Thursday, October 14, 2010

Frocktober Round-Up #1

So, I’ve been pretty slack with getting my participation in Frocktober off the ground. Just about a week before the beginning of October, Luna (a very talented local lady who does so many things I wouldn't know what to list. She just recently took part in the finals of Miss Burlesque Australia, which you can read a bit about here) sent out a message to a whole lot of Adelaide ladies asking if we’d like to take part in Frocktober. Even though I do wear dresses an awful lot, I figured that, because it’s for such a great cause, I’d give it a go. Only, I’ve kind of forgotten to get people to sponsor me, so far! Eek.


Hmm. Anyone else think I might need to start working on some new poses? L-R: 1950s day dress bought at Red Ruby Vintage; Vivien of Holloway 1940s dress; made by mum from a 1950s repro pattern.


Apologies for iPhone + mirror photos but I've been feeling out of sorts lately and not at all in the mood to take photos of myself. L-R: 1950s day dress bought at Vintage Garage on Smith Street, Fitzroy; 1950s(?) dress bought at Retro-Star Vintage, Melbourne.

I was thinking of maybe using PayPal to get people to sponsor me? Only I can't figure out an easy way to do that. But if anyone wants to donate directly to the foundation, you can do so here. It doesn't seem very fair to ask people to sponsor me when I wear dresses and skirts so often, anyway! But I'm jotting down ideas for ways I can make next year's Frocktober a proper challenge for me.

Keeping with the frock theme here’s a look at the most recent frock I’ve purchased. It’s on its way to me from Adeline’s Attic – I’m super excited about it!

And if you want a chance to win your own very special frock, head on over to In the Heyday for a chance to win one of Heyday’s Fleur frocks…I've been drooling over this dress ever since it was released. It's a real stunner isn't it (just like its namesake!) Good luck to anyone who enters.

Andi B. Goode

EDIT: I think if you go to the donate page at then you can enter my registration number (653702) in the confirmation page.


  1. You know i always love all your outfits but i do love the butterick walk away dress that your mum made.I have one too ,a lady on U.S ebay made it & i adore it.Mine is white with red & blue flowers & trimmed in red bias binding .It's just so flattering except you cant wear it on windy days lol:)
    Your new dress from Adeline's attic is just beautiful!Are they violets?I love violets.It's so pretty ,i can't wait to see you wearing it:)

  2. hmm i'm not sure how paypal donations work either sorry!
    really super cute outfits in the mirror shots, love those shooooooes!

  3. I love the one you just ordered, it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see how you style it! :)

  4. Very lovely dress photos, I'm a seperates kinda girl normally but I really should try and wear dresses more!

  5. Mrs Cleaver: Thank-you! It's such a great dress, isn't it? I was too lazy to find the name for it for this post, though. ;] Yes, they are violets! I like most flowers but Haigh's has these violet cream chocolates that are divine ;]
    hiven: Thanks. =]
    Phebe: That's OK. Thanks, anyway. Hehe, thanks! They're my favourite shoes ;]
    Kellie W.: Thanks! I'm excited to play around with it =D
    Straight Talking Mama!: Thanks, Fiona. =D I think, over winter, I started becoming more of a separates girl. But dresses ARE fun.

  6. I love the term "frocktober" that's great!!!


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