Thursday, April 14, 2011

In my veins hot music ran

Oh gosh, it seems like my blogging has dropped to once a week (if I'm lucky!) - there are quite a few reasons why but I don't feel like going into them, right now, so here are a couple of outfit shots, instead.

Outfit details: dress - DearGoldenVintage;  top underneath - Target; belt - gift; stockings - Voodoo; shoes - Kmart; cardigan (pictured below) - etsy.

This is what I wore to see Cherry Poppin' Daddies on Monday night. I had a great time and danced, danced, danced and sung along when I could. We got a photo with Steve after the show and chatted with him and I spoke briefly to Dan on the way out - they were really friendly and I think it's great when bands have time to speak to their fans.


I really don't bring this adorable little cardigan out enough! But since taking it to Melbourne, I've been wearing it a bit more.


One of the things I love about these stockings (Voodoo Killer Legs 'Vintage' Stockings) is that they get the little wrinkles around the ankles you usually only get with fully-fashioned nylons. 



As you can (hopefully!*) see I've had a haircut. I rather miss my long hair but it was getting to the point where the curl would just drop whenever I set it so I decided a drastic chop, rather than a trim, was in question. I like my short hair but I also like it long. But it'll grow and I can play around with other sets in the meantime!

Outfit details: beret - handknit my me; 1940s dress - Red Ruby Vintage; socks - We Love Colours; shoes - Payless.

And this is what I wore to uni, last night. I didn't set my hair so I just tucked the ends under using my straightener. 

I'll leave you with a video I uploaded a little while ago (but filmed last November) of me singing/playing uke. It's not a vintage song but, hey, we all need a little variety! (Cover of Say Hi's Sweet Sweet Heartkiller). Thank-you, YouTube, for the ever-so-attractive screengrab...

(Speaking of music, fans of '60s girl groups should check this link out!)

Andi B. Goode

*I say this because people rarely notice when I get a haircut, these days.


  1. Adore that checked dress in the first picture, stunning and it looks so comfortable. Like your new hair too, mine is getting stupidly long, but then it grows at a ridiculous speed, so I'm trying to embrace the long lenghths as a hair cut this time of the year would be a waste of money ;)

  2. 1. the cardigan
    2. the nylons
    3. your little frowny face
    4. the screen cap youtube made.

  3. Cute! There are not enough uke players in the world. Have you heard of these guys? I think you may likey :) x

  4. Love the dress, and your hair looks amazing :).

  5. Wow the concert sounds fabulous! Can we see the pic of you with Steve? I for one would love to see!

    Your hair always looks so authentic - I envy your skills! :)

  6. The plaid dress is so, so cute! :) That cardigan is so neat too... I love the detailing!

    ♥ Casey

  7. Those stockings are really great aren't they. They're the best NEW stockings that look the most like vintage ones.

    I had the black colour-way too but I didn't like those so much cos the bunching looked terrible. Much better in the tan.

    This winter though, I'm committing to wearing more actual vintage nylons. I scored 8 pairs for $80 off ebay recently which was a MAJOR bargain and I'm determined to get used to their non-stretchiness. They are just so damn classy. Seams all the way I say!!

  8. LOVE your hair, Andi! Every little outfit is magic! Still am over the moon for the plaid (melts my heart every time).

  9. that 2nd outfit is so very college-chic, and sort of French-chic too.

  10. Everything is just so pretty :) I really love the leaves on the cardigan, I'm a sucker for beadwork on sweaters! I admire your style so much!

    I thought your hair looked shorter! I dig it!

    And you sound great singing! The ukelele is such a pleasant sounding instrument :)

  11. Your hair looks so cute!! I love it straight in the second picture. Both those plaid dresses are to die for <3

  12. How cute are you???
    Your uke playing gave me an Dad has a ukelele that he never ever plays and I'm going to "borrow" (read: steal) it from him and learn to play!

  13. Your hair looks fabulous, love the way you curled it under for uni! and you have a sweet voice I think I want a ukulele in my life.x

  14. That plaid dress is fabo! Love that cardigan too! I also adore your new cut! I had no idea you could play the ukulele, let alone so well! Awesome! Great post!

  15. The beret outfit (and your hair!) are absolutely adorable. So Bonnie and Clyde!

  16. Cute outfit! The cardigan is just lovely, and I love the effect on the stockings =)
    The new haircut looks great! I've been working up to cutting it that short, I've only ever had long hair, what I'm sporting now is the shortest I've ever had... A little at the time! =)

  17. Love that dress, the colours are so pretty :)

  18. Love the cardi! And I am soo inspired to see your Youtube clip! I have been daring myself to do a Youtube video for ever ( if I ever understand how to...) as I too play the ukulele! Any tips? D

  19. aw, I love you and your uke! And that cardigan is THE BEST!

  20. ~ ^^ ~ cuuuute!! Love your look! I'll bet that was a fantastic show, too...we hardly get any good bands playing here * : (

  21. Get you in your lovely tartan-ness! Loving your outfits.
    I understand about the hair, I do the same, grow it, get fed up, cut it, miss long hair...grow it... he he

    I love when you share your singing and playing

  22. You look amazing!

    Loooove your blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  23. Gorgeous cardi and I am so pleased someone else who is mad about tights with little creases :D You look lovely!

  24. Oh love that dress you wore with the red hat! :)

  25. Aw wow listen to you play and sing! Awesome! :D


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