Friday, September 3, 2010

Style-Volution: The End

And so we come to 2008. I was still experimenting a little but 2008 is definitely the year where you can see a firmer style coming through - the transition was ending and I was much closer to my current look.

As you can see I wasn't wearing red lipstick full-time then, either.

And I was still doing a little bit of 60s (though I think this was actually an outfit for a 60s night - second from left) and wearing a lot of vintage inspired rather than repro or actual vintage.

But I was wearing a bit of vintage - the dress on the far right was a birthday present from my mum and is still one of my favourite dresses.

I was almost going to sell the dress on the far right (it's actually a '40s maternity dress) but I changed my mind.

At the end of the year it seems I was a little taken with menswear.

And that's the end of my style-volution series! I'm glad everyone seems to have enjoyed them so much and hopefully I'll inspired others to do their own (I really love seeing them) - I may do an 'epilogue' of sorts, with a few 2009 shots from before I started blogging, but I'm not sure, yet.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I'm (hopefully) going to be listing more things on my sales blog from my wardrobe clearout - please buy my things as I'm running out of room to store everything (and am unemployed so low on cash, too). I've tried to keep everything to what I think is reasonably priced, as well. Ahem. Pardon the shameless begging - that is awful, isn't it?


  1. I'm kind of sad that's over - it was fascinating to see your style evolve. On the other hand, it isn't really over at all, because we get to see exactly the same thing happen on your blog now.

  2. Such an awesome series of posts!

  3. Katie: Aw, I'm glad you liked it that much. And that's a very good point!
    Cheri: Thank-you. =D You inspired me after all!

  4. I really enjoyed this series of posts! I am so impressed you have documented your style over so many years!!

  5. RebeccaK: Thanks. I'm happy that so many people enjoyed these! And that my vanity has turned into a good thing. ;] Hehe. Just kidding...well, maybe I'm just a little vain. ;]

  6. A great ending to a great series of posts =) I have to say, I really loved the brown dress in the middle of the posts. So lady-like!

  7. Erika: Aw, thanks. I wasn't really sure if I'd ended it well or not! Yes, I loved that dress! But then I felt it was too short for me after a while. Heh.

  8. That was great Andi! I wish I had more pics of my on style-volution, but I don't think it was as interesting as yours! x

  9. This is was so fun and quite interesting! I can relate too!

    Even though I did not start wearing vintage daily until 2006, I have always been a fan of vintage style since I was 12/13. My sister worked in a consignment shop when she was in college and she would bring home things like cat eye glasses, wool cardigans, 50s playsuits, and bathing suits. I did pair vintage pieces with modern clothing occasionally when I was in high school and college but I stopped for many years. I was all about the preppy, J. Crew look. I always have worn 50s vintage sunglasses and eye glasses but that was it.

    However, when I lost a ton of weight in 2005, I began to look to vintage again and by the Fall of 2006, I was buying vintage like mad to build my wardrobe.

    Now, 4 years later, there is no going back! I do have to wear modern, professional suits for work meetings and conferences here and there but I am mostly in vintage and I love it.

    Again, these posts were wonderful! Your style is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. hi, just discovered your great blog - I added you to my blogroll ;)
    great to see your evolution, I think I'm still in progress!

  11. I love your different styles. Great post! I really love your blog!!! I'm following you & feel free to follow me if you want. I'm adding your blog on my blogroll. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Thanks so much - I'm glad everyone enjoyed these posts! =D
    Lady Betty: Thanks for sharing your evolution story, too. =D

  13. LOVED this series!

    And that light purple dress that your mum got you is SO pretty!

  14. I loved your photos and clothes!
    I don't find any of this in my town, it's terrible!
    congrats for the great style!

  15. Riikka: Thanks! =D Yes, it's gorgeous. Hehe.
    MaryBessa: Thank-you. =]

  16. Like most people commenting, I'm going through the same thing right now.
    Did you get rid of your modern clothes all at once, or slowly replace them with vintage items? I guess I can't feel too much eco-guilt by donating a pair of jeans replaced by a secondhand dress (an eye for an eye, I suppose). I would like to weed out everything modern that I own, but would have a hard time giving up the clothes I got for Christmas last year, for example.

  17. Sarah: I slowly started replacing things. I still have some modern pieces (cardigans, etc.) and some modern but repro things, too. I don't have a 100% vintage wardrobe but it is mostly vintage or secondhand. =] I got rid of things that didn't suit my new look but I've held on to some things that could still fit as I don't like to get rid of things just for the sake of it. (And I always donate to charities when I do get rid of them =])


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