Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mini Break

Hello, hello, dear readers! This is just a little note to let you all know that I’m off to Melbourne tomorrow and shall be there (having a grand ol’ time of it, I suspect) for the next few days. When I get back on Sunday I shall be straight off to the First Annual Rockabilly Rumble, and will probably need Monday to recover from all of the excitement. So hopefully I will be back to blogging by next Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m very excited as I haven’t had the chance to go away anywhere for quite some time and I’ve got a lot of wonderful things planned to do! All of that means a lot of wonderful blog posts for you to read when I get back. Hurrah!

See you all when I get back!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. Would also like to take the time to apologise for being so awful at commenting on other blogs, lately. I shall have to be better about it, once I get back.


  1. Have a fabulous time & take care of yourself.See you when you get back:)

  2. Enjoy your time off, Andi! Shop up a storm, we're expecting some fantastic purchases and pictures of the Rumble when you return!

  3. You deserve a break! Hope you have a wonderful time...
    - Susan

  4. I hope you'll have a great time! And: Rock the rumble, honey! :")

  5. Have a grat time! :)

  6. Hiya!
    just to let you know I've tagged you in a post on my blog I hope you don't mind heres the link if you want to take a look.
    Have a fab day!
    Stevie x


  7. Hope you have an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it when u get back xx

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