Monday, December 27, 2010

Swing Sesh Christmas Ball

Hello one and all! I hope everyone has had a lovely time over this holiday season, which I suppose is still going but I've decided I feel ready to get back to blogging. So, here I am!

One of my goals, which I tried to work on whilst I was on my blogging holiday, is to take more photos of my friends. It’s a goal I’ve had for a while but was reinforced when I was watching Buffy one night and saw how many photos of the ‘Scooby Gang’ she had in her room. Anyway, it just so happens that some of you, in the past, said you’d like to see pictures of the Adelaide swing scene – combine this request with my desire to document my friends and these pictures are the result!

A few atmospheric shots…





In at least one of these you can see the Corner Pocket Big Band up on the stage (the Ball was held at the German Club).


My lovely friend, Abi, who you’ve seen here a couple of times before, I believe (here and here). She made almost her entire outfit! 



And here’s Abi again, first with Catherine and then with Enken 



The colour photo of Katey is pretty much my favourite shot from that night! 


And this is my other favourite! (Beck).


And here is yours truly, wearing a dress my mother made me, especially for the occasion. My 'hair piece' was actually just one of those bows you stick on presents. It was sparkly, too!

You can see a few more here at Flickr - didn't want to overload this post. Hopefully I can keep up with taking photos of my friends – as lovely as it is to have memories, it’s just as nice to have visual reminders of things that have happened, I think. I’m always tempted to print some out, too, as I miss the idea of the snapshot being something tangible as well as visual. How do you keep your photos? Just as something digital or do you print them, too? Or do you still use film (I rarely do now as I'm being a bit stingy)?

Also, for those of you who weren't following my blog last year, this is what I wore to last year's Christmas Ball.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I print out photos that I feel are representative of the event, and keep them in a photo album. If I really love one, it might go in a photo frame around my room. I worry a lot about what would happen if I lost all my digital photos, so I print them out and back them up pretty regularly.

    You look so pretty, and I love the idea of using the wrapping bow in your hair! Hope you had a very merry christmas, and wishing you all the best for 2011~

  2. Lovely frock, so hard to imagine a warm christmas.....

  3. welcome back, gorgeous! wonderful photos and stunning outfit (your mom made such a glorious frock!).

  4. These photos are great! I think this is such a good thing to add to your blogroll. I'm looking forward to seeing more, Andi!

  5. Dearest Andi,
    I'm so glad you feel inspired again, and this is such a beautiful post to begin with! Your photos are just beautiful, you really do have an eye for great photography. I understand too, what you're saying about documenting memories- it's something I've also realised recently. It's so great to have awesome pictures to look back on. I'm trying to remember to do this, too.
    Also wonderful to see more of the Adelaide Swing scene, its cosy but theres so many wonderful people there, and so much energy and creative vibe. Love it!!!
    Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!
    Love, Erin

  6. Was a great night, you looked fab! Your photos are really nice, the one of Katey is also my favourite :D See you on the dsnce floor soon!


  7. Looks like loads of fun Andi. And everyone looks lovely. I always take my camera when I go out and usually print out just the best photos, its really quick to do at BigW.


  8. I get my pictures developed as theres nothing like flicking through them with a nice cup of tea and telling people not to get fingerprints on them lol.

    It's exciting when you first open them wating to see how they've come out too.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Much Love

    Miss Milly (Emily Anne Ash) x

  9. What a lovely bunch you are! Great idea with the parcel bow :D

    I rarely print out photos + too picky about colour casts + and I am stingy about processing film too, I keep finding unprocessed rolls of film about the house so old I have no idea what might be on there.. must bite the bullet some day soon ;)


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