Monday, September 13, 2010

Outfit: Saturday Night's Alright (For Dancing)

On Saturday night I headed out to town to celebrate my friend, Kate’s, birthday. We sure had ourselves a swell time of it, too! But, in true Andi fashion, I didn’t take as many photos as a good blogger ought too – I did take more than usual, however. Hurrah for that, at least.


I wore this dress, which you all may have seen once or twice before (once, here, twice, there) and was complimented on it more than once during the night. A couple of women wanted to know where I bought it from (and one even asked if she could take my photo, which was a little embarrassing) and were pleasantly surprised when I said my mother had made it for me.



I’m never really sure about this hairstyle but I want to keep practicing because I love it so much on others. Plus, I was glad to have my hair off of my neck by the end of the night!

We started the night at Dragonfly Bar, which I can recommend to anyone who is in/comes to Adelaide – the food was rather nice and the atmosphere was lovely (low, warm lighting, fantastic furniture...there are a few pictures here.)

Then we moved on to Supermild and danced the night away to some great tunes – a lot of ‘60s (which I love, though I think it must look amusing in my ‘40s get-up dancing ‘60s style) but there was a nice variety.

I took most of the photos on my phone using the iPhone Hipstmatic app – I love photography using film and nothing will replace that for me, especially when it comes to making art, but when I want to take silly photos of my friends I’m not so fussed – here are just a couple of them:


Kate and her friend Chloe, both looking fabulous.


The ‘light leak’ effect couldn’t be better placed.


This is a shot to prove that I actually do leave my house on occasion (almost all of my photos are taken in or around my house), taken by Kate.


Oh, and here is a close-up of my earrings, which belonged to my nonna once upon a time.

Hope everyone had just as lovely a weekend as I did, whether you were out dancing or doing something else entirely.

Andi B. Goode


  1. great dress and I love your hair! does this style have a name? I want to look up video tutorials!

  2. Yes, keep doing the hairstyle, it looks fab!

  3. You look absolutely lovely and the hairstyle really suits you!

  4. You look great! That dress is stunning, no wonder you got so many compliments :).

  5. Gosh I love your up-do's!
    It's really something I should do with my hair more often...

    Your earrings are also really sweet!

  6. You look stunning! Such a beautiful dress, well done to your mum


  7. I love how you did your hair! I've been trying to get mine to cooperate and pile the curls atop my head like that lately, but I think I need to pincurl it first to get it to work. (I've been lazy lately and just done hot rollers when I feel like curling it! ;) Your outfit is so, so cute! I always love dressing up a bit retro when we've gone out dancing; I think by far it always looks classier in a club/dance place. ;)

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  8. Love your outfit and I am dribbling over your shoes! I think the hairdo is cute too.

  9. You look great! Love the dress, and especially your hair! :]

  10. That dress is absolutely stunning on you!


  11. Gee, you looked great! Saturday was my birtday, too! (that might not be interesting to you - but I will leave that comment here. Deal with it, dahlin'!)
    I hope you had a marvellous time! :") I love you blog!

  12. well look at how beautiful you are! amazing!

  13. Sounds like it was a fabulous evening.You look very old time movie star glamorous with your hair up & the pretty flower:)
    It's lovely that you have your Nonna's earrings ,i have a few pieces of jewellery that belonged to my great aunt & i wear them whenever i can:)
    Have a happy day:) xxx

  14. You look really cool in that hairdo! I think you should go for it more often :)

  15. That dress is fabulous! How sweet of your mum to make it for you. You're a knock-out in it. And I must say, your bangs are rockin' too! I love the pics taken with your phone. I'm drooling over your friend's sparkly dress. Ooh... sparkly. Looks like you had a swell time.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  16. Your Hair is amazing! Can you do a how to?

  17. Your hair is just gorgeous! I cannot wait for mine to grow out so I can create up-dos! I love the flower too! The dress looks lovely!

  18. I like the red flower. The dress is fab.


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