Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Summer Knittin' Had Me a Blast

So, this knitting wasn't actually done in summer (oh dear, I lied to you via blog post title!) but I do so hate coming up with post titles! Also, please excuse how cheesy the title is. That aside, let's move on to the point of the post, shall we? My latest knitting endeavours. Or, rather, endeavour as I only have photos of one thing that I have made...the other was made by my mother.


Hat & shirt made by me; 1930s crepe skirt from Red Ruby Vintage; same old saddle shoes you always see from Payless.


Except for the shoes (& socks) everything is made either by myself or my mother. 


Pendleton blazer from eBay.

I made this hat quite a few months ago from an original 1940s or 1950s Patons knitting booklet. As you can see, I quite love wearing it!


I was a little wary of the size of the pom-poms (each one took me two hours to make - I don't remember pom-pom making seeming so tedious as a child...) but I'm quite taken with them, now. I still have dreams of a pom-pom headpiece like the one Carmen Miranda is wearing in this screencap I took of The Gang's All Here...actually, I wouldn't mind one of each of the hats in that film! Not to mention the dresses and the shoes and the hair...

The Gang's All Here 090



I suppose I'm quite proud of this - I think it only took me a couple of days to make.


I had good intentions of knitting this sweater myself but, as someone who hasn't been knitting all that long, I decided I wasn't quite feeling up to the challenge. So I passed it onto my mother and I'm awfully glad I did because she did a darn good job!

This is the picture from the pattern she used - I downloaded the pattern for free here.

I do have a question for you all - would you like more details about my knitting projects (the yarn I used, etc.) where I can provide or are you happy just to see the pictures?

I have a couple of other projects on the go but I've taken a little break from knitting at the moment, though I'm sure I'll get back to it quite soon...

Andi B. Goode 


  1. That hat is darling...that green sweater=perfection (it looks quite 30s with the sleeves and so forth...and it's just that perfect shade of green). Adore you in that Pendleton!

  2. I'd love to hear more about your knitting!
    I just learnt how to knit this year and am currently attempting my first jumper. So any advice or suggestions would be wonderful!

  3. Beautiful outfits, and cutest hat ever!!
    I'm so glad someone else finds coming up with post titles difficult, I do too!
    Also, in answer to your question, I love seeing peoples' sewing/knitting/crafting projects in the making, I always feel so interested and jealous simultaneously at other peoples' skills.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Good golly I love them both! I'd love to know what yarns you're using. I'm afraid I'm stuck with one brand's chunky yarn and can't seem to get away from that! haha! Good job on the hat!!

  5. I've got that last sweater pattern bookmarked. I really liked it anyway, but it's even cuter made up. Thanks for sharing!

  6. your knitting projects came put great....I've been looking on ebay for a while for a pendleton blazer but there always to big for me =(

  7. It turned out so cute! Better than in that photo you showed. And i'm so envy of that green sweater! And the green Pendleton.

  8. Wow, you and your mother make a super team! I am a beginner knitter and have only attempted scarfs, so I'm not as interested in the fine details as I am admiring the photos! But I'm sure that other ladies who knit might be.

    I LOVE your pom pom hat, and also adore Carmen Miranda!

    xx Claire

  9. The green sweater and pom pom hat I would buy right off of you on the street, fabulous. You and your mother are tres talented.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  10. You look great, like a doll!
    That hat with pompoms is so cute!
    I wish I could do knittings and sewings, but I have NO skills.. :S

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  11. I would love more info on your knitting projects. :-)

  12. Great knitting! Its daunting knitting a whole sweater yourself, and I've been knitting for about 20 years! Loving the hat, I too have a bit of a pompom obsession :)

  13. I'd love to see more detail of your knitting projects! I'm just getting into vintage knitting myself, so it's always encouraging and educational to read about others' projects. :)

  14. I love your knitting projects - so cute! I wish I could knit - tried to learn twice and just gave up because I was hopeless. I'll stick to sewing. Oh man am I obsessed with sewing right now. Seriously

  15. I've only seen that movie in black and white!! how fun for you to see it in colour!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these outfits of yours

  16. Oh you're knitting's wonderful!
    I love that hat, so cute and it seems to go well with any outfit;)
    I've just started to knit again, and this time I'm really going to learn it properly.
    I have so many jumpers, cardigans, socks, gloves and hats I want to make!

    Happy new year!

  17. Love your hat, its goregous.
    Did it take you long to make?
    Its very cute on you.

    Beaut xxx
    Rockabilly Clothing Australia


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