Sunday, August 8, 2010

Outfit: Heyday Pants

I was very happy on Thursday when the postman came to the door with a parcel that contained the pants I bought from Heyday (I forgot to tell you in my email, Shona)! I've already worn them two or three times:


I went shopping on Friday and wore them with the cardigan I bought from Dangerfield, last week.

They were a bit snug at first but I think they might be a little like jeans, and other pants, because they don't seem as snug, now! I think they look rather nice, anyway, and the fabric is absolutely lovely.


When I wore them out shopping I happened to stop by Dangerfield again and picked up this jacket. Again, it's something I've been eyeing for ages but didn't want to spend 118$ on...I got it for 64$! Whenever I wear it, though, I get this song in my head...actually, whenever I see any plaid jacket or plaid shirt I get that song in my head!


Second day curls that I'm hoping will last one more you can see it's been a while since I dyed my hair.

Today, when I was at the North Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair, I found this cute set:


Unfortunately, I was looking for a dress to wear out to dinner next Friday...oh well.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Love the pineapple set, but also Heyday trousers, they're the best!

  2. Fiona: It's so cute. =D Oh, yes, they're fantastic! I'm in love. =]

  3. Oh i really want a pair of those too, bought the moss green. I hope that there will be a pair left in my size when i'm back from New York.

    Cute jacket!

  4. those pants are amazing. i wants them. your style is fab.

  5. Aww, that pineapple set is fantastic! What a shame you couldn't take it :( I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Heyday trousers as well - seeing your photos, I just can't wait!

  6. Those pants look great! :)
    I ordered a green pair this week and I can't wait for them to arrive!

  7. This outfit is so very darling! The Heyday trousers look adorable on you, but especially paired with those cute tops. :) It has me wishing fall would come soon up here!

  8. I love Heyday trousers and that jacket looks fantastic! You have such great 40's daytime looks! And I love the lumberjack song :)

  9. Hey all! It is so flattering that you like my trousers. Eeeeee!
    It is neat to see you in them Andi - I wish I had pics of all my customers! The viscose in them means that they give just a little when they warm up with wear. Not as much as denim can, and they will go back into shape with washing.

  10. Oh the heydays came hooray!They look totally fab & the plaid jacket is fantastic ,they look great with the cardi too.I think they have sold out in my size unfortunately.
    If you think they look too snug(i don't think they do)you could always wear some spanx or even a panty girdle.
    May i ask how much postage was for the pants please?

  11. Betty Lou: Ooh, the green are nice! I hope so, too. =D Thanks.
    kate.o.d: Aw, thank-you!
    Miss Emmi: Oh, no, I did get it! Hehe. Thanks. Hurrah. Can't wait to see you in yours, too.
    Miss Margarita: Thanks =] Oh, awesome! That's exciting.
    Justice Pirate: Thanks! =D
    sarah: Thank-you so much. =D Hehe, you can have our cold weather ;]
    Cheri: Thank-you! =] Hurrah. Glad you like the song ;] (and also glad someone commented on it).
    Bethany: Thanks, darling!
    Shona: Thanks. Aw, I'm sure it must be great to see your customers. Ah, OK. Thanks for that - I knew I wasn't imagining it. ;]
    Mrs Cleaver: Thank-you. =] No, I don't think they look too snug, they just feel it. I don't like those sorts of undergarments as they feel uncomfortable but thanks for the suggestions anyway.

  12. I need some Heyday trousers so badly!

  13. Those pants are gorgeous--as is that plaid jacket you bought! I've been eying some new plaids at the fabric store they just got, and I think this sealed the deal for me. I must make a plaid lumberjack style 40s jacket this fall! (And I have a pattern too--so no reason not to plunge into sewing madness. ;)

    And that pineapple set is adorable! *covets*

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  14. LOVE that outfit. I just got my first pair of Heydays last month and agree they are fab.

  15. Oh, oops, Mrs Cleaver: the pants ended up being 97.96AU$ in total, including the shipping.
    Retro Chick: Yes, you do! Hehe.
    Casey: Thank-you so much. Oooh, all of your projects sound so exciting! Hehe.
    Baroness: Thanks. =D Yay for Heyday!
    Mary: Thanks. =]

  16. Thanks for that Andi,much appreciated:)
    Hope your having a great day

  17. Love the pants and the vintage pineapples

    See U !

  18. Andi, I think I might have found a missing piece from your pineapple set! I'll post pictures of it later this week, but the jug looks soooo similar I'm convinced it's from the same line!

  19. Miss Emmi: Really? Awesome! I look forward to seeing it. =]


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