Saturday, February 26, 2011

Swinging Lady K

So, last night I finally wore my Swing Dress, which I got from my lovely sponsor, Lady K Loves.


I added the belt and am wearing a little top underneath as the neckline plunges a little too much for me. But I really love this dress - it's simple and easy to dress up and it's so comfortable, too.


I didn't want to add this photo because I look miserable but you can see my nail polish better in this picture - it's green! I felt like a bit of a change so I picked up 'Jade is the New Black' by OPI when I was out the other day. I like it but it's definitely not an everyday colour, for me.


I'm including this rather blurry shot as evidence that I don't look miserable all the time (I know I smile in some of my pictures but it seems to be rather rare) and my smile muscles aren't paralysed.


I swear adding ribbons around these shoes was the best thing I've ever done...well, as regards these shoes at least! I'm sure I've done far better and more interesting things than that...


This is what the sky looked like when I was on my way out. I was afraid I'd get rained on but, besides a few insignificant drops, it was just rather humid. I'm not entirely sure why, but I felt like I wanted to share that fact with you all.


Plus, you get to see that I occasionally take photos of something other than myself.

Anyway, this was my outfit to see Peaches 'n' Gin's show for the Adelaide Fringe: Burlesque Upon a Time. The first time I saw these ladies perform was in a tiny room at Cushdy and now they're performing sell-out shows for the Fringe! If you ever get a chance to see them, I highly recommend doing so. They never disappoint, I assure you.

Oh, and as I happened to wear this on a Friday, it's my Posh Frock Friday dress! Hurrah.

EDIT: I completely forgot to add that if you use the code 'andi_15' at the checkout at Lady K Loves you can get 15% off your purchase. I'm so forgetful these days. Oops!

Andi B. Goode


  1. wow your hair looks amazing. and that is a very lovely dress!

  2. My little brother when he saw this post said you look like a person from the old days in a bar with a long cigarette (which he demonstrated by striding around with his fingers to his mouth).
    I think it was a compliment! Haha. :)
    You look very elegant, and the ribbons on the shoes is great!

  3. You look great! I was just at the salon on Tuesday for a trim and saw that color. Picked it up and forced myself to put it back down. I have a whole bag of polish that I never wear - but I'm trying, as evident from my latest post. Did you see the sparkly blue one? Gah! They're both great colors. I'm glad someone I know got the green. Now I can live vicariously through you.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  4. You look so glamorous and elegant!! Your hair is stunning; you look like a 1940s femme fatale.
    Oh, I love the ribbon trick for shoes-- I do the same with my plain old espadrilles!

  5. You look absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous dress and I keep spying on the jewellery as I love it! :D I'm glad you got out and had a fabulous night honey xoxo

  6. You look stunning. And I think that weather looks absolutely beautiful! But the same time a bit scary.. :)

  7. You look so pretty!! Amazing dress too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. Looks fabulous! Lots of cute pictures as ever :o)

  9. Rrrowr, what a femme fatale! That dress is gorgeous on you, hope you seduced someone in it xx

  10. Oooh, I have that nail polish! It's a great colour but I sometimes have trouble coordinating it with an outfit. You look great! The dress is very nice. The name 'swing' is apt - just look at how full the skirt is! You'll have to take it out dancing sometime.

  11. Such a gorgeous, vixen outfit! This is just the inspiration I needed for work clothes (I have to wear a black dress). Great post! x

  12. aww you never look miserable to me and i think you look wonderful in this dress withyour hair like that as well.

  13. you look divine and the rain has been holding me back from doing things these past days too.
    For the Vintage Fashionista

  14. green nail polish? How awesome! And the dress looks like it was made for you, it fits liker a glove!

  15. Did you add a petticoat as well? It's a great dress. I might splurge on it for myself.

  16. You look stunning in it! Love how you coordinated a perfect retro look in all black, I wear so much black and white it's unreal so it's definitely an inspiration for the future. I'm getting a Hello Sailor Skirt plus a Shirley Dress from her soon, can hardly wait! x

  17. Wow. You look fantastic. Like a vamp!

  18. Oooh, I've not seen that dress "in person" it looks gorgeous on you!

  19. Dress and makeup are gorgeous!! Your necklace is just lovely! I, for one, love your chic non-smile! But your smile is infectious!

  20. Such a tremendously elegant look! I adore your new, endlessly timeless LBSD (little black swing dress), Andi!

    Joyful Tuesday wishes,

  21. I love that blouse, is it her own pattern, a modern one or vintage? x


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