Monday, November 1, 2010

Outfit: Last-ish Minute Halloween

Saturday night I went to a Halloween party hosted by my friend Ria (Ria has her own blog - she hasn't blogged much yet but she's a really interesting lady so I think she's well worth a follow!)...

I had rather grand plans for this year's Halloween costume. Even when I realised I was running out of time, I still thought I could pull something pretty awesome together. Then, I started to despair when time was really running out until it struck me that I had everything I needed to be a beatnik. I was more specifically inspired by the beatnik 'chick' in John Waters' Hairspray:

Hairspray Beatnik 2

Hairspray Beatnik 1

Black polo neck sweater: check!
Long black hair: check!
Black eyeliner: check!
Black skirt: check!
Black beret (for good measure): check!

It should probably go without saying that I'm well aware that what we think of when we think 'beatnik' is the cartoonish representation of the beat generation...but it's fun and an easy costume. And what subculture doesn't get misrepresented by mainstream culture? (And that's something for another day or probably not).

Without further ado, here's Andi the Beatnik...

Last-ish Minute Halloween Costume

Last-ish Minute Halloween Costume

I even took along my copy of Howl by Allen Ginsberg so there wasn't any confusion as I didn't have any bongos to take with me.

It's definitely not as creepy as my Black Dahlia costume, from last year, but, hey, you get to see me with my straight hair (it's all natural!) and no red lipstick. Gasp!

Here's one of my favourite songs from Funny Face with Fred Astaire and Kay Thompson pretending to be beatniks, too:

Please feel free to link me to pictures/posts of your fabulous Halloween costumes - I've missed an awful lot of posts, lately. Eep! But I'd love to see (or even just read about) what you all dressed up as.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love your costume! Great last minute thinking! :D And your hair looks great straight!

  2. It looks great - a simple and very effective costume.

  3. kate gabrielle: Hehe, thanks! =D It was weird to go out with my hair like that! lol

  4. You looked so cool and just amazing - what a great costume!

  5. Hahaha absolutely fantastic! :D I dig!

    Actually, it looks really good in a non costumey way, too :) You look as amazing like this as you do usually! x

  6. I wasn't able to get dressed up this year, booo. That scene from Funny Face is so funny, hehe.

  7. just love it to bits!!! The scene in which Audrey lets loose in Funny Face is one of my favourites ever!

  8. great costume - very simple and stylish suits you!

  9. I was kind of last minute, also, especially my second, Saturday costume. Good job pulling together a cute and hip costume at the last minute!

    This was my costume, with the exception of hair and make-up it was incredably simple as well as I had all the stuff :) I love the Beatnick chic in Hairspray and your costume :)

  11. ohhh i love it!!!!
    i agree with kate, your hair looks so good straight!

  12. what a great idea and it looked great too.

  13. So clever for a last-minute costume! ;) Love it!!!

    ♥ Casey | blog

  14. Oooh, I LIKE Andi the Beatnik! It looks good.

    I'm tempted to dress like a beatnik just because I like it now!

  15. Oh wow you make such a great beatnik!!!! I love it!

    Gaby xo

  16. Oh how cute are you!? Get outta town!! :)

  17. Ooh you look fabulous! What a great idea for a costume! x


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