Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Outfit(s): Two Outfits for an Almost Gorgeous Spring Day

Today I bring you only photos for two reasons: 1. I am too tired to write anything of substance; 2. if I don't post these now I will forget.

This is what the 1930s straw hat looks like on. I'm going to need to attach some hat elastic to it so it doesn't fly off.


I finally have a proper (albeit slightly silly/awkward) photo of the dress I bought from Twila Jean (exquisitebones on etsy) - I wore it with some very grandma style shoes. I thought, therefore, that they would be comfortable. The blisters I nearly have would suggest otherwise. Oh well. You live, you learn!



I also wore this today (costume change - hurrah! Actually, I wore this first, forgot to take a photo, then put it on again) when I went to the GP. I bought it a while ago on etsy and was a little unsure of it until I realised it looked pretty cute with the socks I got from Sock Dreams and my saddle shoes. 


And this absolutely beautiful dress arrived for me today, from Bess Georgette. I'm completely in love with it - the check contrast makes it look a little waitress-y (which I like). I didn't want to take it off but it started to get a little chilly so I forced myself. And! It's the first thing I've bought from an Australian seller. 

Andi B. Goode


  1. Adorable!
    I'm so glad you love the dress and thanks again for featuring it in your post. xo

  2. gorgeous gorgeousness! The blue colors make your hair, eyes, skin color like young Elizabeth Taylor!

  3. I love the red wedges in the last pic. And all those dresses are gorgeous.

  4. I like it!!! Especially first grandma buttoned up dress. You ar at the begining of spring. The World is curious. There, we are on the begining of Autum. I'm sorry, I'm not a good philosopher/poet, taday. :(

  5. I am jealous both of the fact that you are going into Spring and it's heading towards Autumn here AND of every single one of those dresses!

  6. all these dresses are so perfect!!! I love the details on them too. So lovely!

  7. Three of the loveliest dresses I've ever seen all in one post!! You look so nice!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. Lovely dresses! And damn that hat! I'm so envy!

  9. Such pretty dresses! I am especially in love with the first one... and that hat!!! :)

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  10. Your dresses, hats, your shoes.... how I covet them.

    Hello, Miss Andi. How are you today?

  11. You're adorable, I love all of those dresses! They are so pretty. :)

  12. The middle dress is my favourite, but I also LOVE the red shoes :)

  13. omg look at those red shoes! love em x

  14. Andi, I'm glad you pulled that butterfly dress out of your wardrobe! It's too sweet to hide away, I can see it as a great summer time frock. Although I must say the navy blue from Bess Georgette is my absolute favourite, great colours and you look like a real doll in it.


  15. ah i love these dresses so much! you look darling.

  16. Love the butterfly dress! It will be nice to see you bust out your spring dresses as I pull out my fall tights. Come February I will be mighty jealous of your warm weather!

    Happy Spring!
    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  17. Love the checks on the last dress, so sweet and ladylike. Great with red!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  18. I love that hat - perfect on you but my favourite of three is the last outfit!

  19. Beautiful, I check your blog every now and then and I love your dresses and your hair style!

  20. Ohh you look so summery swell!
    Those pale blue colous looks great on you, and that straw hat is just fantastic!
    I so, so wish we still had summer in Sweden, but I'm slowly accepting the grey, rainy and cold autumn again...

  21. I want these shoes. Send them please.

  22. Bess Georgette: Thanks. And you're welcome!
    Amber Blue Bird: Thank-you. They're my favourites!
    Baroness: Aww, thank-you! That's AWESOME. Hehe.
    emma_G: Thanks. =D Everyone loves those shoes! lol
    Xavi: Thank-you.
    Retro Chick: Hehe, oh dear. Well, thank-you anyway ;]
    Justice Pirate: Thanks. Yes, the details are lovely.
    Carys: Aw, thank-you - that's such a lovely thing to say. =D
    Betty: Thanks. =] Hehehe.
    Casey: Thanks. Yes, I can't wait to wear my hat properly!
    Darlene: Aw, hehe. =D I'm well, thanks! Sorry I took so long to reply ;]
    Anniina: Thank-you. =D
    OK. I shall reply to the rest of the comments, tomorrow! x

  23. Oh, darn, I never replied to all of the comments. Well, thank-you all! =D Hehe.


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