Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Crafty: Real Dash in a Jiffy-Knit

For the past...gosh, I don't even remember how long I've been working on a cardigan from one of my 1940s knitting booklets. I finally finished it last week. This one called for 'blanket wool' and, for the life of me, I could not find out what weight would be the modern equivalent but I could see from the picture that it was obviously a heavier yarn. So, I used 12 ply and it worked out just fine.

Photo 36
Apologies for the PhotoBooth photo...I completely forgot to take one with my camera (lazy blogger!) and I don't have a scanner anymore. Once I get one, I intend to scan some of my patterns (carefully - I've already broken the spine of one booklet from scanning it. Sigh) to share.

I decided to wear it out with this dress I bought a while back (I replaced the buttons on the pockets). 

I commented on twitter, today, how I always look so unimpressed in the photos I take of myself (and that I find it amusing) - this is part of the reason I stopped showing my face in my artwork for my course, last year. I'm not very comfortable in front of the camera but I'm satisfied so long as you can see my outfit well for the time being!


Such a flattering angle, no?

A detail of the yoke done in rib.

I wore my saddle shoes sans socks for the first time! Gasp.

See what I meant by unimpressed?

I'm rather proud of the cardigan. It doesn't sit quite as well as I would like but it's very warm, at least. And it's my first cardigan!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I just noticed that this is post #200! Woo.


  1. Looks so super cute! I love cardigans like that! I really really really want to learn how to knit so I can make my own cardigans from vintage patterns like you have. I'm allergic to wool so its really hard for me to find mid century cardigans and they're my 1 and only wardrobe staple. They call me "grandma" at work because I wear so many cardigans...ha-ha.

    The one you made is perfect! I love the colors too, very nautical ;) I can't tell, did you knit buttons or did you use big white ones?
    Love the look!

  2. Bombshell Bettie: Thank-you! =D Knitting is a lot of fun and very rewarding. Hehe. I know what you mean - I often can't wear wool, either but not sure I'm entirely allergic. Cardigans are the best.
    Hehe, it is a bit nautical - completely unintentional! I used big cream ones. =D Thanks again.

  3. The contrasting colours look great in that. Congratulations on your first cardigan!

  4. that looks awesome! i totally want to learn how to knit properly (so far i can knit... a scarf) but then there's all the sewing i still want to do, and i have to do this between all my drawing work and stuff... argh!

    your cardigan totally rocks though!

  5. so beautiful!! I love the last shot so very much!! the colours are so pretty!

  6. Such a cool cardigan! Looks great with your outfit xx

  7. Looks very cute :) Good job, I wouldn't have a clue on how to knit.
    And that last photo hehehe love the face :)

  8. Love the cardi! Beautifully made :)

    Guess why I like to use masks in my outfit posts ;) Eventhough I rarely do close-ups the ratio of mid blink, sour faced self-portraits I take is shocking..

  9. You did such a good job! I wish you lived near so we could have knitting nights together!!!

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  11. This and the blouse you made are so awesome. I am seriously impressed. Well done well done! :)

  12. Very nice! I'd love to make my own sweater, unfortunately, knitting hates me. I've tried time and time again but I can never do it. Sewing I'm alright at, but knitting? I'm hopeless. xD
    You look adorable though, even if you do look unimpressed. :)

  13. Katie: Thank-you. =D Yes, I love contrasting colours and it works so well in this design.
    annet: Thanks! =D I know what you mean about having so many things to do but knitting is definitely rewarding.
    Justice Pirate: Thank-you! =D I'm glad you like it - I need to get back to taking photos 'properly'.
    Celia Rose: Thankyou.
    emma_G: Thanks! =] It's a lot of fun. Haha, thanks ;]
    Shallow Mallow: Thank-you. Hmm, maybe I need to invest in some masks?
    Mary: Thanks! Ahhh, yes, that'd be brilliant!
    Margaux: Aw, thank-you! =D
    Kir: Thank-you. Oh dear, that's no good! Maybe you need to find someone to knit for you? Hehe.


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