Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've gone etsy mad...

I was going to do an outfit post today but I think I may have caught the lurgy off of a friend (or it could be from staying out in the cold) and I'm a terrible sook if I've even the slightest sniffle, so I've decided to 'take it easy' and share my latest etsy purchases with you all...

1960s Cotton dress from Simplicity Bliss

1940s Plaid Cotton dress from Dear Golden Vintage. I definitely need a lot more plaid in my wardrobe and I think this is perfect for daytime outings as well as casual dinners and such.

30s/40s dress from MissingBirdVintage (I just discovered this one recently - they have some really great stock, and some plus sized things, too). This will be the second black dress that I own!

These last two beauties are also from Simplicity Bliss - there was a 50% off sale, so how could I resist? Just look at that adorable little double collar on the second dress and all of those lovely spots on the first!

As you can see (and as the title so aptly puts it) I've gone etsy mad. And I think I need to stay away for a little while...perhaps. What has everyone else bought lately? Anything exciting? I'd love to see.

Andi B. Goode


  1. wow! You had a bit of a spree! I love that plaid dress... very jealous!

  2. Wow these dresses are gorgeous. I LOVE the plaid one - definitely my fave.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I am in a constant state of etsy madness. It hurts my bank account quite badly but it makes me happy!


  4. prrretty!!! I just started my own shop on etsy and it is so addictive, since we are renovating our house our budget is rather tight, haven't bought anything in 2 months!!! OMG I'm really sick ;)

  5. I can't decide which I like more! Some lovely picks, and just the thing for cheering yourself up. Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Haha, I see you got sucked in by the 50% off sale like me! Well, I didn't have enough money so the beau bought it for me and is holding the dress hostage until Valentines day. So excited!

  7. wow! i particularly like the last 2

  8. It's hard not too, when our dollar's so good and theres so much amazing stuff out there!

    I've been on there quite a bit lately too, but unfortunately i'm a bit low on cash so many things only make it to my 'favourites' wishlist.

    I did buy this though...

  9. Awesome picks!!! I absolutely love the plaid dress. So charming!

  10. Hi! Great choices for dresses! Hope you feel better!!

  11. Ooh, they're all so pretty! Can't wait to see how you style all of them! The plaid one is my favorite.

  12. I have been trying so hard to hold back on my Etsy spending frenzies as of late. It is so HARD to do as there are so many wonderful vintage lovely clothes just staring me in the face when I hit that search button! Lately, I have been even more tempted as my own Etsy shop has been selling and my paypal account has been building up. I keep reminding myself those funds are for Christmas presents for OTHERS not for myself, but oh the temptation!

  13. I know the feeling, you look at one dress then another then another shop then, Ooo, shoes and then, Ooo bags, back to dresses. I'm waiting for 2 dresses that were $10 each to arrive! And while the Australian dollar is so good, why not.

    Love your purchases, can't wait to see you modeling them.

    I hope you get better soon.

  14. Sometimes a girl deserves to go a little crazy while shopping =)
    So many beautiful pieces! Like some other readers I esp love the plaid dress, a real beauty.
    Like you've already seen, my most recent shopping was a fair number of hats. I really love hats, and since it's something I can't make myself it's so much harder to resist than dresses are... =)

    Hope you get well soon!

  15. These are all fabulous! I love the last one! I'm also a etsy fan, I've just bought some vintage patterns!!Lovely!

  16. I am also in love with that Plaid dress!

    Get well soon my lovely!

  17. It's so easy to go totally mad on Etsy with all the yummy vintage bits.
    I try not to look, I need to sell instead of buying. :))

    I was nawdy the other week and got myself a rather pricey sewing pattern from the 40's and a cute playsuit from the 50's.

  18. Oh, those purchases are lovely! I am ill also and so taking the opportunity to catch up on some blogs and sort my own out! Though, I was naughty and popped into my local charity shop whilst I was out getting some suitably easy to cook foods for my lazy ill self. But boy am I glad I did! I found a brown leather Yves Saint Laurent belt, a cat brooch, a vintage diamante brooch, a check scarf and a vintage hand-knitted land-girl-esque bottle green jumper! All for a bargain price. I also found a beautiful blue and yellow plaid taffetta vintage dress the same shape as your plaid one for only £6. It was a little bit ripped but I was willing to try some repair work, but unfortunetely it was miles to tiny for me! I was rather sad to leave it hanging there! xx

  19. Aah, that plaid dress is just perfect! :)


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