Wednesday, May 18, 2011

That '70s Post

You may wonder at the title considering the content of the rest of my blog so let me explain. A few weeks ago, now, I went to my friend's 1970s party - I was both excited and a little disappointed as I've had a powder blue safari suit for years, just waiting for the opportunity to wear it, but now it's, ahem, a bit snug. So, I decided I would go as a glam least, I tried. I think it might be a little bit of a mix but my aim was to look like I could have been an extra in Velvet Goldmine (in one of the street scenes when fans are running about or being interviewed) and I think I succeeded...

I would like to note that not one thing I am wearing is actually from the '70s! Hairclip - gift; ribbon as choker - ?; t-shirt - Big W (with cherries stitched on); shorts - Dangerfield; tights - Target; shoes - Rubi Shoes.


I finally got around to watching The Runaways (which I loved) a few days before the party and it gave me a bit of inspiration for make-up and made me wish I could do my hair like Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie (but, well, I'm not getting a feather cut just for a party!)


I did the best with my hair, though, and flicked it out a little with my straightener.


I thought it would be fun to make a 'collage' of a few other things that I love about the '70s, because it's not something that I talk about much on here! When I started making this, though, I realised it would be impossible to put everything I love from the '70s on here even if I just looked at '70s pop culture and disregarded all the art I love and everything else. Eep.

Sources: mainly google image search.

I may mostly wear '40s/'50s but I just kind of love the 20th century in general and it was actually really nice to take a break, as it were, from my regular look. Still, I can say I don't miss wearing that much eyeliner on a day-to-day basis the way I used to. Gosh. Oh, and seeing as I mentioned The Runaways earlier on, here's one of my favourite songs of theirs...

Don't Go Away by The Runaways

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I'd like to apologise for the differing sizes of the pictures - I'm recovering from a cold (woe!) and am rather too lazy to change them...


  1. omg i loved the runaways film!
    and i loooooooooove your outfit, so friggen cute!

  2. Love it. 70s are a-ok with me! I've got a huge soft spot for 70s southern rock at the moment, tem tex shirts and cowboy boots, yup yup!

  3. Lookin' good lady! Time to crank some Heart - xx

  4. You look adorable as a '70s girl!
    It's funny, there are many thing I adore aesthetically about the '60s and '70s, but the 30s-50s are much more flattering to my figure ;-)

  5. there are so many great things about the 70's!Yes polyester is bad but there was more,hehe.

  6. you ROCKED the look, gal! There's no two ways about it, the 70s were an "in your face" kind of decade, non? I didn't mind the movie, Runaways, but the real Joan Jett is amazing.

  7. What a flawless change!! Love the outfit and the hair :)

  8. This is really cute...! A short while ago I wrote a post about being slightly out of decade. Here, you are really way out, but very, very convincing—and cute...!

  9. how funn!! You look great & hair and makeup are spot-on!
    * : D
    In the late great 70's we loved our chunky platform shoes, bellbottom hiphuggers, tops with bell sleeves (for hippies) or concert tees, short-shorts with piping and jogging shorts, tube socks, anything with rainbows on it wasn't too gay yet! *hahaha! & no walkmans yet...that's why people carried their boomboxes around...

    & oh yeah...don't forget ROLLERSKATES!!!!!!

    * = D

    in 1977 I was 12 - still too young for studio 54, and thought the 70s were the most boring time on the I have sincere nostalgia for that time...le sigh

  10. You look cool! gotta love Bowie and Dolly x

  11. Amazing! Love those shorts :) And you know how much I love some of the 70s :D

    I hope your cold is all ok :)

    I want to watch the Runaways!

  12. Man I love safari suits! But there are so few occasions to wear look freakin amazing in Velvet Goldmine gear!

  13. you are amazing! I love your attitude! WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Keep up th good work!
    Ditte from DENMARK!!!!!! (fare fare away!!)

  14. I love the 70s- that jacket is amazing, as is your whole outfit.

  15. Good for you for stirring it up a little - gotta keep people on their toes! You look fabbylous, and you have a gorgeous figure, you lucky girl! x


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