Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Latest Op-Shopping Finds

Did some op-shopping on a very warm Tuesday and the best thing was everything I found was priced at what I consider to be 'real' op-shop prices. It seems to be more and more rare to find that these days, with certain items. But enough griping, onto the spoils of the day! (All of these photos are from Instagram because I was too lazy to take some with my 'good' camera.)


Some more Paton's knitting patterns to add to my slowly growing collection. I tend to buy the children's/men's patterns for the 'lulz' as they have very humorous photos. One day I should do a post dedicated just to them! (Perhaps.)


Not quite a set (missing one cup) but in great condition and it has a little can opener, too. My nonna had a set of these that I remember from when I was little but hers had a green leather case that zipped open/closed around the top.


Also not quite a set - looks like these bamboo handle knives are from two different sets but luckily there are three of each so, at least, there's a kind of symmetry. At first I thought they were just made to look like bamboo but, upon closer inspection, they're definitely real bamboo.


An old tin for odds and sods. It has 'Cadbury' embossed on the top (and it's definitely the 'Cadbury' logo) but I'm wondering if it's been painted a different colour than its original. I've found a couple on eBay/google (like this one) and they all appear to have a coloured lid and band around the bottom and a circle design on the main part of the tin. Perhaps someone painted it to fit their colour scheme? Luckily, I like yellow and white! I'm not 100% certain it was painted, though - it seems a little too neat!


Some EPs from the 1950s and 1960s. I mainly bought these because I liked the covers (especially the Ames Bros - too cute!) but there are some pretty neat songs on there, too. There's a very fun number on the Ines Addio EP but I can't find it on YouTube to share with you all.


Some nice little wooden dishes.


Fun, chunky plastic bracelet.


And these aren't the era I usually write about here but I was pretty excited to find them! Let's Hear it for the Boy is one of my favourite songs.

Edit: Just realised I ought to have said these were from three different op-shops! Oops.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love those travel cups! My mum has a huge collection of Paton's knitting patterns from the 1970s and the pictures are hilarious! I especially love the baby ones because it makes me giggle to think those babies are older than I am now.

  2. Woah, great finds! That is one amazing op shop!

  3. I love the 50/60's records! I got one recently for the cover too, called "Pink Champagne for Dancing" .. I haven't listened yet but I have it propped up on a shelf because it's just so pretty! :D

  4. Fun stuff! I really like the shape of the bracelet, and the tumbler set. And of course the knitting booklets! I love children's and men's patterns too, there are some great and humorous things. I sadly almost never find cool stuff at thrift stores here! It's so rare when I do.

  5. Loving to homewares post Andi! I myself am on the lookout for some dining chairs similar to yours but in green.

  6. Wow some great finds there Andi! Love the bamboo knives

  7. Great finds!
    The bamboo knives are my favorite.

  8. Hooray for good finds! They all look like things I hunt for too (good thing we live in different countries, maybe? hehe!). The knitting books and wood dishes are especially fun! As are the records... although lately I've had to ban myself from buying any more records because the collection is getting to be a bit of a storage problem. ;)

    I agree; reasonable prices (or what I consider reasonable for second-hand goods) at second hand shops are becoming a thing of the past here in the US too. Occasionally I find a good shop that hasn't jacked their prices up, and it becomes a closely-guarded secret. hehe! Not that I mind many of the thrift shops charging reasonable prices for their merchandise (they do tend to support charities after all), but $15 for a chipped, faded vintage Pyrex dish just because it's "Pyrex"? No thanks... (This is the sort of thing I find all the time... That and piles of stained, old embroidered linens that are about 3 times what I'd even pay on Etsy!)

    Enough ranting! rofl. I'm just steamed because my otherwise fair-priced local shop has recently raised prices that are getting a bit ridiculous. I guess I'm too passionate of a bargain-hunter! hehe.

  9. Oh, what a founds you`ve done! Especially those knitting patterns and singles makes me jealous. ;)

  10. I love the wooden dishes, they make me think of something characters in Mad Men would own!
    Yes, op shops really are getting more and more expensive now that they are so on trend :(

  11. Buying a vintage addict it's like buying a drug addicts... we cannot stop to buy things even if we don't need them and if our house is full!!!!!
    You made cute finds, girl!
    Look at our last flea market on my blog, I'm quite ashame to buy so much!!!!

  12. Fabulous finds- love the aluminium tumblers!


  13. Great finds! Love those knifes!

  14. Love footloose & 'Lets hear it for the boy!

    Great blog too by the way!


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