Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mini Break

Hello, hello, dear readers! This is just a little note to let you all know that I’m off to Melbourne tomorrow and shall be there (having a grand ol’ time of it, I suspect) for the next few days. When I get back on Sunday I shall be straight off to the First Annual Rockabilly Rumble, and will probably need Monday to recover from all of the excitement. So hopefully I will be back to blogging by next Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m very excited as I haven’t had the chance to go away anywhere for quite some time and I’ve got a lot of wonderful things planned to do! All of that means a lot of wonderful blog posts for you to read when I get back. Hurrah!

See you all when I get back!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. Would also like to take the time to apologise for being so awful at commenting on other blogs, lately. I shall have to be better about it, once I get back.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Silver Screen Sunday {Cadillac Records}

Based (rather loosely it seems) on events surrounding those associated with Chess Records, Cadillac Records tells the story of Leonard Chess and the artists who signed with his label, namely Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin’ Wolf, Chuck Berry and Etta James.


If you want a historically accurate account of the Chess Records story, this is not it (it takes a few artistic liberties) but I think it is true to the spirit of the music created by the artists on the label. As well as scenes of Leonard Chess discovering various artists (though he didn’t actually discover Etta James) there are re-staged recording sessions and live shows together with stock footage of the era and dramatic scenes about romances between the different figures, some of which occurred, others of which appear to be fabricated.
I think Beyonce does a great job as Etta James – her voice, alone, is amazing but I think she’s kind of wonderful, in general. And the dresses she wears are fantastic, too.

I think some people might have had an issue with Beyonce covering Etta...but her voice is every bit as beautiful, in my opinion. So beautiful, in fact, that I didn't even get distracted by Adrien Brody's face in this scene (which I find rather lovely, in case you were wondering). 

There are so many well-dressed men in this film (but considering the parts they are playing, it’s hardly surprising) – I think my favourite is Mos Def as Chuck Berry. Chuck’s style was quite outrageous but, like other rock ‘n’ roll singers of the time (I’m thinking Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, off the top of my head), the style suited the music he played.


Little Walter, played by Columbus Short. I did a Musical Interlude post about him after first watching this film, which can be seen here.

Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters. 

I will say that when I was doing the screencapping for this film I got awfully distracted by a number of things: fantastic music, gorgeous men (it was very difficult for me not to turn this post into one long swoon) and Beyonce’s beautiful voice (it gave me chills).

Ultimately, Cadillac Records presents us with an important part of popular music history – the influence of the various artists is so widespread and the film alludes to this too (The Rolling Stones, for instance, make an appearance and some title screens at the end tell us that Eric Clapton paid for Howlin’ Wolf’s headstone after he passed away). Even though you may not come away equipped with an entirely accurate view of the history of the record label, I think it will definitely create a thirst for the music of the artists (if you weren’t a fan before, of course).

As always, I have added screencaps from the film to my flickr stream and, for the second time in a row, I've not gone away to find items that I think fit the film. I'm not sure why, but nothing seemed to work so, for now, I'm letting the film speak for itself. I always feel like I have something more to say but can't quite articulate it...never mind. (Then again, both could just be because of all of the eye candy distracting me!) Hope you all enjoyed this week's (belated) Silver Screen Sunday!

Andi B. Goode

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Outfit: Adeline's Attic Playsuit

Yesterday I went to town with my mother; I was very excited to finally be able to wear the adorable playsuit (with matching skirt) that I bought from Adeline's Attic…gosh, how long ago was it now? There have been an awful lot of things that I’ve loved in Jill’s store but as soon as I saw this on her Closet Clearout post I sent her a message straight away so it could be mine.


It was still a little cool so I wore it with shoes and socks and a cardigan; I wasn’t sure about the shoes and socks but playsuits are quite casual and a little ‘sporty’ and I realised they were appropriate. I paired it with my new shoes (seen in this post) the other day, when I was playing dress-up at home, and it looks fantastic!


The purpose of the trip to town was so I could purchase a DSLR (after years of wanting one) but I made a few other stops, including Red Ruby Vintage. Gail had told me about some 1940s pedal pushers she got in but, unfortunately, they were too small for me…I didn’t come away with nothing, though:


Isn’t this gorgeous? Casual wear isn’t that easy to come by (in my personal experience) and this is a doozy, in my opinion.



These are the first blog photos taken on my new camera (Canon 550D) – I’m hoping the purchase might inspire me to get back into my artwork  (as seen here)!

Andi B. Goode

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Silver Screen Sunday {Come September}

I had intended for the Charlotte Gray post to be my ‘comeback Silver Screen Sunday’ but I ended up missing last week, didn’t I? Oh well.

