Saturday, February 12, 2011

Outfit: Changing My Spots

A while ago I was thinking about getting leopard print capris, when I saw some on sale at Miss Hussy. I asked for some thoughts on Twitter and decided that yes, of course, I need leopard print capris! The only leopard print I had had in my wardrobe for years came in the form of handbags and one cardigan but I've loved leopard print for ever so long. Here's some evidence...

17th of December, 2005

This photo is from 2005; I'm wearing a leopard print skirt that I bought at a church op-shop for 4$. I've just realised the belt in that photo is the same one I am wearing in the new photos below! There are quite a few other leopard print items in this set on Flickr.

I'm very glad I took the plunge and got these pants because they are amazing! I'm seriously in love with them. I suppose they're a little bit different from my usual current look but it's nice to have something that's like that, sometimes.



This is me with Frankie. He's been with me since 2006, when I met him at a Build-A-Bear in New York. I'm sure you've all met him before but he's just so lovely.

Anyway, I strongly suggest taking a look at the Miss Hussy site. There are some great items on there and I can attest to the quality! I'm very impressed. Plus, it's Australian! Hurrah.

As a final note, I'd like to add that I honestly thought I had my 'silly face' on in these pictures but I just look as serious as ever. How does that happen?

Andi B. Goode


  1. Very cool capris! Love them :-) Totally rockabilly. :-)

  2. They fit you Swell!! I love leopard print clothing!!

  3. Wow, Andi!
    I love the 2nd photo, you've got so much attitude, it's amazing :) You look like a full blown pin-up!
    Frankie is so gorgeous!

  4. LOVE those capris! They are super flattering! They are rumble-riot fab!

  5. Meow indeed! Now I need leopard print capris!

    I know what you mean about looking serious in photographs. I just shot 50 frames and swear I was smiling, but there isn't a smile in a damn one of them. What?

    You look great serious though. Like one tough chick. In hot leopard pants.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  6. A definite YES for leopard print!

  7. Very nice! I love that your bed sheets make it a whole animal print extraveganza!

  8. They look fabulous! I do love leopard print!

  9. Ok I'm now feeling like I need these too, you have too much pretty stuff on your blog! :)

  10. You bombshell! Very Jayne Mansfield, hope we'll be seeing a love heart swimming pool next ;) x

  11. I love love love those pants. Okay, and the skirt too. You wear high waist pants so well!

  12. Those are so cute! Leopard print is great because it's that perfect mix of fun and tacky

  13. You are super adorable;e! i adore those pants, meow!

  14. Love the leopard! It's uber cute on you. It does't hurt to mix things up every now and again.

  15. Va voom! They look super hot on you, I'm off to check out the label now!

  16. Gorgeous pants! I love them! I keep leaning towards getting more leopard print stuff (I have, erm, one small hair bow) and this post makes me think it's a great idea :)

    Haha I SO know what you mean about serious vs silly face! :D


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