Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Sheet Music Collection

After seeing Amy Jeanne post pictures of her vintage sheet music collection, I remembered that I'd been meaning to post some of mine. Most of these have been picked up at fairs or op shops but some belonged to my mother when she was a teenager. Unfortunately, some places like to put nasty price stickers on them and if I take them off, I'll rip the paper. One of my pet peeves, actually, is when shops put stickers on the covers of old books/knitting patterns/music/etc. Sigh. Anyway, here we go (this isn't all of them, but it is most).

IMG_2937 IMG_2946
L-R: 1920 & c. 1921

IMG_2925 IMG_2926
L-R: 1928 & 1931

IMG_2931 IMG_2932
L-R: 1933 & c. 1940s/date unknown

IMG_2940 IMG_2935
L-R: 1942 & c. 1942

IMG_2941 IMG_2947
L-R: 1942 & 1942

IMG_2955 IMG_2927
L-R c. 1943 & c. 1943

IMG_2944 IMG_2943
L-R: 1943 & 1943

L-R: 1943 & 1944

IMG_2933 IMG_2945
L-R: 1945 & c. 1945

IMG_2929 IMG_2942
L-R: 1946 & 1946

IMG_2930 IMG_2936
L-R: c. 1948 & 1949

IMG_2928 IMG_2956
L-R: 1953 & c. 1954

IMG_2966 IMG_2952
L-R: 1959 & 1959

IMG_2953 IMG_2964
L-R: c. 1960 & 1960

IMG_2965 IMG_2962
L-R: 1960 & 1961

IMG_2957 IMG_2960
L-R: 1961 & 1961

IMG_2963 IMG_2967
L-R: c. 1962 & 1962

IMG_2950 IMG_2969
L-R: c. 1964 & 1966

IMG_2970 IMG_2958
L-R: 1966 & c. 1966

Hope you all enjoyed seeing these! It took me longer to get the post together than I thought it would. I'm glad it's all done, though. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them all - some are quite delicate and I was thinking of eventually photographing the actual music to possibly share online (I will, of course, check the copyright first) - that way, the music can still be used but they won't fall apart from constantly being opened, etc. Maybe I'll frame some of them, one day. Who knows?

I've had plans to learn some that have ukulele accompaniment, as a challenge to myself, and do videos of them but we'll see if I actually do that. Ha!

Andi B. Goode

(Note: The colours may be slightly off as I don't have a scanner so I took photos of them, instead. And the dates are only what the copyright inside says, so all may not be the date they were actually printed.)


  1. Your collection of music is awesome! I think they'd look great framed and hung over a piano or record console or something like that. If I were to use the music, I'd definitely photocopy it and keep the originals nice.

  2. what a wonderful collection! also, love the new haeder. Maybe its not that new, I've not jumped out of my reader for a while!

  3. how fantastic, i'll be hummimg some of these tunes all day now. just wish i could play the piano!

  4. Great collection!!! I agree with Miss Kat they would love excellent framed.

  5. These are so fun! I've collected old sheet music over the years (off and on... usually when I find a antiques booth that has them super cheap!), and love them for the artwork covers (since I can't really play an instrument... I'm still working on that ukulele!). Thanks for sharing all these!

  6. WOW!!! I am floored by such a collection! How lovely! :)

  7. Wow there are some classics there, and Cliff Richard looks about 12!

  8. Ohh what a wonderful collection of great music!


  9. ~ wow! ~ your collection is fantastic!! And you're reading my mind: It's a great idea to frame and group a few of them on your wall for display!! O i would do that right now, today, if they were mine!!! *ha! so cool! of course just be careful how you do it...I've had older papers adhere to glass from (my!) bad mounting & broke my heart
    * : (

  10. The graphic on the very first one is FAB - you should definitely frame it! Very jealous of Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree, Sh-Boom, Wooden Heart, Lipstick On Your Collar and These Boots! Awesome collection. I only have 3!

  11. Amazing collection!! Thanks for sharing them!!

  12. What a brilliant collection, think it is a great idea to put them online x

  13. What a great post! I had thought of doing a similar post myself as I inherited many pieces of sheet music from my great grandma and great aunt. I am a big Doris Day fan and I thought I had heard just about every recording, but I have NEVER heard "Purple Cow!!!" I'm going to have to look that one up.

  14. Nice collection. I've got quite a few, myself. I'll try to get them posted on my blog, soon.


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