Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Melbourne: Part Two

Now you all get to see what I bought! (If you haven't seen the snapshots, yet, the post is here). In no particular order…


I picked these sunglasses up at Lost and Found Market on Smith Street – I think the label said they’re from the ‘80s – I think they’re pretty darn cute! And I still haven't paid more than 20$ for a pair of sunglasses. I thought I’d use this photo as: 1. You can see what they look like on 2. You can see just how terrible my posture really is when I’m not posing properly.


I like getting postcards with quirky pictures on them (or just plain cute pictures) – these are definitely going to be framed and added to my wall. All of these (except the sailor bear) were from Metropolis Bookshop...I think.


I saw SO many books that I wanted to buy but books are heavy so I restrained myself – Queenpin is by Megan Abbott whose work I find very interesting yet somehow it makes me uncomfortable, too; Pulp is not only all about pulp novels but about Australian pulp novels; I don’t think I could have gone to the Tim Burton exhibition and not bought the programme! 


I always want to buy something special at Outré gallery but, unfortunately, I can’t quite afford the prints of the beautiful artwork there. This time I nearly walked away without anything until I saw this little guy sitting in the window out the front – he’s playing ukulele! I am thinking of saving up to buy an Angelique Houtkamp print very soon, though. If I do it will almost certainly be Lina.




This may not look all that great on the hanger but it looks very cute on – pink is one of my favourite colours but I don’t tend to wear it a lot. I picked this up from Vintage Garage on Smith Street which is one of the biggest vintage stores I’ve ever been to. There were so many cute dresses there but most of them didn’t fit me – this one is a little big in the waist but looks lovely with a belt. And it’s really comfortable too. It was dated as 1950s.




What a surprise…it’s another blue dress! I’ve come to realise that I own more blue dresses than any other colour – and it’s not even a favourite. This one looks a little school uniform-y, doesn’t it? I love it, though, and I love that whoever owned it had written their name on it (which is what made me think school uniform). This one was from RetroStar Vintage Clothing. I enjoy going to RetroStar but they don't date their clothes. My guess is '50s for this but if it is a uniform it could be later.



This isn’t the sort of thing I normally wear but I’ve been watching Hairspray a lot (and I saw the stage show whilst away) and that always makes me want brightly coloured, full-skirted dresses. I think the gorgeous citrus stripes will be perfect for Spring. This one was from American Rag, in QV. 

The hem definitely needs to be taken down (which surprised the lady working there - most girls my age apparently want their dresses taken up to halfway between their knees and their crotch...I don't see why they don't just stick to '60s and '70s mini-dresses and leave poor, beautiful dresses like this one alone but that's the vintage purist in me coming out).


These little fellas aren’t particularly relevant to my blog but they’re so cute I couldn’t not show you! I have a weakness for teddy bears but don’t often buy them for myself anymore…the fella on the left (who is bigger than he looks) is ‘Alfie’ and the sailor on the right is ‘Skip’. I'm a bit of a child when it comes to teddy bears - at the moment I want to take Alfie everywhere with me. Perhaps he could be my Aloysius?


And here is another shot of my new Alannah Hill jumper. I really like the stitching on the collar - very cute (maybe I will borrow that idea for one of my own projects one day). And I still can't get over the fact that it's called 'Valium in my Tea Cup' top.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Ahh I nearly bought that blue dress a few weeks back when I was in Melbourne! Glad to see it went to a good home :)

    And I simply am in lust with that AH sweater - it's so pretty. It looks like you had bought some great items in Melb!

  2. Ruby Rach: Hehe, really? Lucky for me you didn't ;]
    Isn't it, though? I'm glad I ended up buying it. =D Thanks.

  3. Oh i love the dresses they are all gorgeous,u have such fab taste! I love the cowboy singing? group postcard.
    I collect teddies too but like you don't often buy them anymore,too busy spending money on vintage clothes lol

  4. Wow, the jumper is really cool!

  5. The tiki mug is so cute !!!

  6. yes andi i received the email thank you! i'm thinkin' about it :)

  7. Andi, many vintage dresses have names written on them because the previous owner was resident in a nursing home.

  8. great finds!! Thanks for the second pic of that AH sweater, which is just gorgeous!

  9. I love that jumper! And high five for never spending much on sunglasses

  10. that blue dress is way too cute. and i love your bangs!

  11. Thats a great haul!!

    I completely understand the book thing - metropolis is so incredibly tempting!

    Gaby xo

  12. You got such cute things! :D I love the postcards and the stuffed animals, so adorable! <3

  13. How sweet, that the blue dress has the owner's name written in it. ♥

    That red sweater is fan-friggin-tastic! It will look great on you.

    I'm really digging the dress you are wearing in the first photo. I love the belt you paired with it.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  14. awesome stuff... I can't wait to see you in the brightly colored Hairspray one : )

  15. Some awesome acquisitions! Particularly that pink dress - the button detail is brilliant.
    I love some of Alanah Hill's stuff too - but the prices kill me!

  16. Great finds! I really love the pink dress and the sweater! Have you seen Glee? They had a similar sweater in the first series, but I like yours better.

  17. Great finds Andi and I will add great blog, I have nominated you for a blog award!

  18. Hooray for melbourne, I love the alannah hill purchase! I love Outre and angelique, i have a tattoo of 'Marie' on my back, she is amazing.
    There is also an award for you over at my blog :-) so stop by some time!

  19. great find from an o-so-fun trip - love the books you've got!

  20. you made out really well! love the books and of course the dresses. thats the tricky things with dresses like that. i almost completely walked by my favorite purple dress but i liked the color so much i tried it on and when i did voila!

    im jealous of your sweater :D


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