Today, I thought I would take a look at Come September, while we ourselves are in September! Directed by Robert Mulligan in 1961 the costumes (gowns, at least) were designed by Morton Haack, according to imdb.com.

While the film is not necessarily over-brimming with plot (though I do like the whole idea that Rock’s major-domo passes his villa off as a hotel when he’s not there) and has no hidden depths, it’s a fun film, set in a beautiful location with colourful costumes to boot. In other words, it’s perfect to look at and, as such, works well for this sort of post.



Though set in summer (the film actually takes place in July) the early 1960s palette is perfect for spring, I think.



I absolutely love the daytime fashions worn by the girls – I think ‘fresh’ is definitely a great word to describe them, which is why these all scream ‘spring’ to me.



I also love the sexy, sparkly number Gina dons for the nightclub scene. The sparkly aspect is what attracts me most, but take a look at that plunging back! It complements the line of the dress perfectly. And I just have to share this clip of Rock and Gina dancing with you – hilarious!

Of course, early ‘60s clothes are quite similar to many from the ‘50s but they are significantly shorter than the archetypal ‘50s look we are all familiar with – I personally prefer the ‘50s length to wear but does that mean I love the ‘60s any less? It certainly doesn’t!



As you may have noticed there are a lot of casual costumes in this film, which I love.


As a slight aside – I love that we get to see into Gina’s wardrobe and that all of the dresses she actually wears in the film are in it. Hurrah for continuity! There’s even a sneak peek of a red sparkly number (which you can’t see in this shot) that she wears near the end of the film.




There are also a couple of quirky hats and very cute hairstyles (love that early ‘60s hair) to be seen.

Aside from the costumes, my two favourite things about this film are Gina Lollobrigida’s sassiness (I wish my Italian background had provided me with more sassy) and Bobby Darin’s number in the nightclub: Multiplication.

I wish this clip were better quality - sorry!

You can see more screencaps from the film here on Flickr.

Unlike Charlotte Gray, this one will not bring you to tears (sorry Annie!) but I think it’s a fairly light-hearted, enjoyable film! So, enjoy (hopefully). Also, I know I usually find things on etsy or elsewhere that I think fit the film but I've just run out of steam, today! So, anyone who feels so inclined could find their own items (as I said, etsy or elsewhere) that they think will fit and post a link here and I might do a post of my favourites if enough people play along. 

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I’m certain at least one other blogger I follow did a post on this film – please link me if you think it was you!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Outfit: One Blouse, Two Skirts

Gosh, it’s been a few days, hasn’t it? I’ve been feeling terribly uninspired so I bring you just a few more photos of myself wearing the same blouse but different skirts (hence my ever-so-clever title).

On Tuesday Radio Adelaide hosted a Big Band and Swing Night – this is what I wore.

Outfit details: 1930s style blouse - made by me from a Wearing History pattern; skirt by nudeedudee; socks - ?; shoes - Payless.

I tweeted about how I sometimes feel awkward when the other swing girls dress up as most of them tend to go for glam and I end up feeling like a schoolgirl. But, after encouraging words from Fiona and Shona (oh dear – that rhymes!) I’ve decided I’m going to milk the shoes & socks & bows all I can until I feel I’ve grown up too much for it (note: I am not saying older ladies can’t ‘rock’ this look, too, if they are comfortable in it but I don’t think that I’ll be doing it forever). I don’t often feel awkward about my clothes but every now and then a little bit of insecurity grabs me.

Next time I wear this skirt dancing I’m pinning the darn straps to my blouse! It’s a little distracting to have to readjust one’s straps mid swing out!


I also wasn't sure about the colour combination to start with but ended up loving it.



This outfit is a bit like a warmer weather version of this one, isn’t it?


I bought these shoes for 10$ from Rubi Shoes. Of course, they tore the first time I wore them (perhaps karma for buying cheap shoes that are probably unethical in some other way? But what’s a gal to do – I don’t wear new leather and wanted this style for spring/summer!) but I think I may be able to fix them. They’re reasonably comfortable but my feet were sore by the end of the day.

For those who don’t mind wearing leather or shelling out the extra dollars, Sportsgirl and Wittner both have similar styles and I’ve spent many hours drooling over the Swedish Hasbeens that are also very similar. And they’re all very ‘40s, too (I know I’ve seen similar shoes in ‘40s shots – on Casey’s tumblr I think – but can’t find the shot now. I found what I was looking for - they have a chunkier platform but they're still similar!).


