Sunday, September 19, 2010

Silver Screen Sunday {Come September}

I had intended for the Charlotte Gray post to be my ‘comeback Silver Screen Sunday’ but I ended up missing last week, didn’t I? Oh well.

Today, I thought I would take a look at Come September, while we ourselves are in September! Directed by Robert Mulligan in 1961 the costumes (gowns, at least) were designed by Morton Haack, according to

While the film is not necessarily over-brimming with plot (though I do like the whole idea that Rock’s major-domo passes his villa off as a hotel when he’s not there) and has no hidden depths, it’s a fun film, set in a beautiful location with colourful costumes to boot. In other words, it’s perfect to look at and, as such, works well for this sort of post.



Though set in summer (the film actually takes place in July) the early 1960s palette is perfect for spring, I think.



I absolutely love the daytime fashions worn by the girls – I think ‘fresh’ is definitely a great word to describe them, which is why these all scream ‘spring’ to me.



I also love the sexy, sparkly number Gina dons for the nightclub scene. The sparkly aspect is what attracts me most, but take a look at that plunging back! It complements the line of the dress perfectly. And I just have to share this clip of Rock and Gina dancing with you – hilarious!

Of course, early ‘60s clothes are quite similar to many from the ‘50s but they are significantly shorter than the archetypal ‘50s look we are all familiar with – I personally prefer the ‘50s length to wear but does that mean I love the ‘60s any less? It certainly doesn’t!



As you may have noticed there are a lot of casual costumes in this film, which I love.


As a slight aside – I love that we get to see into Gina’s wardrobe and that all of the dresses she actually wears in the film are in it. Hurrah for continuity! There’s even a sneak peek of a red sparkly number (which you can’t see in this shot) that she wears near the end of the film.




There are also a couple of quirky hats and very cute hairstyles (love that early ‘60s hair) to be seen.

Aside from the costumes, my two favourite things about this film are Gina Lollobrigida’s sassiness (I wish my Italian background had provided me with more sassy) and Bobby Darin’s number in the nightclub: Multiplication.

I wish this clip were better quality - sorry!

You can see more screencaps from the film here on Flickr.

Unlike Charlotte Gray, this one will not bring you to tears (sorry Annie!) but I think it’s a fairly light-hearted, enjoyable film! So, enjoy (hopefully). Also, I know I usually find things on etsy or elsewhere that I think fit the film but I've just run out of steam, today! So, anyone who feels so inclined could find their own items (as I said, etsy or elsewhere) that they think will fit and post a link here and I might do a post of my favourites if enough people play along. 

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I’m certain at least one other blogger I follow did a post on this film – please link me if you think it was you!


  1. Loving these outfits. Absolutely gorgeous. The plunging back cocktail frock is to die for. Oh, and I love Rock Hudson dancing.

  2. What a fabulous post! 60's fashions heaven! And the Rock and Gina dance number is such a classic. I had forgotten how tall he is - 6 ft. 4 in., I think. He dances pretty well for a giant & an old man ("Remember the night is young, and he's not")

  3. I love the negligee Gina Lollobrigida is wearing in this film!!

  4. Hahaha!!!
    Thanks for the mention :')

    It's okay - cry at everything!


  5. great - love the doncing video - gives so much fun!

  6. I adore this film so much! It's such a light, fun movie to watch when you're feeling low (or when you're feeling happy! lol)

    I LOVE Gina's clothes in the movie. If I could steal the wardrobe from any film, this is high at the top of my list. That nightclub dress is just to die for, isn't it?!

    I think Rock Hudson is so adorable in this movie, it's probably my favorite of his :)

  7. That polka-dot number is fabulous! Early 60's fashion has always been some of my fave, too bad the cuts look terrible on me! I'd for sure going to add this to my Netflix queue!

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  9. Lovely post - I am gonna look out for the movie to watch

  10. Wow, every one of these outfits is divine but my fav is the first spotty one. Great post! Gotta see this film asap.

  11. Lovely! I have to check out this movie.

  12. I love this movie! Especially Gina in that polka-dot dress and the sparkly cocktail dress. Have you seen Where The Boys Are? Very similar early 60s spring colours.


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