Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adelaide Shopping: Exclusive Vintage

It was ages ago that I said I was going to do a series of posts on vintage shops around Adelaide - well, I did one and never got around to doing any others! So, when I spent the day working at Exclusive Vintage at Prospect (quite a few months ago now), I figured I could snap some photos and do a write up for you all...

Exclusive Vintage
35 Braund Rd, Prospect

Opening Hours:
Thursday-Friday: 10am  - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm

I've also been told that there will be a website running in the next few weeks:


Exclusive Vintage is tucked away in a little street in Prospect, a suburb of Adelaide, so it is surrounded by lovely old houses, but it's also within walking distance of some of the boutiques on Prospect Road. The shop is owned and run by a very lovely woman named Fern who has a background in fashion and puts a lot of effort into the presentation of the clothes - practically any piece is ready to be worn right off the rack. This may not seem like something worth mentioning but I've been to other places where I know I'd want to give something a good cleaning & pressing before I wore it but that's never been an issue for me here.


The stock mainly ranges from the 1930s through to the 1980s and, in my personal opinion, is reasonably priced. (I've got some examples of what I've paid for dresses at the bottom of the post - I realise they may not seem 'reasonable' to some but I compare them to other prices I've seen in stores both here and interstate for similar items.)



(I was wishing this 1960s men's sports jacket was just a little bit smaller but it didn't sit right on my shoulders.)








I also made this little video (it was filmed on a iPhone so it's a bit shaky and probably not all that great but I thought it might give a better feel of the space).

The music I used is Song of India by Tommy Dorsey for absolutely no reason at all. (But I've just realised it means you can't see the video if you're in Germany. Bah! Sorry.)

Here are a few of the things I've bought from there over the years...


1940s dress (almost certainly a maternity dress which makes it good for eating one too many cakes!); I think it cost me around $85 (AU) and it's one of the best finds I've ever made because it's just so darn comfortable.


1950s dress; this was on the sale rack as there was a bit of a hole in the skirt so it only set me back $10.


This gorgeous 1950s (home made) dress is one of my favourites - I can't remember exactly but it was around the $100 mark.


Another of my favourite finds is this lovely strapless number but I honestly can't remember how much it cost me. I want to say around $130 or $160 but I could be wrong.


This is definitely '40s style but I think it was made later - I believe it was $45 but again I could be wrong.

I took these photos quite a while ago, so a lot of the stock photographed won't be there, now - but if you're around I highly recommend taking a gander.

Andi B. Goode


  1. what a nice store!i love the collection of the bags :) very beautiful jackets too!

  2. In love with everything, particularly that last dress! Unfortunately way too far away and broke. I need me a billion dollars and a ride. :/

  3. It looks like a fantastic shop and you're definitely right about those prices - most of the lovely vintage stuff I see on places like Etsy is far beyond my reach. This post makes me want to investigate the vintage stores in Melbourne and to see what's available.

  4. I've never been to Adelaida, but I think I'd like this town.

    You... pretty as allways

  5. Bargainsville! I LOVE that strapless number, it suits your figure so well!

  6. !! Fabulous !! I especially love your video tour of the shop and was particularly enticed by the selection of HATS in the store! And you're not kidding about how nice it is for vintage clothing to be "pret-a-porter" either...this place looks so well kept I would love a chance to shop there.

  7. Wow! Love the things you have got from there. And I agree - reasonable compapred with some of the price tags I have spied recently in vintage stores!

  8. Wow! Those prices are really resonable - hopefully one day I can make it Adelaide and check it out ;)

  9. What a lovely shop.Great video.I spied a few lovelys in the poodle and loved all the hats and bags.Your dresses are gorgeous.and you look beautiful.x

  10. I love Exclusive were so lucky to look after the shop for Fern. She is so lovely, and I agree, everything she has in store is reasonably priced, and is in great ready to wear shape. I;m looking forward to seeing what other shops you will write about!
    x Molly

  11. How good is EVC? My boyfriend lives nearby and I love to pop in to chat with Fern. I agree with you about the prices - very decent.

  12. this is a really great idea! i'd love to do something similar one day.


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