Sunday, November 14, 2010

Adelaide Shopping: Red Ruby Vintage

I realised a little while ago that I barely ever blog about what goes on in Adelaide so I decided to start doing reviews of some of the vintage shops around town.

I'm starting with Red Ruby Vintage, which I've mentioned quite a few times before (and wrote about here) because it's pretty much my favourite vintage shop.

14 Peel St Adelaide, 5000
8231 0022
facebook: redrubyvintage

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday - Thursday 10.30 - 4.30 
Friday 11.30 - 5.30
Saturday 12.00 - 3.00

Situated just off of Hindley St, toward the west end of Adelaide, Red Ruby Vintage is my go-to place for vintage in Adelaide. I've been shopping there (and have sold a small number of items, too) for quite a few years and it's an overall great experience. Gail, the proprietor of Red Ruby, has been selling vintage for about fourteen years; before her store in Peel Street, she sold from a shop at Hahndorf and, before that, from the Orange Lane Markets (which have been closed for at least 9 or 10 years, now).


Gail has been collecting vintage for quite a number of years - she has been op-shopping clothes since the 1960s and said that she used to help her mother set up stalls to sell antique linen and lace at markets around the Adelaide Hills. This, combined with an eye and memory for line and colour is what lead Gail to start selling vintage clothing. "Fabrics, accessories and haberdashery are in my blood."



Her favourite eras are the '50s and '60s as well as the '30s and this is reflected in her stock, which ranges from the '30s to a small number of '80s pieces but the emphasis is definitely on the earlier eras.



Much like myself, and many others who collect and/or sell vintage, Gail loves the idea of keeping the clothes alive and believes that history is so important and relevant to the present. The idea that everything links together - fashion, design, music, etc. - is something that she relishes. Her love and enjoyment of the clothes she sells is well reflected in her store and makes shopping there very enjoyable.



Quite a lot of my favourite pieces are from Red are just a few to give you an idea of just how fabulous everything there is!

Red Ruby Purchases 1
L-R: 1940s NOS crepe dress; 1930s tartan dress (aka my perfect winter dress); 1940s pant suit.

Red Ruby Purchases 2
L-R: 1950s day dress (reminds me a bit of the Horrockses dresses); 1950s silver lamé dress; 1930s-40s home-made dress with rosella on shoulder.

The prices range according to era, quality (everything is clean, well presented and good-excellent vintage quality) and rarity of the individual pieces. It may not always be the best for someone on a tight budget (though you can lay-by) but I rarely find anything cheaper and of equal quality in other shops and markets and, after seeing some of the prices in Melbourne stores I realised that Adelaide prices are still, on the whole, a lot lower.

I've not really done a lot of this sort of write-up before so I hope it was useful/enjoyable. Any tips on what else to include would be appreciated! I don't think I have a lot of Adelaideans following my blog but I'd still like to put together a bit of a 'guide' as it were to vintage shopping here.

Andi B. Goode


  1. A great review and photos. Your rosella dress is fantastic, so different and so Australian ^U^

  2. Hey Andie! Thanks for sharing & showing pictures of the stores clothes. I adore the dresses hanging up especially the yellow one.

  3. In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there! Melbourne vintage is really overpriced in my opinion :/ You've really gotten some great finds from there!

  4. Ceeeee-ute, if i'm ever near there in Adelaide i shall be visiting!

  5. Ooh I tried to go there last time I was in Adelaide but it was closed. I'll definitely try and get there again next time. I've been to Push Pin on my travels, and that is a cute little shop.

  6. Eeeep, I wanna go and shop at Red Ruby's right now! So pretty. I love all of the items you've bought from there.

    PS. I met a girl from Adelaide the other day and I told her I have a friend there. She was really surprised I even knew the place.

  7. oh wow. what a lovely store indeed!! Beautiful!

  8. seems like a great shop looks like you could find some great finds in there =)

  9. So much fun reading about what is offered in foreign places! Almost like travelling via the computer =) I loved the photos from the shop (and your outfit photos are as always great), it looks lite vintage heaven! Oh, to have such a splendid shop in one's hometown... *sigh*

  10. Red Ruby is better than most of the vintage shops in Melb. LOVE those yellow dresses hanging off the landing. Want to go back to SA just to have a spree in there hehe

  11. oh i liked this! i wish i could afford to buy more vintage pieces. trying to sell 'vintage' on etsy ain't easy when i can't find anything!

  12. Great post! And lovely looks! I also liked that fitted orange-red jacket! Divine!

    How wonderful that the owner of Red Ruby Vintage keeps the focus on the earlier eras! Of the few places that exist here in the DC area, most of them place their focus on the 70s and 80s because those eras are hip right now with the local college/20-something set. Therefore, I tend to shop online.

  13. What a great store! And some AMAZING finds! I have trouble finding things that aren't super over priced here so I tend to just buy online. You're lucky to have such an amazing store.

  14. What a great selection, she has definitely got the eye. Everything I could see peeping out in the store looks amazing. Only criticism would be that she needs to 'vintage up' the store itself a little, the 80s shop fittings are a little distracting. Do you agree, or am I being picky? I like my vintage stores to have a certain vibe when I walk in :)

  15. Love Red Ruby Vintage!
    Great write up :)

  16. No, it's fabulous. I love that silver lame' dress.

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  18. fabulous shop, I can just smell the vintage.


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