Thursday, September 23, 2010

Outfit: Adeline's Attic Playsuit

Yesterday I went to town with my mother; I was very excited to finally be able to wear the adorable playsuit (with matching skirt) that I bought from Adeline's Attic…gosh, how long ago was it now? There have been an awful lot of things that I’ve loved in Jill’s store but as soon as I saw this on her Closet Clearout post I sent her a message straight away so it could be mine.


It was still a little cool so I wore it with shoes and socks and a cardigan; I wasn’t sure about the shoes and socks but playsuits are quite casual and a little ‘sporty’ and I realised they were appropriate. I paired it with my new shoes (seen in this post) the other day, when I was playing dress-up at home, and it looks fantastic!


The purpose of the trip to town was so I could purchase a DSLR (after years of wanting one) but I made a few other stops, including Red Ruby Vintage. Gail had told me about some 1940s pedal pushers she got in but, unfortunately, they were too small for me…I didn’t come away with nothing, though:


Isn’t this gorgeous? Casual wear isn’t that easy to come by (in my personal experience) and this is a doozy, in my opinion.



These are the first blog photos taken on my new camera (Canon 550D) – I’m hoping the purchase might inspire me to get back into my artwork  (as seen here)!

Andi B. Goode


  1. I recently bought a 550d too! It's amazing isn't it? :)

  2. You look cute in your outfit, love it! I really love that little shirt, you are right vintage blouses/shirts are very hard to come by, I always make my own from vintage or vintage look fabrics. You have inspired me with that one, mmm I will save that pic if you don't mind in my 'sewing ideas' file!!

  3. Your shoping adventures are funny. At least, from a man point of view :). I like it!!! :)
    Good look with your new camera. I'm waiting for the results.


  4. Agree, love the sweet print on the dress and that shirt is adorable too. I want!

  5. yay for the new camera! I love the stripy shirt - great find!

  6. That shirt is gorgeous! I love it and so versatile too. And congratulations on the new camera. And Adelaide can take some of Perth's warm weather. I dislike warm weather and today is 28 which just means a HOT summer is on it's way.

  7. What a pretty dress, I love the print! :)

  8. Your outfit is so nice, I love it!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  9. Oh, doll it looks PERFECT on you! YAY! Ooh, I love that striped number you picked up, too!

  10. Both your newest wardrobe additions are so pretty! I'm loving that stripy blouse especially...

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  11. Ooh, I love the colors of your playsuit! What a fun print. And a new DSLR. So jealous! Have fun playing with your new camera.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  12. I love that outfit from Adeline's attic! Also, here is a picture of a shirt that looks almost identical from yours that I saw on the 'Sew Retro' Blog.

  13. The dress looks so cute on you! The blouse looks neato too!

  14. That playsuit looks stunning on you! Lucky find! And I agree about the difficulty in finding casual wear, sometimes it feels like I have an entire wardrobe of cocktail dresses but nothing to wear during the day!

  15. That playsuit is just adorable & the fabric is so pretty.The red stripe top is an amazing find & i think it will look great on you.
    The blouse you made is my fav item that you wear ,it looks so sweet & it's so versatile:)
    I love your photography,the polkadots & your film noir shots are my favs:)

  16. You look gorgeous as ever, but have to say I absolutely LOVE that red blouse!

  17. Cute top, Andi! I am so sad that I can never get to Red Ruby as she is always closed when I'm free :(
    The playsuit is very cute too
    x Molly

  18. love the photos of the shirt. doesn't hurt that the shirt itself is beautiful! i agree that good casual wear is hard to come by... people always compliment my dresses and make comments like "where on earth did you find such a thing!" but i find them so much more easily than other pieces!

  19. Gorgeous! And I love that stripy blouse, too :) It's amazing!

  20. The playsuit's print is awesome!

  21. Oh my goodness, don't you look cute! And I'm loving that candy striped blouse you found. I haven't seen Cadillac Records yet - I need to get on that, its been sitting in my Netflix queue forever.


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