Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

In the past I have shared with you my hat collection and my camera, I thought I may as well share my shoe collection, as well.


Here's a shot of practically all of my shoes. I don't wear most of them very often but, as someone once told me, it's more difficult to find a pair of shoes for an outfit than the other way around so I'm holding on to most just in case. Most of these aren't vintage, either, as it's only somewhat recently I've started buying vintage shoes.

I decided I'd take individual shots of my small vintage shoe collection, though.


I bought these from etsy a while ago. I do love them but have yet found something they look perfect with. Thoughts?


Another etsy purchase that arrived just last week. Aren't they lovely? Exactly what I've been looking for.


Got these from a Salvos. They were selling them as 'tap shoes' which I knew, of course, they are not. They do have steel tips underneath the toes to keep them from wearing down but definitely not tap shoes!


I got these from my favourite Adelaide vintage store (Red Ruby Vintage) as a gift when I bought something else.


You've all seen these a few times before. My perfect white summer shoes that I thought I would never find. Also from etsy.


But I think these are my favourite vintage shoes, so far. They are absolutely perfect and exactly what I was looking for, for next winter. I'm really glad I took the gamble on them when I found them on, you guessed it, etsy.


Look at that detail. Swoon!

Buying vintage shoes online isn't quite as scary as I thought it would be. If the seller has the measurements correct (and a quick look at the feedback should tell you how reliable a seller is if you haven't bought from them before*) it's as simple as measuring some of your own shoes that fit well! I've not had a problem with shoes not fitting, yet.

*Sometimes a seller may have only one person (or a small number in comparison to the positive) who has left negative feedback - when that happens I tend to look at the feedback for the buyer and sometimes it turns out other sellers have actually had problems with them.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Wow, lots of cute ones in your collection. Love the laces on those brown and white oxfords with the little dangly thing at the ends! I have the hardest time finding cute vintage or vintage-inspired closed toe shoes for Spring/Fall/Winter wear when I need sensible footwear. Clearly you haven't had the same problem, I need to take a cue from your collection! :)

  2. lovely collection. I am just loving brogues the moment. Yo have had some fab finds there.

  3. "I bought these from etsy a while ago. I do love them but have yet found something they look perfect with. Thoughts?"

    Those shoes look pretty neutral/basic to me. Try wearing them with a darker dress or skirt maybe. I don't think they'd really look bad with anything. Sometimes if I can't decide if something looks "off" or is just "different" to me, I'll just go with it and ask someone in person for a 2nd opinion if I'm really not sure

  4. *drools* Amazing collection!

    I barely have any vintage shoes either. I just don't find them as appealing as modern, vintage-inspired shoes!

  5. Oh man, I'm a little jealous! I've been too nervous to buy shoes online as I have 'difficult' feet (very small, narrow, high arches) but one day I want to give it a try!

  6. That's a really nice collection! I think you're doing the right thing not to let them go... Great shoes are hard to find.

  7. I love those top ones a lot, very cute.

    I keep meaning to do a shoe post. I've got a lot of vintage ones and used to have tons more but found I just wasn't wearing certain ones and sold them, I still remember every single pair! I'm also lucky I have small feet, so everything fits me, it I was rich I'd have a room full of vintage shoes!

  8. I love the white and brown brogues! such a great collection!

  9. Very impressive, you have so many fantastic pairs!
    I love your vintage ones! I wish i had a few pairs too, but my feet are enormous and it seems ladies just weren't made in that size back then. *sigh*. I will just have to make do with fabulous repro.

  10. I love buying vintage shoes online. eBay and etsy have been my resources for years now to purchase vintage shoes. Luckily I have a narrow foot, so that helps in the buying process. Lovely collection!! I have been meaning to do one of these post for a long time now, since vintage shoes... well shoes in general, are one of my most collected items. Plus I have a few vintage photos of old Hollywood stars with their shoes collections. I just love those types of pictures! :)

  11. My mum and I were both oo-ing and ah-ing over these shoes

  12. Your shoe collection is just...WOW. :-O

  13. that seams like so many shoes!
    i love love all your oxfords!

  14. Oh, you must have quite small feet to find vintage shoes that fit - lucky you!

  15. So many cute shoes! I'm with you, the last ones are divine.

  16. I love looking at other peoples shoe collections, so intriguing! I love vintage shoes so full recommend you keep investing, there is something so special about them.

    Carol x

  17. Oh, great collection! Looooove your shoes :)

  18. How interesting ! I might take a photo of them like you did !
    It gives a different impression when shoes are grouped all together !!

    Lets try it tomorrow !!

    Ha ha !!!


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