's another story. I always end up frustrated and I my mom always has to help me in the end.

  6. I think a blouse is the perfect thing to start on! I've got a blouse as my current sewing project, too. Since you've got an expert there to guide you, you're golden! I adore the fabric you chose!! I've been eyeing that hat pattern. So cute!

  7. You sound exactly like me! I get bored with sewing and cause I know my Mum can whip up exactly what I want very quickly I just give up and get her to do it :) hehehe. Well good luck.

  8. Since I discovered you I think that you are an artist. Blouse is fantastic. I like big buttons.

    je je, the Mum. Try to do it lonyey without help!
    No... better with advice for the begining. Good luk

    PS. I've learnt another word in coloquial english: gobsmacked :)

  9. Keep it up Andi, I found sewing hard going to begin with. It always seemed to take so long. But as you become more proficient, the more enjoyable it becomes.

  10. I never learned how to sew and am just now fumbling my way through it. I signed on for a few blog sew-a-longs. So far I have managed to take my pattern out of the package. It's an apron, er, someday it will be an apron. It's going to be a long journey!

    I wish you all the best! Can't wait to see the finished project.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  11. Good luck! I think sewing from a pattern is so clever. I feel the same about sewing, too – too hard! Can't wait to see how you go :)

  12. IƤve never sewn according to patterns! (That's why some of my projcts end up a bit...strange perhaps :)

    And I think you can and surely should combine a 30's style hat with your 40's styled clothes if you come up with a nice combination; think of back in the days when items lasted longer than nowadays - if a lady wasn't anyhow extremely wealthy or fashionable she surely could have worn one of her older hats (and shoes for example) with a newly bought dress a few years later?

  13. Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa: It's good to have mums to help out, isn't it? But I understand what you mean.
    BaronessVonVintage: Thanks. =] I thought it was a good start. Ooh, lovely. And, yes, I'm so glad I've got my mum here! Those hats would look great on you.
    emma_G: Hehe, yes, that's what I do! Thanks. =]
    Xavi: Thank-you. =] Ah, no, I'll definitely be doing it with help or nothing will get done. ;] And, yes, that's a good word!
    Miss Rayne: Thanks for the encouragement. That's what I was hoping!
    Rebecca Jean: Well, I wish you good luck also! Thanks.
    esme and the lane way: Thank-you! =D I can't wait to see how it goes, either. ;]
    the freelancer's fashionblog: Hehe, I wouldn't know how to start if I didn't have a pattern! Ooh, that's a very good point. ;] I like your way of thinking! =D

  14. I love the patterns! I'm wondering if I can get them here in Germany? It looks kind of complicated though....much more complicated than my skirt ;)

    Good luck!

  15. Good luck--I love the fabric you chose!

  16. Thanks so much for the shout out :D
    Can't wait to see how your blouse turns out. I Looove the fabric you've chosen!

  17. Good luck with the sewing! I keep meaning to learn and I have started an apron, but, well that was quite a few months ago...
    I am determined to get going again though!

  18. What gorgeous patterns.
    I've got an amazing sewing machine which was a gift from my mother, but I'm still rubbish at sewing too. Writing and reading and paying someone else to sew for me seem so much more enticing.

  19. Ruby: Hehe, thanks. Yes, Lauren ships worldwide! =]
    Jitterbugdoll: Thank-you. =]
    Wearing History: You're welcome! You deserve it. =D And thanks! I'm glad you like it. Hehe. ;]
    Stefanie: Thanks. Hehe. Good luck with your work!
    Louise: Hehe, it does seem more enticing! ;]
    Justice Pirate. Thank-you - I think I might be finished i a few days. Hehe.

  20. thanks for the Wearing History tip! I'd never heard of this shop before, but have been lazily looking for a good beginner's guide for a while :)

  21. Huzzah! Vintage: You're welcome =D

  22. good luck sweetie! that fabric is amazing and it is a great fabric for that blouse too!! can't wait too see it...just remember that you can always take out what you sew and keep least you are giving it another try..your a trooper!!


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