Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buttons & Bows

What-ho, blogland!

I got back from Melbourne on Sunday but have been busy with one thing or another, since then, and haven't had the time to blog. I didn't take many photos on my trip (but you can see a few in this set, including this very lovely shot of Marianne) and the photos I did take aren't exactly holiday snapshots. I will say that I had an amazing time and have to admit I was a wee bit sad to be heading home on Sunday, despite being quite exhausted.

Anyway, I bought this lovely dress from Simplicity Bliss a little while ago, now, and I've been longing for the weather to cool down so I could bring it out and wear it. I had originally thought it would look cute with black stockings and my black oxfords with a little heel but, after quite a lot of walking in Melbourne, I thought I'd best stick with my flat, comfy, reliable saddle shoes. 

Simplicity Bliss Dress

I don't usually like to edit my photos this much but I've been playing around in Photoshop (also known as procrastinating) and I just rather like changing the colours, etc.

Simplicity Bliss Dress2

I'm also looking for a little black bonnet-esque hat to go with it but the beret will do, for now. But if you can think of anything you think I might like, do let me know!

Simplicity Bliss Dress3

These close-up shots were taken from the original listing by Simplicity Bliss.

One of the things I love about this dress is the button details - not just at the neck where there is also a darling bow but these three buttons on either side of the skirt (pictured right). Aren't they just adorable? Speaking of buttons, there is a whole row on the inside of the neck but I can't figure out why - perhaps there was an extra collar or a hood attached originally? Can any vintage fashion experts help me out on this one? I just can't imagine there would be buttons there for no reason at all.

And, for good measure, a couple of shots of what I wore around Melbourne (last time I lamented my lack of variety in what I took, this time I took more and only wore two or three different outfits!):

Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Left: beret - mum's; singlet - Target; '50s cardigan - etsy; belt - gift; leopard print capris - Miss Hussy. Right: 1950s plaid dress - Simplicity Bliss vintage.

I wore my Miss Hussy pants more than anything else and I'm glad I did - I ran into Peta Pledger (another lovely, talented Australian designer) who noticed my pants first and recognised me by them!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I've been wanting to use this title for a while now because it's one of my favourite songs; I think the image of buttons and bows somehow calls to mind a rather more frilly outfit but this has buttons and it has a bow, so it fits!


  1. I love, love, love that third photo!! So beautiful!

    I'm the same way with flats/heels. I always want to wear the heels when I go out, but if I'm going to be doing basically any walking whatsoever, I stick with my flats :( I wish I was more comfortable in heels because they just look so pretty!!

  2. oh I love your new "mountain" dress and that plaid dress, too! As for the buttons, I have had a couple of those before: my guess is that there was once a detachable collar to be buttoned off, cleaned separately from the dress (i.e. a white cotton collar that could be soaked or changed up for a clean one?). That's my guess??

  3. aaah i'm so glad you mentioned that song. i love that song too.
    also this dress.

  4. Super cute honey! Have a great night!

    Did you hear about my good news? Kori xoxo

  5. That third picture is *gorgeous*!! It could be an ad or editorial in a mag.

    I'm really digging this song now, too; Dinah Shore is just too adorable!

  6. Glad you had such a lovely trip! Your outfits are lovely as usual. :)

    I have a '60s nurses uniform with buttons in the same spot that were used to attach a collar. They had detachable collars so that they could clean them and keep them pristine white & also because as they went up in ranka s nurses, they had fancier collars to symbolize their status. So - possible a collar stay?

  7. lovely outfits. I really like what you have done with the editing of the photos. Colours look fab. x

  8. ohh i adore that look gorgeous

  9. Some lovely pictures there and I agree about the dress, that's one of the things I love about vintage clothes of that era, the detail!

  10. Love all the outfits, I do believe you cannot go wrong with a beret

  11. Love the leopard pants! have a look at the black astrakhan topper on my latest blog post, I think it'd go well with your dress.

  12. Love your latest outfits! That plaid dress is very pretty on you!

  13. Girl after my own heart! I just stumbled upon you! Lovely post and lovely blog! I just oooo'ed out loud to my cats at that dress in your last post! Looks like the perfect fit! So flattering! Have a great week! xxx

  14. Lovely outfits - the dress is one gorgeous find and those pants look fantastic on you! :)

  15. I absolutely love all your outfits, your attention to detail is wonderful x


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