Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vintage Fair Finds

Hat - made by me; 1940s sunglasses - etsy; sweater - Alannah Hill; 1930s skirt - Red Ruby Vintage; cherry purse - Dangerfield.
Over the long weekend the Autumn 'The Way We Wear Fair' was on, once again, at the Burnside Ballroom. Mum and I went along and I managed to find a few lovely things (last time I just bought a hat!)

I'm ridiculously in love with this lobster plate - Carlton Ware made similar plates and bowls but this is just a, well...nothing, really...except positively amazing, of course. I'd seen one similar elsewhere just a month or so ago but I got this for a third of the price. Hurrah!


Got some more '30s - '50s Paton's knitting patterns - I had to try very hard not to buy the entire lot that were there! I'm just getting to have so many but, oh, do I ever want more. It's not just because I like to knit from them but they're such great inspiration for hairstyles, too!


This lovely cardigan appears to actually be a bed jacket (most pattern companies tended to put out booklets in themes, and still do I suppose, and all of the other things in this one are most definitely bed jackets, etc.) but, unlike the other patterns in the same book, I think it looks very much like an everyday cardigan. Having mentioned themes, I thought it'd be interesting to note that all of the little sweaters in the green book are inspired by flowers!


A couple of images from the first booklet.


I'm very pleased with this particular find - a 1940s hostess gown (I believe that's the right term? Or house coat? I'm not entirely savvy with loungewear terms, to be honest). I've been wanting one for a while but never really wanted to shell out the dollars - this one's a little worn but fits me perfectly and I love the floral pattern.


Andi B. Goode


  1. Love the dress! And those pockets wooweee ^U^

  2. Awesome finds! I love those pattern books. The "bed jacket" looks like a gorgeous cardigan to me! :)

  3. you had me at lobsters and knitwear. Awesome!

  4. Awesome finds! I love collecting old knitting patterns but they are hard to find here.

    I can't quite tell, but hostess gowns were full length while a house dress would be normal length, or just past the knee (which would be normal length for the 40s.) A gown was worn like a dressing gown, not out of the house, while a dress could be worn to run out to the corner shop or across to a neighbours for some sugar :) Its a gorgeous pattern either way!

  5. Thanks, everyone!
    Rueby - I cherish my knitting patterns! thanks. Though, I was wondering if house coat was the same thing as a hostess gown - I know that a house dress is a different length.

  6. I wonder what the lobster plate is for (besides being awesome, of course?) Like serving a particular food... I've come across a few odd shaped dishes by Carlton Ware but I'm not really sure what uses I can put them to!

  7. That hostess gown is amazing!! I love it; lounge wear or no, I'd wear it out of the house in a heartbeat!

  8. That 'bed jacket' cardigan is fabulous! You should definitely knit that up, its gorgeous! xx

  9. That plate is amazing! And the dress is lovely x

  10. What fabulous finds!Those patterns look fantastic, and the dress is so cute :)

  11. Sweet! I can't wait for the WWWV Fair to come here in a couple of weeks ;). Nice finds!

  12. Lobster plate <3 I'd hang it on a wall somewhere!

  13. The lobster plate is awesome, and the dress is gorgeous! Great finds. I should get around to posting about the stuff I bought. I think I bought about 7 or 8 things all up. Pretty good day...

  14. Hello there, I found your amazing blog via Harbourmaster and I think you've stolen my heart! You are an absolute diamond and I adore your spunky attitude to life:). I'm in Brissy and missed our fair due to a car crash, but that's all sorted now and I'm looking forward to the Gold Coast one next month. I love your lobster dish so much - they're getting hard to find aren't they? And I'm completely in love with your new frock. I've found some wonderful new to follow in you:)) xo

  15. Great finds! The knitting books looks very promising =) Inspiration books are always great, I have a stack that I enjoy just browsing when drinking my afternoon tea. On those rare days that I get a quiet afternoon tea =)
    The dress looks great!

  16. SCORE on that dress + POCKETS!!
    * = D
    & perhaps your lobster-thingie might be a spoon-rest? It is gorgeous...depending on the size, that's my vote for "what is it". A spoon rest.

  17. Awesome finds! Love that lobster plate. x

  18. Those pattern books are to die for! Just looking at them makes me want to learn to knit even more! Great hostess gown too! The lobster is too cute!

  19. SO envious of the vintage sunglasses! Too fabulous.

  20. Your lobster plate was made by Wembley Ware in Perth, Western Australia during the 50s.


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