Thursday, August 25, 2011

Plaid Flannel & Big Buttons

Gosh, another outfit post. Are you all getting bored of these, yet? I sure hope not because I've got a couple more to come before I break the posting up with something else.


So, remember the dress from this post? Well, this is the long sleeved version (also made by my mother). For a little while I was worried that the fabric looked a little too much like I might be wearing pyjamas or a nightie, but once I saw it all made up I knew I didn't have to worry. The fabric is a very soft flannel so it's warm (but not too warm) and very comfortable. I'm very pleased, too, that I chose such large buttons - oversized buttons are so much fun, I think. Oh, and's another plaid dress! Casey suggested I do a round-up of them all one day, on my last post, and I think I might just have to do that.


 I've been trying to get a little fancier with my hair, lately, inspired by finally getting a copy of this book for my birthday. (So far, I've only actually copied one style from there - not this one - but it's still inspiring me). However, photographing dark hair to show the exact style? Not so easy.


 I think I might start collecting these sweetheart pins - maybe I'll collect sweethearts to go with them, too. Ha! Perhaps not. This one is a US Marines sweetheart pin and, even though these pins (and other types of Sweetheart jewellery. Also, see Casey's cute collection here) were popular in WWII, but I'd say this is rather later. It just seems too new. But I love it all the same.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Honestly that is one pin I would LOVE to have. :) OOORAH!! hehehe!

  2. Darling dress, and the hair is lovely those sweater pins are so cute! x

  3. I love the story behind the sweetheart pins! I think they would be such a nice thing to collect~

  4. gotta love stylish ladies, especially when they come fromthe same city as you!
    Love your blog,
    have a look at mine for my fashion label casper&pearl

  5. Oh man, I think I need a plaid flannel dress. Sounds so cozy for fall/winter, and it really does look smart! Love the big buttons.

  6. Love the dress! Love the hair! Love those shoes!!!

  7. All your outfits are wonderful. I can´t see myself getting tired soon.

  8. I love sweetheart and victory pins!I snag them up whenever I can (and can afford to hehehe)

  9. Your hair looks great! I love the idea of a flannel dress. It looks so comfy and not at all pajama-like!

  10. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa.And watch-out folks for Irene if you live in the east coast. Richard from Amish Stories.

  11. Gorgeous dress (your mum's amazing!) and I love the fabric. I lvoe blue and red together.

    And i love your outfit posts – I'll never get bored of those. I love your unique vintage style :)

    And, and ohhhh I know, dark hair detail photos..! Argh! I hope I work out a way other then lightening my pics to oblivion ;) Love your high hair here!

  12. You are a lucky girl to have a mum like that!!!! Perfect dress!
    Do this book about vintage style hair worth to be bought??? Did you learn a lot from it? I have some books like and never be able to make the same on my hair....

  13. I adore sweetheart jewelry too and have a few pieces. They are such a fantastic window into WWII.

  14. Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone! (Especially Karin + esme and the lane way for saying you'd not get tired of my outfit posts =])
    Lyndall: I think so, too. =]
    casper+pearl: Oh, wow, thank-you! Will definitely take a look at your blog. =D
    Laurence: I haven't used the book much, yet, but it looks like it'll be quite helpful (and inspirational!)


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