Friday, August 13, 2010

Style-Volution: Part, the First.

When Cheri Pinktrix of The Vintage Lesbian Project did a style evolution post, back in June, it reminded me that I had wanted to do something like that for a while (though I suppose I did something similar in this post).

Ever since I got my hot little hands on a digital camera (the first was my mother’s in 2004) I’ve been taking rather ridiculous amounts of photos of myself. Someone once told me they wish they had done the same as I literally have a documentation of my youth. Because there are so many photos I’m doing this as a series, starting with the year after I finished high school, right up to when I first started posting pictures on wardrobe_remix, probably.

So, for the first edition, I bring you Andi in 2005 – she was...well, what some would call 'emo', though (whilst loving that no one in my high school really knew what that meant, at the time) I never used the term to describe myself. I turned 19 in 2005, so I'm either 18 or 19 in these photos.


I spent an awful lot of time listening to The Smiths (still my second favourite band). And Bright Eyes, too.


First photo: classic Myspace shot. Ah, those were the days...or, perhaps not.


I really liked leopard print...and black. This is probably why I wear very little black, now.


And I ended the year looking ever so slightly rockabilly.

I hope this was somewhat interesting (especially as I have a few more posts to do, to complete the 'series') - if you want to see some 'out-take' photos, you can find them here on Flickr.

P.S. I kept getting distracted whilst writing this as I was reading through all of my 2005 LiveJournal entries. It's so strange!


  1. I love things like this - I'm really looking forward to seeing your style evolution unfold.

  2. Katie: Glad to hear it. And thank-you! =]
    Shannon: hehe, thanks. ;]

  3. So interesting!!! I love it :)

  4. Erin: Thanks! =D Glad to know it's not just me interested hehe ;]

  5. Oh my gosh, I remember some of these photos from LJ! Can't wait for the rest of this series Andi :)

  6. i think we have a similar progression. thanks for sharing :)

  7. This is totally awesome. Makes me want to go back and look over my own style-volution. Of course, I'm so old that I didn't come of age digitally, so it'd be a bit of a chore to upload all my dinosaur pics. Hehe. Can't wait to see the next set of our progression!

  8. Fantastic, Andi, my evolution has always been 1 step forward and 2 back...

  9. Awesome! I love style evolution posts! Especially when I'm mentioned in them! hehe.

  10. It's great to see your style evolve. Where are the rest of the pictures!! (From almost-rockabilly to vintage?)

  11. Nice post! Your right about your look at the end, looks so rockability.

  12. I LOVE all your outfits, I mean, all the vintage one, you have many!!! How many do you have? I was just looking all your post with the lebel of "outfit" and you have many many, ALL of them so beautiful!!!

  13. This is great! It's crazy how much our styles can change in a relatively short time frame. Your style was quite different then, but I like it just the same. Looking forward to seeing more.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  14. goshhhhhh, you looked so different! haha this was a great post :D

  15. Cool pics! I love the progression already :-D

    I was a total dag until only a few years ago I swear. Used to wear boys clothes into my late teens. THEN I became a raver - fluoro and Swear shoes...and now I wear vintage. Heh!

  16. Yess, i knew it!

    So many people who end up liking vintage fashion start out like this. I think it's the 50s & Rockabilly transition phase that does it!

  17. Steph: I forget we've known each other so long!!!
    Atomic Bettie: neat =D And thanks!
    Jill: If you ever do it I think it'd be awesome!! =D And thanks. =] Glad you enjoyed it!
    Miss Rayne: Thanks. =] Yeah, I got a little like that after this stage.
    Cheri: Thanks! =D Hehe
    Janice: Thank-you. =] This is only the first of the series.
    Lizzy: Thank-you =] Haha, I'm not sure how many I have. But thanks!
    Rebecca Jean: Thank-you. =] Yes, it's so strange looking back even for me!
    Phebe: Hehe, Thanks. =]
    Kitty: Thank-you. Hehe, I have a strange fascination with raver fashion.
    Earanee: Haha. Yes, I agree!

  18. Frl. Irene Palfry: Thanks. =] There will be more soon!

  19. Ooh you little emo, you! I think you look great, in the first set of photos you look just like someone I know, the similarity in uncanny!

  20. Stefanie: hehe, thanks. Oh, wow, really? How strange.


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