Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To market, to market, you know the rest...

The other day my friend, Kate, and I went to the Fisherman's Wharf Market at Port Adelaide to browse the bric-à-brac and take photos. I had my Canon 550D and new-to-me Lomo Smena 8M (bought from etsy) in tow and took a few snaps I'm quite pleased with. Expect this post to be quite picture heavy! (I'm rather awful at leaving shots out when I like them).


It was a lovely sunny day so I decided to make the most of it and wore this frock that I bought from Exquisite Bones last year. (Photo taken by Kate).

I made Kate pose by the boat.



Inside the markets.


I really loved that dachshund spice rack (I'm not sure what else to call it...) but it was 259 or 359$! Sigh.


Cheesy record covers are my favourite!


So many flowers on that hat!

 Me by the 'great wall of denim handbags' as Kate called it.





IMG_2300  IMG_2312




Photo taken by Kate. You can see a few more photos she took that day on her tumblr.

I find most of the interesting things at these markets are highly overpriced but it's always fun to browse and you can sometimes grab a bargain - I got a vintage bra & a pair of stockings for only 6$ all up! Oh, and, despite the implications of the subject title we did not, in fact, buy a fat pig. Maybe next time...

Sorry for the complete overload of photos in this post but hopefully it was enjoyable to see some of my surroundings as well as outfit shots. Some of these photos can be found on my second Flickr (which I use for things I don't usually put on the blog) and there are a few more shots at my first Flickr account.

Andi B. Goode


  1. You look so cute! And looks like a fun day :)


  2. Fantastic photos! I must visit the Port Adelaide markets again. Been years since I last went there.

  3. I really admire your style + you have some gorgeous clothes!

    The markets looked like fun, I need to find some like that over here in nsw! :)

  4. Looking lovely :)

    The sausage dog spice rack is hillarious (though the price clearly isn't) and I love those weight bent bookshelfs :)

  5. You look cute and I LOVE the daschund spice rack, though who would pay that I don't know!

  6. what fab markets! I love your dress.
    Shona x

  7. I like browsing the Pt adelaide markets too, but like you said, everything is pretty much out of my price range.
    They have a great dolphin cruise on sundays which leaves near the light house, its only $5 for the 2 hour cruise.


  8. Looks like a lot of fun, and so many 'English' things....

  9. Wow, that place looks amazing! The wall of denim bags is bloody hilarious! Seems like you had a lovely day in a lovely frock :)

  10. The pictures of you in front of the rusty shed are brilliant. The market looks like great fun, it is always ncie to browse even if you can't afford anything. Shame the daschie was so expensive xx

  11. You look just darling! and the daschund spice rack is so sweet but toooo expensive! x

  12. just LOVE your hair so much! great outing! the wall of denim made me laugh out loud

  13. Looks like you had lots of things to rummage through! :) Always a fun way to spend a few hours, imho. Love your outfit too--you are so pretty! :)

    ♥ Casey

  14. Love your outfit! And thank you for clearing up the "fat pig" thing. I *was* wondering! (picturing a piggy cookie jar or something, not you walking home with a pig on a rope leash)

  15. Looks like a fun place! I love browsing around at those things even if I don't intend to buy anything (or much). Great photos!

  16. wow. that place looks amazing. full of treasures. I loved these photos...and your dress is devine

  17. That dress looks gorgeous on you, I think light blue and dark hair always looks fantastic. The market looks intriguing, think I would of had to of bought that lilac flower hat! x

  18. LOVE the Lomo shots they look great!

  19. That looks like an amazing market. I was trying to imagine what treasures could be found there - fantastic! The daschund spice rack is truly made of awesome, despite its disappointing price tag. It would look fantastic in any kitchen if only the price were a little lower.

  20. Andi, you're so gorgeous :P
    I LOVE your new hair. It frames your face so beautifully!
    And u love that dress, looks as if it was made for you.
    Markets are so much fun, even if you don't buy anything. I think it's the atmosphere, and i must admit too, i quite like the smell of old things :) Its a shame though that the best things are often way overpriced, and seem to be getting more so now that vintage is 'in vogue'. That's awesome that you found something good for a bargain, of course!
    I love the diversity of the style of photography in this post :)
    Thanks for sharing!


  21. I remember when I regularly visited this market about ten years ago with my parents I would always buy something. These days when I go I hardly ever buy anything. Still can't resist going for a browse though!

  22. love the last picture!! wonderful..

  23. Awesome!! Love the photos ~ you really should've got that dachshund spice rack! *heehee! So many cool items to browse!!

  24. Fun! I so rarely get to any markets, but enjoying visiting vicariously through your photos ;)


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