Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogger Spotlight {An Ode to Reverie}

This might be an obvious thing to say but, as well as blogging, I love reading other people’s blogs and I’m always happy to discover new blogs to add to my reading list. So, I’ve decided to start doing blogger spotlights to show off some of my favourite blogs, both old and new discoveries. I’m not going to make it a regular feature in the sense that I’ll do one every week or every two weeks. Instead, I’ll probably just treat it the way I do the musical interlude and style icon posts – in other words, I’ll do one when the mood strikes me!

The first blog I’d like to spotlight is An Ode to Reverie, which is run by one of my friends and fellow Adelaideans, Erin. Actually, depending on how long you’ve been following my blog, you’d have seen a picture or two of her on here.

Erin and I know each other through TAFE (she was studying costume design and I was doing photography) and our mutual friend, Abi.

Erin is not only a sweet gal, but a talented one, too. She combines vintage and new with clothes she makes herself. I think she’s really found herself with her vintage style and I’m excited to see where she goes with her blog, as it's still relatively new. She also has great taste in other things, too, like music and art (and, obviously, friends. Ahem). Do drop by her blog and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I've been to her blog from time to time trough comments she has left on mine - but I've tried to leave her a comment on a couple of posts, but it won't work, nothing happens when 'post a comment' is clicked. Maybe it's just me and my ip fpr some reason, but you have to tell her that!

  2. How am I not following her blog already? Thanks so much for this feature, her blog looks amazing!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. It's not just you. I've got the same problem and I think many people also. It's impossible that such a great blogger has no comments at all :/

  4. Oh no, I can't leave commments on her log either! I wonder why that is! xx

  5. oh wow I never heard of her blog and she seems lovely! Thank you!

  6. Thanks for letting me know!
    I've fiddled with the template a bit and there shouldn't be a problem anymore.
    Thanks again Andi for the feature. You're so lovely xox

  7. the hats!! <3
    haven't been on your blog in ages but i will do more frequently now darling :)


  8. She is adorable! You are so lucky to have so many friends that embrace the vintage fashion world

  9. Honey Bunny - just letting you know that you are my 'Living Doll' for this month.....thanks for being a part of all the fun with me!! You are an adorable Miss January !! Happy New Year to you sugar...just love reading your website, inspiration by the bucketload...looking forward to more sojurns with Andi B Goode in 2011 !!! XX

  10. Erin: Glad you got the comments issue sorted!
    And I'm so glad everyone else loves Erin's blog as much as I do. =D

  11. just stopping by! nice blog!! i love the vintage look, i wish i had th guts to wear it, or that i had any idea what type of event would call for it! but the hats and the shoes in these photos are adorable! ill def. check her out.


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