Monday, April 4, 2011

Femmes de Fleurs

A little while ago the lovely lady who runs Femmes de Fleurs sent me some goodies from her shop. It was truly a delightful surprise and I thought it would be nice to do a little blog on them to show off what I got to you all.


This ring looks great with my Heyday! Mary dress. It has an adjustable backing, which I personally love because my fingers tend to swell in the warmer months and I sometimes struggle getting rings off, on the odd occasions that I wear them.


Isn't this hair slide pretty? I haven't had a chance to wear it yet but I think it will make a great finishing touch to an outfit.


These were the earrings that I was wearing in my last post and, as you can see, they match the Peta Pledger dress perfectly.


I also can't wait to wear these little beauties!

I can't admit to being much of a jewellery person but these pieces are just to my taste and, while I occasionally like bigger pieces, these, as I said, are perfect for me. So do take a look at her etsy shop - there's lots of other lovelies in there, too!

Edit: By the way, if anyone is interested in anything I have on my sales blog please let me know ASAP as I'll be taking the blog down in a couple of days.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Oh I love the red and white earrings! I'll definitely be checking out her shop!

  2. These are some great goodies!! I really like the earrings and the ring!!

    For The Vintage Fashionista

  3. Thanks so much for this Andi! I sent them to you because I thought they'd be fun for you to wear and that they MIGHT be worn in one of your clothing blogs. I didn't expect an entire blog dedicated to them, so thank you very much.

    To ILiveinmyLab, if you like those earrings, I can list a pair in my store for you. Just email me on - or send me a message via Etsy - and let me know what you'd like :)


  4. Ahhh I loved that ring when you wore it to World War Wonderful. It truly matches your heyday dress to a T! I love how quirky they are :)

  5. these are gorgeous! remind me of the vintage celluloid i like to collect/hoard. beautiful!!

  6. Each and every one of those items are perfection! So beautiful!

  7. These are adorable :) Love the colours and how detailed the little flowers are :)


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