My two favourite bracelets - the first from etsy; the second I won from Desiree

And my face again!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I think that I live under the illusion that no one in Adelaide, aside from a few friends, reads my blog. It has become apparent that this is not the case – I met one of my blog readers when I was at Supermild a couple of weeks ago (which, as I said, was lovely) and another girl said she loved my blog (I think) when I was at the Radio Adelaide Swing and Big Band night. I just smiled and said thanks and then sort of ran away. Sorry!

I think I may come across as a little snobbish when people come up to me (not very often blog readers but quite often lovely old ladies who like my style) and if I do I’d like to say I’m not – I’m just incredibly shy and socially awkward and never know what to say! So, I am approachable I’m just rather awful at keeping up a conversation with someone I don’t know (but once you do know me well, just try to keep me quite!) – but please talk to me if you have the inclination.

And out of curiosity, are there many Adelaideans reading my blog, who I don’t know personally? 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Outfit: Saturday Night's Alright (For Dancing)

On Saturday night I headed out to town to celebrate my friend, Kate’s, birthday. We sure had ourselves a swell time of it, too! But, in true Andi fashion, I didn’t take as many photos as a good blogger ought too – I did take more than usual, however. Hurrah for that, at least.


I wore this dress, which you all may have seen once or twice before (once, here, twice, there) and was complimented on it more than once during the night. A couple of women wanted to know where I bought it from (and one even asked if she could take my photo, which was a little embarrassing) and were pleasantly surprised when I said my mother had made it for me.



I’m never really sure about this hairstyle but I want to keep practicing because I love it so much on others. Plus, I was glad to have my hair off of my neck by the end of the night!

We started the night at Dragonfly Bar, which I can recommend to anyone who is in/comes to Adelaide – the food was rather nice and the atmosphere was lovely (low, warm lighting, fantastic furniture...there are a few pictures here.)

Then we moved on to Supermild and danced the night away to some great tunes – a lot of ‘60s (which I love, though I think it must look amusing in my ‘40s get-up dancing ‘60s style) but there was a nice variety.

I took most of the photos on my phone using the iPhone Hipstmatic app – I love photography using film and nothing will replace that for me, especially when it comes to making art, but when I want to take silly photos of my friends I’m not so fussed – here are just a couple of them:


Kate and her friend Chloe, both looking fabulous.


The ‘light leak’ effect couldn’t be better placed.


This is a shot to prove that I actually do leave my house on occasion (almost all of my photos are taken in or around my house), taken by Kate.


Oh, and here is a close-up of my earrings, which belonged to my nonna once upon a time.

Hope everyone had just as lovely a weekend as I did, whether you were out dancing or doing something else entirely.

Andi B. Goode

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Spring (Etsy) Wishlist

It's a gorgeous sunny day, today (what am I doing inside?) so here's a fluff-piece for you: a few Spring-appropriate* things from my etsy favourites. And by things I most likely mean dresses as they are my weakness.

'40s linen dress from thegreedyseagull

'40s/'50s candy stripe dress from adelinesattic

'40s 'Street Angel' dress from 13bees

'50s Dress and Sweater set from lovetrainvintage

'50s Blue and Yellow Plaid dress from dethrosevintage

'40s eyelet dress from deargoldenvintage

Red and white dress from SetFootage

'40s peppermint striped dress from flourclothing

'30s flour sack dress from adelinesattic (I think this is my current favourite favourite)

I have so many more favourites saved...I really ought to stop doing that for a while. I will also add that these are all around my size (I don't save things in my favourites if they're not my size - it's such torture, otherwise! - ...unless they're absolutely amazingly fantastic and I just want to look at them...)

Andi B. Goode

*My definition of Spring appropriate will, no doubt, vary from others' definitions.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Outfit(s): Two Outfits for an Almost Gorgeous Spring Day

Today I bring you only photos for two reasons: 1. I am too tired to write anything of substance; 2. if I don't post these now I will forget.

This is what the 1930s straw hat looks like on. I'm going to need to attach some hat elastic to it so it doesn't fly off.


I finally have a proper (albeit slightly silly/awkward) photo of the dress I bought from Twila Jean (exquisitebones on etsy) - I wore it with some very grandma style shoes. I thought, therefore, that they would be comfortable. The blisters I nearly have would suggest otherwise. Oh well. You live, you learn!



I also wore this today (costume change - hurrah! Actually, I wore this first, forgot to take a photo, then put it on again) when I went to the GP. I bought it a while ago on etsy and was a little unsure of it until I realised it looked pretty cute with the socks I got from Sock Dreams and my saddle shoes. 


And this absolutely beautiful dress arrived for me today, from Bess Georgette. I'm completely in love with it - the check contrast makes it look a little waitress-y (which I like). I didn't want to take it off but it started to get a little chilly so I forced myself. And! It's the first thing I've bought from an Australian seller. 

Andi B. Goode