Saturday, September 18, 2010

Outfit: One Blouse, Two Skirts

Gosh, it’s been a few days, hasn’t it? I’ve been feeling terribly uninspired so I bring you just a few more photos of myself wearing the same blouse but different skirts (hence my ever-so-clever title).

On Tuesday Radio Adelaide hosted a Big Band and Swing Night – this is what I wore.

Outfit details: 1930s style blouse - made by me from a Wearing History pattern; skirt by nudeedudee; socks - ?; shoes - Payless.

I tweeted about how I sometimes feel awkward when the other swing girls dress up as most of them tend to go for glam and I end up feeling like a schoolgirl. But, after encouraging words from Fiona and Shona (oh dear – that rhymes!) I’ve decided I’m going to milk the shoes & socks & bows all I can until I feel I’ve grown up too much for it (note: I am not saying older ladies can’t ‘rock’ this look, too, if they are comfortable in it but I don’t think that I’ll be doing it forever). I don’t often feel awkward about my clothes but every now and then a little bit of insecurity grabs me.

Next time I wear this skirt dancing I’m pinning the darn straps to my blouse! It’s a little distracting to have to readjust one’s straps mid swing out!


I also wasn't sure about the colour combination to start with but ended up loving it.



This outfit is a bit like a warmer weather version of this one, isn’t it?


I bought these shoes for 10$ from Rubi Shoes. Of course, they tore the first time I wore them (perhaps karma for buying cheap shoes that are probably unethical in some other way? But what’s a gal to do – I don’t wear new leather and wanted this style for spring/summer!) but I think I may be able to fix them. They’re reasonably comfortable but my feet were sore by the end of the day.

For those who don’t mind wearing leather or shelling out the extra dollars, Sportsgirl and Wittner both have similar styles and I’ve spent many hours drooling over the Swedish Hasbeens that are also very similar. And they’re all very ‘40s, too (I know I’ve seen similar shoes in ‘40s shots – on Casey’s tumblr I think – but can’t find the shot now. I found what I was looking for - they have a chunkier platform but they're still similar!).


My two favourite bracelets - the first from etsy; the second I won from Desiree

And my face again!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I think that I live under the illusion that no one in Adelaide, aside from a few friends, reads my blog. It has become apparent that this is not the case – I met one of my blog readers when I was at Supermild a couple of weeks ago (which, as I said, was lovely) and another girl said she loved my blog (I think) when I was at the Radio Adelaide Swing and Big Band night. I just smiled and said thanks and then sort of ran away. Sorry!

I think I may come across as a little snobbish when people come up to me (not very often blog readers but quite often lovely old ladies who like my style) and if I do I’d like to say I’m not – I’m just incredibly shy and socially awkward and never know what to say! So, I am approachable I’m just rather awful at keeping up a conversation with someone I don’t know (but once you do know me well, just try to keep me quite!) – but please talk to me if you have the inclination.

And out of curiosity, are there many Adelaideans reading my blog, who I don’t know personally? 


  1. Gee, I wish I would live in Adelaide! :")

  2. Uninspired? Wish I could come up with such a fun post when I'm feeling uninspired!

    Your saddle shoes & socks look is perfect - and that first close-up photo of you is a classic! You could be the poster girl of vintage blogs. :-)

  3. Keep rocking the bows and saddle shoes!

  4. I love both your outfits, you look so nice, and you have the most amazing hairstyles ever!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. love your 50's styling, you look so amazing!!! wish more people would dare to rock this style more x

  6. Oh I just adore your style. Nevermind - you definitely rock it. That blouse is wonderful and I think the colour combo in the first outfit for your swing dance night was great. The second outfit is perfect.


  7. I love the socks and shoes combo and you look great in them so I say definitely continue rocking the look!
    Both outfits are lovely.

  8. Hello! I'm new to your blog and am a follower now. I love your style, especially love your bobbysock-hop look for swingin' it.

  9. Glad you decided to still wear young whilst you can! I still think that outfit looks so cute!

  10. great outfits babe! i like the green with the plaid.

    i'm the same way when people tell me they like my blog! it's so flattering and i'm so grateful that anybody even reads it but i just get super awkward and never know what to say besides thanking them.

  11. I just love the first outfit! The colour combination is fantastic and those straps are so sweet ^_^

  12. The skirt is darling on you. I have a similar skirt that somehow manages to look a little slutty. You have the right idea. A plaid or gingham button down really softens it up. I'm still looking for one to go with it!


  13. Aww you sweet thing, you are going to have to get used to people talking about your blog - cos it is great! You look super cute.
    I loved Adelaide when I came for a visit many moons ago, it is a lot like Wellington (my home town) in some ways

  14. I love your blog, read it all the way up north in Toronto, Canada!

  15. love the color combo. those shoes are getting so much use!

  16. I love your style, but I am not from Adelaide, eh? Does that mean I can't commend you? Rats... :)

    Nice to meet you, Andi!

  17. I love the way you dress up.fits the way you are..keep it up.regards..
    women models


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