Friday, October 22, 2010

Outfit: Green and White Casual Frock

Gasp! Would you look at that? I'm posting two days in a row. However, I don't think I'm feeling particularly wordy today so my pictures shall have to suffice!

I went into town, yesterday, to look for some bits and pieces for my possible Halloween costume (I'm leaving it late, as usual) and decided that since it was a warm, sunny day I would wear the dress I bought from 1385 at the beginning of last month. The label is 'Henderson Casuals', hence the title of this post.


Outfit details: 1950s hat - Red Ruby Vintage; vintage sunglasses - Salvos; 1940s dress - etsy; handbag - Salvos; bracelets - gift and Rubi Shoes; vintage shoes - etsy.


I got my mum to take these photos so the camera was on the auto settings, which ended up being a bit overexposed. Definitely not going to use them again. But I love this dress! It's gorgeous. Absolutely my latest favourite...maybe. The white and green made me think of Scarlett's dress from near the beginning of Gone With the Wind:

When I thought of that I felt like wearing my big 1930s straw hat but I need to attach some hat elastic to it (hat pins and I are not friends, just yet) so it won't blow away.


I also decided I would wear my new-to-me white shoes. I spent all last summer searching for the perfect pair of white shoes and I've finally found them! Hurrah. And they're relatively comfortable, too.



Here's a photo of my face, which I'm not all that keen on. The photo, I mean - not my face! I'm very fond of that. It's the angle I don't like but I was too lazy to get the tripod and whatnot out. I was also desperately trying not to squint - it was a lot sunnier than it looks in this shot.


I also forgot to take a shot from behind so you could see my hat, etc. Even though this is a bathroom mirror shot taken on an iPhone I kind of like the atmosphere. 

Andi B. Goode


  1. Very beautiful dress!
    I love green...
    Have a nice day!

  2. The dress is adorable! I love your outfit, it just screams "summer!" =)
    Taking pictures in sunlight is just so tricky! I find that I always make a face, a face that at least to me says "I really, really want to squint but I'm trying not to". Lol!

  3. The last shot is great! A little David Lynch ^U^ Loving the dress as well.

  4. la pie...: Thank-you! I love green, too, but don't own a lot. =D
    Erika: Thanks! Hehe, yes, exactly.
    tunabake: Hee, thanks!! That's an awesome compliment. =D

  5. What a gorgeous dress, suits you so well! Love the shoes too

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely. And yes, I do believe you have found the perfect pair of white shoes!

  7. What a lovely dress, I could have such a dress :)
    It's so strange to look at your pics, so much sun and you can really SEE how warm it is. Here it is +1'C and actually snowing right now, and pretty dark already... So different.

  8. beautiful!! I am in love with green and black right now for fall/winter, but will totally think of this white and green combo for spring and summer. Gorgeous!

  9. I actually really love the last shot. that dress is magnificent!

  10. I definitely see the Scarlett dress in this!!!! i LOVE IT.

  11. How pretty! Looks swell! :D The color is very pretty!!! -Miss Amethyst

  12. I really like the last photo as the refection of your back looks like someone is leaving the room, which is what I thought until I noticed they were wearing the same things as you and I read the description :)

  13. Such a gorgeous outfit :)
    Love the dress and those shoes are just lovely too

    Happy weekend!

  14. That dress is very very cute! Love those colours.

    You know, I found a bag almost exactly like that one at an opshop here. Perfect for summer!

  15. What a perfectly lovely spring outfit!
    I luv green too but like you don't own a lot for some reason.
    Your right those shoes are perfect,what a great find.I hope i can find some similar to those.
    The whole ensemble is just totally sweet:)

  16. I *love* that dress! It's very Scarlett-esque indeed, which is always a good thing in my book : )
    I'm so very jealous that it's spring in your part of the globe; these pictures are making me long for warm weather and my white espadrille wedges, sigh!

  17. Ah Summer! Love that dress, it's quickly turning into winter here so the thought of wearing summery cotton dresses is far from our minds!

  18. That's a fantastic outfit - you look as though you're off for a picnic by the seaside or something. I love it.

  19. This is one of my favourite dresses of yours, it is so fresh and summery x

  20. I love the shape and cut of that dress, it fits you perfectly!

  21. I love this dress on you!! You look so lovely!!

  22. Thank-you everyone for such lovely comments. They really make my day! I just wish I had the time to reply to you all individually (if only there was a function for that on blogger, too)

  23. I love love love those shoes!!

    I found a similar pair at an op-shop at the end of last summer and am excited to get them out now the weather is warmer!

    Gaby xo


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