Thursday, December 30, 2010

Musical Interlude {The Baseballs}

Before I get on to the subject of this post I just want to address the fact that I've made it to over 600 followers (through google connect). It's hard to believe over 600 people find me that interesting but, hey, I'm not arguing! Thanks to all my followers, new and old alike.

So: I first heard of The Baseballs via Miss Emmi's blog (you can read her post here), They'd Have Called Me the Bar Nothing, but after my initial 'squees'* of delight they sort of passed to the back of my mind, as many things often do. I'm sure I thought of them once or twice after, as well. Anyway, yesterday when I was at JB Hi-Fi (thinking, for some unknown reason, that I needed to buy even more DVDs) I was walking through the CD section and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the cover for The Baseballs' album Strike! I nearly walked straight past but I did a double take and, remembering how much I enjoyed their music, picked it up and didn't hesitate to buy it. 

For anyone who hasn't heard them, The Baseballs do rockabilly/doo-wop covers of contemporary pop songs (everything from Rihanna to Roxette) and it's all quite delightful. Plus, they're adorable! Hurrah.

I actually like a lot of the original songs that they cover (I went through a phase where I vehemently denied liking pop music at all but I was reared on the bubblegum pop of the '50s and '60s so it's only natural that I will, at times, like it's descendants - I'm also at a stage where I'm happy to like what I like, if that makes sense) but I'm usually not precious about people covering songs I like. (At the moment, I'd say my favourite from the album is their cover of Bleeding Love, which is rather lovely).

Their cover of Rihanna's Umbrella, with a very clever film clip. The stock footage is edited together so well with the new footage of the band!

And their cover of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars, which is another great video! I'm a bit of a music video junkie so I'm always happy to see a well made one. I hate to admit it, but this made me giggle (I think it was all the, er, hip shaking). I feel like a '50s teenager swooning over Ricky Nelson or some other such teen idol.

Apparently they were on an Australian show called Hey! Hey! It's Saturday! (which is not a show I care to dwell on) but, as I barely watch television I missed it. It also means they were in Australia and I didn't realise. This, however, does not surprise me as I barely ever seem to know what's going on in terms of music, etc.

Hopefully some of you won't have heard of them or this will be the most redundant blog post ever. Here is a link to their official site and their YouTube channel as well, just in case.

This will probably be my last post of 2010 so, thanks once again, and I will see you all on the flip side! Happy New Year, everyone.

Andi B. Goode

*I most likely did emit a sound akin to a 'squee' and there, no doubt, would have been arm flapping, flailing and possibly a little bit of a swoon, too. I'm so predictable!


  1. THANKYOU so much for this post! They were indeed here in Australia; they were on sunrise. I managed to catch a little snippet but not enough to hear what they were called! And by and by i forgot all about them!
    Thanks so much, i wont forget them again.
    Those filmclips are brilliant! I'm right there, too, giggling and clapping along like a little 50s schoolgirl. You can't NOT tap your feet, can you?
    Hope you have a great new years!

  2. You always have such amazingly awesome music suggestions! I love these guys! The music videos and style is awesome. Totally in a similar vein of Puppini Sisters (Andrew Sister's style cover band), Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine (50's Lounge Cover band) and Me first and the Gimme Gimmes (punk rock cover band). I have a love of cover bands actually. :P

  3. Oh thank you for this, not a redundant post at all!, currently dowloading my favs off i-tunes.

    XX Rosina Lee

  4. Erin: You're welcome! I'm so glad that it helped you. =D I hate seeing something awesome and then not knowing what it is. Wish I'd seen them on Sunrise. It's probably on YouTube...
    Cheri: Hehe, yay! Thanks. =D Ooh, yes I LOVE all those you mentioned. I have a love of cover bands, too.
    Rosina: Woo for not being redundant! =D Glad you like them.

  5. The boyfriend heard them playing live on the radio when they were in Australia! It's too bad they didn't do a show while they were here though... He bought copies of their CD for all his family members for christmas, so hopefully if CD sales are strong they can be tempted into performing out here!

  6. Hi Andi!
    I have to be honest: I really dislike the Baseballs. I think its sad that huge record labels create "rockabilly boy bands" like that to make as much money as possible, just because the 50s style is trendy right now. I have to admit I find their version of Umbrella very catchy, but oh my, how much more fun wouldn't it have been if it was three real, devoted rockabilly guys playing their own instruments covering the song instead of three "regular", good looking singers dressed up to fit the 50s style?
    A possible positive side of The Baseball's popularity though, is that more "regular" people discover rockabilly music and thats good for the rockabilly scene.
    Anyway, I agree to disagree on "the baseballs matter", I just wanted to state my opinion ;)

    Have a happy new years! :)

  7. This is great! I could only see the second video (I'll hop on to youtube later and watch the first one) and I think it's fantastic!

    Congrats on 600+ followers.

  8. very enjoyable post Andi. They're great arent they !

  9. Ah i love the baseballs! Though they've been touring in Finland SO MANY TIMES, i haven't had a chance to see them.. :( I hope I'll one day!

    Happy new year,

    autumn coffee and inspiration

  10. I think The Baseballs are terrible. It's a real shame that genuine Rockabilly groups don't get the recognition they deserve and "bands" like this do. I guess they're filling a gap or something, but it's not for me at all. Rockabilly should never, ever be watered down for the masses!

  11. Miss Margarita and rockingal, thanks for sharing your opinions. You've not changed my mind, of course. I love pop music and sometimes it's exactly what I need - The Monkees made some of the best music in the '60s, in my opinion, and they were a manufactured band. Maybe you can write your own blog posts about why you don't like them? Surely it'd be more effective than just leaving a comment on my blog as it will, no doubt, reach more people.
    Having said that, I don't want to deter anyone from sharing their opinions. But it, more often than not, will not change mine. ;]

  12. I didn't want to change anybody's opinion about the band, that was not my intention at all. And as I wrote I totally understand why so many people love them - they play super catchy music ;)

  13. Miss Margarita: It's OK. I didn't really think you were, anyway. And I can also understand your frustration, too, as I'm sure I've had similar feelings about other things myself. =]

  14. wow, it feel so strange to see a german band featured in a post on the other side of the world (i think the singer is an english native speaker - but this band is part german). i saw this band first at german early-morning-tv at channel sat1. and i really like them.


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