Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight {Heyday! Vintage Style}

Hello, dear blog readers...I was inadvertently absent for a few days. Oops. No mind. Today, I’d like you to all extend a very warm welcome to my new sponsor, Heyday! Vintage Style. Some of my more observant readers may have already noticed the ad, which should be appearing to the right of this entry.

Shona (who runs Heyday) and I have been discussing the possibility of sponsorship for a while, now, so it’s exciting to finally be able to tell you all that, yes indeed, Heyday is officially a sponsor of Andi B. Goode. Hurrah!

For those of you who don’t know of Heyday, you should take a little look at the 'About Us' page on the website - but basically Heyday is a fantastic vintage reproduction company, which has a great selection of clothes that are not only beautifully designed but comfortable and good value, too. 

But even more exciting, my dear readers is that you get to here all about the upcoming sale before anyone else in the world, does. The sale starts next Thursday and includes some absolutely fantastic bargains. That’s right, folks, you heard it here first! (Sorry. Couldn’t resist the temptation).

All of the Mary dresses will be  £45 – I've been told they come up small at the waist and hips so some people need to go up a size. I’m particularly drawn to the green! (Note: the sale does not include the Fleur dress - the Mary dresses only).

The trousers in all of the summer ‘sherbet’ colours will be  £20. The trousers pictured above are duck egg but yellow, medium blue, moss green, and sea green will also be on sale at that price.

The beige, white and ivory trousers will be going down to £35.

I really love my Heyday trousers (which I bought quite a while ago, so most of you would have seen me in them by now)…one of my readers said they felt they were too short for swing trousers but I’m 5’3 and I feel great wearing this style! You can see me wearing mine here, just for reference. 

All of these tops will be going down to £18 (from L-R: Natasja Tie Top in Woodland Spring, also available in Mint Green; Hocus Pocus top in Dark Pink, also available in Hot Melon Pink; Elly May top in Green, also available in Pink and Blue.)

And these will be £20 (from L-R: Wrap Top in Light Aqua Polka Dot, also available in Cyan Polka Dot; Natasja Tie Top in Tiny Rosebuds on Navy, also available in Petite Petunias on Navy, Petite Petunias on Green, Tiny Rosebuds on Black.)

This really is the perfect timing for me to announce this as I'm in the midst of summer and these are all such wonderfully summery colours! 

Just to reiterate the sale will start next Thursday (United Kingdom time, which, obviously, is the technical term) and I'm excited to say I got to announce it first. And for everyone who, like me, gets a bit confuddled by exchange rates, you can view all prices on the Heyday website in seven different currencies.

Make sure you stop by Shona's blog, In the Heyday, and you can follow her on Twitter, too.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I ADORE Heyday! but I haven't bought anything from it week might be a good time to start! ;-P

    I love the pale green Mary dress too, by the way.

  2. How great that Heydey is a sponsor, I love their things and I have 'spoken' to Shona a few times on twitter and she is a huge sweetie. And as a fellow UK-living Antipodean obviously I am a fan of hers ;)

    Thanks for the heads up on the sale, I might have to buy myself a pair of those trousers as I've been thinking about them for a while x

  3. Just checked out their stuff, it looks amazing :)

  4. how cool!! congrats on the sponsorship. love their site.

  5. Ooh, thanks indeed for the head's up. I love my pairs of Heyday trousers and was just thinking of getting another pair, in fact! Shona was lovely to work with when I ordered, as I had to wait awhile before they had one color in stock and she emailed me when they were in. I had to hem mine as I'm so short. I know they do hemming (such an awesome service, btw), but I find it so hard to get inseams just the way I want them so I figured I'd do it myself. :)

  6. thanks for link ,I need some new trousers

  7. I was the reader who asked! By the way I am also 5'3 :-)

    Heyday clothing is just beautiful!

  8. How Awesome!!Congratulations!
    Thanks for the heads up on the sale,i might have to take advantage of that:)

  9. Thanks for all the congratulations! I'm really excited. =D
    Tasha: No, that's fair enough - I got my mum to take my Heyday trousers up. =]
    LittleMissBossy: Hurrah for 5'3 ;]


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