Thursday, October 21, 2010

Outfit: A Little '60s

Hello, all! Sorry for my brief absence - I had planned to do a few things and then my MacBook decided it didn't want to play anymore. This was on Sunday night. I, naturally, freaked out and spent the rest of the night watching television to calm myself down. I had also remembered that I still had the instructions on how to do an archive and install saved on my mother's computer from the last time it happened. So, I fixed it on Monday and didn't get my internet working until late Tuesday. Then I spent yesterday trying to catch up on what I missed out on. To cut a long story short (too late?) I had computer issues and now they are fixed. Hurrah! And I didn't even have to call any help centres. Double hurrah!

Yesterday I was in a little bit of a '60s mood, so I decided to bring out this dress mum bought me for my birthday back in August. 


You also get a bit of a look at my bookshelves...thrilling, no?

Outfit details: necklace - Fisherman's Wharf Markets; 1960s dress - Tangerine Treasures; shoes that you can't see - Rubi Shoes.


This dress isn't the sort of thing I usually go for but it's quite comfortable and I think it will be nice for summer. And, as you can see, I was having a lazy hair day.

Apologies again for the absence and for not commenting much on other blogs. Ooh, speaking of other blogs there is an interview with me up at La Ville Inconnue (which you should just go check out, anyway!) Hope you enjoy.

Andi B. Goode

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  1. That dress is a gorgeous shape on you! i would love one like it.

  2. What a lovely collar on the dress. And I see you have quite a collection of penguins on your bookshelf!

  3. I love the pearl necklace!!
    Have a great day!

  4. I enjoyed reading your interview, it's nice to know you a little more. I love that dress is so romantic ....

  5. People who are vintage lovers, like you and me, has problems with this modern computers. :)

    Fantastic dress I ile a lot and how It's combining with the necklace

  6. I absolutely love your dress!! The colour is beautiful and really suits you, and I love the little scalloped collar, it's so cute!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. Oh how I love the 60's look! You look lovely....and I want those glasses!

  8. Oh you look so very lady like, love the pearls and this shade of blue looks wonderful on you

  9. That dress is great!

  10. This dress looks perfect for you, so cute.

    Really enjoyed reading your interview and also others on the blog.

    Have a wonderful Spring day, I hope the sun is out like it is in Melbourne.


  11. Lovely dress and awesome sunglasses! I'm glad you took a photo outside, too, so we could see the dress's true colour.

    Also, I'm glad to hear you managed to defeat your laptop and its attempts to keep you from the internet. It needs to know who's boss!

  12. lovely dress,and i love your sunglasses!


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