Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Spring (Etsy) Wishlist

It's a gorgeous sunny day, today (what am I doing inside?) so here's a fluff-piece for you: a few Spring-appropriate* things from my etsy favourites. And by things I most likely mean dresses as they are my weakness.

'40s linen dress from thegreedyseagull

'40s/'50s candy stripe dress from adelinesattic

'40s 'Street Angel' dress from 13bees

'50s Dress and Sweater set from lovetrainvintage

'50s Blue and Yellow Plaid dress from dethrosevintage

'40s eyelet dress from deargoldenvintage

Red and white dress from SetFootage

'40s peppermint striped dress from flourclothing

'30s flour sack dress from adelinesattic (I think this is my current favourite favourite)

I have so many more favourites saved...I really ought to stop doing that for a while. I will also add that these are all around my size (I don't save things in my favourites if they're not my size - it's such torture, otherwise! - ...unless they're absolutely amazingly fantastic and I just want to look at them...)

Andi B. Goode

*My definition of Spring appropriate will, no doubt, vary from others' definitions.


  1. Ahh I have a few of those dresses saved as favourites too! And a few that I really like and might add to favourites (just kidding - I'm on a spending ban for the next little while)

    Do you find it satisfying to go through your favourites list and delete the sold items? Or is that just me?

  2. Ruby Rach: I ought to be on a spending ban but haven't got the willpower just yet. ;]
    Yes! I do that, too. It IS satisfying (and sometimes heartbreaking).

  3. oh gosh, those are awesome. I especially love that 30s floursack dress, and the first one you listed. what beauties!!!!!!!!!


  4. I love that first dress so cute, however not only would it not be in my size, I don't do pink, hope you can get it cos it's a real cutie!

  5. Well, I am honored to have TWO of my shop dresses on your fave list! Isn't that deco floursack the dreamiest?

  6. Really love that lavender dress, its so dainty

  7. Gorgeous dresses, the lavender one is so charming! :]

  8. I am the same - I only favourite what fits in hopes some unknown benefactor will buy them all for me ;)

    But I've started getting into treasuries so I can swoon over all the beauties that are MUCH too small for me. *sigh*

    I am still grumpy I was too stingy to get this one 50s swing dress.. when another comes up I'll probably bankrupt myself to compensate :D

  9. They are all lovely but I love the 40s Peppermint striped one the most! c

  10. Some lovely dresses there,my favourites are the plaid & the red & white with contrasting sleeves & collar but they aren't in my size so don't worry i wont be buying them:)
    I do that too,it's oddly satisfying to delete things from your your favourites list yet sad at the same time.Weird isn't it? lol

  11. great choice, can't you just search etsy for hours and hours????

  12. Such pretty dresses Andi! I especially love the first on and the set...I'm such a sucker for anything pink :)
    x Molly

  13. Mary: I know, aren't they just?
    Straight Talking Mama!: Aw, thank-you! It is very lovely...
    Baroness: Aw, you are more than welcome! And it is the dreamiest!
    Amber Blue Bird: Yes, it's a gorgeous colour.
    Wendy13: Isn't it just?
    Shallow Mallow: I know, wouldn't that be nice? Haha. ;] Oh, I hate when that happens. I've done that with things a few times.
    eileensbasement: It's so fresh and lovely!
    Mrs Cleaver: Hehe. =] Yes, it's hard to explain but there's something almost cleansing about it. lol
    sueper: Yes! I could. So much of my time gets eaten up on there.
    Molly: You'd look so lovely in it!

  14. Oh my god! i love your look! I am trying to cultivate more vintage pieces in my wardrobe but it is so hard to find ones that fit just right.

  15. Jenny: Thank-you! =D Yes, it can be difficult but hunting out perfect garments is definitely part of the fun. =D

  16. Ack! That red striped dress from Flour Clothing is sooo tempting!

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  17. Ohh that candycane-striped dress is just so mouth-watering! Really, when a dress looks so much like a cake or candy my mouth starts watering and I both want to wear it and eat it...haha

  18. Dresses are totally my weakness too. You look as beautiful as ever! x

  19. Miriam: I know exactly what you mean - I feel the same way!
    Sophie: Thank-you. =D


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