Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No case of mean reds in this dress!

Hello, all! Another busy week for yours truly, unfortunately. I spent all day Sunday hunched over my computer writing an assignment and really ought to be doing the same today (I also spent a good deal of time procrastinating. Oh dear.) I've just got a few pictures to share from what I wore Saturday night (to the Kustom Kulture Weekender). (I think I need to make a list of potential blog titles...I just sat here for about twenty minutes trying to think of that 'gem'.)


This gorgeous dress is from the wonderful Peta Pledger (who I met all too briefly on my recent trip to Melbourne). Isn't it just too lovely? It also comes with that fantastic belt - as Feargal Sharkey said of a good heart, a good red belt is hard to find! In my experience, anyway. 

It's not only a beautiful dress (and versatile, too - I bet it's great for picnics) but I love being able to support Australian products!


I quite often forget to show off other parts of my outfits, like handbags. Here's one that I've been using a lot lately because it fits so much into it! I bought it for 2$ at Clearit on Brunswick Street.


Even two petticoats weren't enough for me - I need bigger, froofier ones, for sure! One day I shall have them...


Then I went to a park and took some silly photos with my friend, Kate... 

Kicking my heels up...


But this is how I really feel about being out-of-doors...not a 'nature' girl at all! (And, of course, I use the word nature in the loosest sense possible as this was taken in a man-made park just off a main road...Ha!)


This is closer to a representation of the 'real' me than most other photos, I think.

My friend Kate and myself...



There are a few more photos on my Flickr but I thought it might get a bit too repetitive if I put them all here. Hopefully once I knock a couple of other assignments off I will be able to blog about something other than myself!

Andi B. Goode

Edit I forgot to add that the bow in my hair is from Hopeless Lingerie and the earrings I'm wearing are from Femmes de Fleurs. Oops! But hurrah for more Australian made.


  1. Oh wow that dress is fabulous!!!! Procrastination is a lovely thing! Until the point when your paper or exam is actually due... I think my procrastination skills just keep getting worse the longer I'm in school. Maybe it'll stop once I get out?

  2. Oh my goodness I love Peta Pledger so much - her things are so impeccably cut, so flattering!!

    Aaaannnddd is that a Hopelessly Devoted red velvet bow I spy?! ;p

    Gaby xoxo

  3. That dress is awesome! Great snaps too :)

  4. That dress is simply out of this world! Your shoes are to die for too! Great look!

  5. you look adorable honey. That dress is fantastic! Wow! Hope you have a great Tuesday! Kori xoxo


  6. I'm in LOVE with your dress! Cheery red gingham is the best, and the big voluminous skirt makes it even sweeter. Those pin-up pics by the fence are too cute!

    It seems the more homework I have, the more prolific my blogging becomes... viva la procrastination!

  7. You looked great on Saturday doll ^.^ and so did Kate. Lovely to finally meet you in person, briefly. Hope you had an amazing night, I sure did.

  8. The dress is lovely, but oh my the shoes! LOokig fab as ever!

  9. You look fab!

    I have to tell you, I work at a wedding reception center and the other day we had a bride who was your identical twin. I swear, it was crazy. If she hadn't of been wearing a modern frock I may have even asked her if she was you!

    More silly photos, please :)

    Xx Claire

  10. You looked so pretty, Andi! Hope you guys had a good night...we sure did :)
    x Molly

  11. where ever di you get those fab shoes! I have to get me some!!! x

  12. The dress is really lovely, looks so good on you! And I adore all of those 'nature' photos, hee!

  13. Lovely dress, I do feel you can never have too many petticoats, I mean if you can't walk through door ways then you know your wearing just the right amount.

  14. I love your dress, but I love your shoes even more...
    They are gorgeous!

  15. That's a very beautiful dress! I'm always on the lookout for red garments..it just brightens the day! Your hair looks really pretty too!

    I like nature but I don't know how my shoes would do in the dust n dirt..I feel so prissy saying that lol but it's true ^_^

  16. What a wonderful dress! You look gorgeous! xx

  17. That dress is gorgeous--I seriously want to steal it! hehe! Especially love the park snapshots--so cute. ;)

    ♥ Casey

  18. Love this dress on you sooo much! Red is your colour!! Gingham gorgeousness!

  19. Oh, you are so beautiful in that fabulous dress!! =)
    I like your style very much and your hair is so lovely, that black colour fits for you so nice.
    I have brown eyes too, and I dye my hair black too as you have. =)

  20. ~ holy cr@p you look great!!!~ ADORE that handbag especially and the ribbon-ties on your dress are the sweetest detail! So lovely!

  21. The dress is fantastic on you, and the shoes...simply beautiful!!!


  22. Oh no, my comment didn't work after all! Love love love this pics :) You both look amazing! Your dress is knockout! x

  23. You look wonderful in your red outfit. I love your friends style too. x

  24. I reckon you should do cheesecake pin up!!

  25. Love your dress, so pretty and a great style :)

  26. aaah Clearit is my favourite place to hit when I get to Melbourne! woot!

  27. That red gingham outfit is yummmmm!

  28. The kicking up heels picture is a great one!

  29. You both look so gorgeous! I absolutely love your dress, you couldn't be cuter.

  30. Lovely outfit!!

    Cute that your bolero is in the same color as your dress.


  31. Ha! I love your silly photos and your dress! I'm looking for one like that for a country fair I'm planning this summer. You look great in yours!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    <a href="http://www.midnightmaniac.com>Midnight Maniac</a>

  32. That is a great dress! You look lovely when you smile...smile more!

  33. O.M.G you look so beutiful! Love the shoes! Hugs from sweden.


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