Monday, February 14, 2011

Songs (& a Frock) to Make You Smile

A little while ago I posted a 'sneak peek' of a dress (or two). Knowing that I had quite a few social engagements coming up during the Adelaide Fringe season, I decided to make an outfit plan for them (which, of course, was really just me procrastinating). I thought the red, green and white plaid dress from the sneak peek post would be great for my first Fringe show of the season (which I will write a little bit about further down the post)...

Hair ribbon - ?; Dress - etsy; Belt - ?; Stockings - Love Kylie; Shoes - etsy

I suppose it's a 'back to business as usual' after my last outfit post - as much fun as I had in my leopard print pants, it was still nice to be back in something like this, with a ribbon in my hair...


Speaking of my hair, I'm a bit torn about the length. Some days I love how long it is...other days I feel like it needs a good chop. I used to be so cavalier about hair cuts but now I'm always hesitant. 

Anyway, enough about me: on to the show I saw. Last year I went to see Lili La Scala's, War Notes, and absolutely loved it. So, I was very excited that she would be doing another show at this year's Fringe: Songs to Make You Smile. Now that I've come to write about the show, I'm not sure what to say - I have a tendency to just gush when I really enjoyed something. Lili has a very beautiful and moving voice - even though the show is called Songs to Make You Smile, a couple of the songs are so lovely they brought a few little tears to my eyes. From tunes most of us will be familiar with (like one of my personal favourites, Makin' Whoopee) to some that are rather on the rare side (none of which I currently remember the name of, that's how great my memory is) Lili brings new life to them all, whilst showing the utmost respect for their history. Her joy for performing and love of the songs comes through and that's always one of the things I love most about live music. Plus, she is just such a delight to watch - anyone who has the opportunity to see her show, really ought to. 

But if you don't trust my word, you can read this review at Australian Stage or this one, which says a lot of the things I wanted to, myself (except the bit about it not usually being my sort of music - it's right up my alley!)

I practised my rusty taking-photos-of-other-people skills at the show. I feel so self-conscious taking my DSLR out and snapping away at social events and shows but I'm trying to make myself more comfortable with it.

Lili La Scala






So, if you're in Adelaide, I highly recommend seeing Lili's show! You heard me - now go...

Andi B. Goode


  1. Your dress is adorable and you in it even more adorable hehehe.

    For The Vintage Fashionisat

  2. I think you should switch things up a little and post an outfit that isn't completely freaking adorable and looks like it was made for you! Haha, I kid of course.

    I'm so shy about taking my camera out with mt too!

  3. I think your hair is just right for the moment, don't worry about it yet :)

    Lovely dress as ever, you do have the most marvellous collection of frocks. I always feel shy taking photos at events too, but then usually feel so annoyed with myself afterwards for not getting pictures of everything good I saw that I know I really need to get over it and snap away more! x

  4. That's a lovely dress, love the colours too.

  5. lovely dress and tthose live photos are *really* good!

  6. Cute dress! Flirting with different styles is always fun, but isn't it great to "come home" to one's usual style? =)
    What a great review! Oh, how I wish I could go see the show, sounds fabulous.

  7. Hello, as an avid reader of your blog & UK based comedy geek - I'd like, if I may, to recommend a couple of Brits who are going over for Adelaide Fringe, as I think you may like them - Andrew O'Neill & Steve Hall. Two dear friends and also two amazing stand-ups. Glad to see you are a chum of McClelland, he played a gig in my living room when he was in London once, love love love.

    Clare x

  8. gosh I LOVE that dress. Just perfect on you!

  9. Lovely dress, I really like it!

  10. I love the colors of your dress! It fits you like a glove too! :)

  11. Love your dress today - you have a definate envy worthy wardrobe! :)

  12. Gorgeous! And the show looks great :)

    I feel like that with my DSLR, too. I promised that I would get over it this year; it's halfway through Feb. Hmm, need to get on to that now!

  13. LOVE that dress...Plaid is the best, very adorable!

    Think I will have to make myself a new dress soon (in plaid) , because that outfit was very inspiring.....


  14. Your hair's length is so so lovely!! I remember all your different hairstyles though that you used to have and some were much shorter, but this is so gorgeous!! I really love your dress too. it is unique and so pretty.

  15. What an adorable dress, Andi! Those colours suit you to a T.

    x Molly

  16. That dress is just wow! I adore the cut, fabric, and the colors! It really suits you and totally flatters your figure!

  17. I am not a fan of checks - but this looks a TREAT!!

  18. Love that dress!! It looks fabulous on you! :)

  19. I like color of the dress..
    by the way, good combination with red nails

    taxi Toronto

  20. I adore plaid dresses, I have 5 in my collection! Your hair length and style are lovely and really suits you, don't chop it off.


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