Monday, August 9, 2010

Outfit: Versatile Beret

I've mentioned quite a few times now that I've been learning how to knit; I'm really excited that I can now show you my second finished project! (You can see the first here).

Versatile Beret

Versatile Beret

Versatile Beret

It's not entirely finished - I need to put some ribbon around the edge and then it will be 100% done - I think I might just use white ribbon but I'm not sure.

You can see me wearing it with my perfect winter dress, too:

Perfect Winter Dress with Saddle Shoes

This is the pattern I used to make it (click to go to Flickr for a bigger version if you'd like to use the pattern yourself):

Versatile Beret Pattern

I'd also like to mention that I've started a blog to sell some of my clothes through, both vintage and non-vintage. It currently has nothing on it but I will start posting things to there soon (I have photos of 15 items, already, and will be photographing more) so if you'd like to stay updated you can follow it here.

Andi B. Goode


  1. You did a wonderful job,it looks very sweet & pretty with your dress:)
    Well done!

  2. Oh! How darling! I have such a soft spot for knitted berets--especially red ones. It looks so striking with your dress! :)

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  3. Well done! And that dress must have been made for you:)

  4. This is so cute!!

    I'm planning to learn to knit next winter - fingers crossed. Any pointers, I am all ears :)

  5. I love that dress. And I'm SO stoked that you are learning how to knit. I just started to learn too! I'm saving both the patterns you shared. I hope to do them too!

  6. ohhh well done on the beret..its gorgeous!!!!!

  7. I love that dress! Great job on the beret.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  8. Mrs Cleaver: Thank-you! =] I didn't intend to wear it with that dress and then I realised it looked really good! Hehe.
    Casey: Thanks! =D Yes, I do too. I've got another pattern for a beret that I'm going to make in red as well. ;]
    Baroness: Thanks!
    Heidi: Aw, thank-you (twice).
    Pretty Little Pictures: Thanks! Yay for learning to knit. If I can think of anything, I'll let you know =]
    Mary: Yay! =D Show me if you make them =D
    Ally: Thank-you =]

  9. bravo!! You did a lovely job!! It really does look amazing with the gorgeous dress.

  10. Youve done really well with the beret! I cant believe how quick you learnt, i learned to knit about three years ago but can still only knit a scarf :)
    Ive been wanting to set up a blog to sell my clothes too, I have way too many. I took some photos a long time ago but just havent gotten around to setting up a site yet.


  11. I found your blog looking for vintage style vegan shoes.
    Thanks for all the rad reading and pretty pictures!

  12. I love your beret and the dress is very cute! Great look!

  13. Congratulations on your project! The beret looks beautiful!

  14. Justice Pirate: Thank-you =]
    Rose: Thanks. =] Aw, keep at it! Well, it's a good long as people buy stuff. ;]
    drink more tea: Oh, awesome! =D Thankyou.
    Lady Betty: Thanks. =] I think it's my favourite dress!
    Janice: Thank-you very much. =]

  15. Love the entire outfit, you make me wish it was winter here! Berets are such a perfect winter staple.


  16. Solanah: Aw, thank-you. =D Yes, they are! By the way, I would gladly swap our winter, right now. ;]

  17. Oops. See your comment now, Rebecca Jean. ;] Thanks!

  18. This is quite a gorgeous dress and perfect combo !

    Love the lipstick, if i could only have lips made for this color !

    See U !

  19. Lady Moriarty: Aw, thank-you. I think there is a shade of red for everyone!


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