Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A little bit '40s, a little bit '60s

I actually forgot that I had this post sitting in my drafts. Oops! I decided to embrace a sunny day and wear one of my sunniest looking dresses that dates to the early '60s. I love the colour combination in this dress and, for some reason, I feel the need to call it my 'Juicy Fruit' dress. 

40s hair, 60s dress

Outfit details: hair flowers - ?; sunglasses - Lost and Found Market; dress - American Rag; belt - Valley Girl; bracelets - various; shoes - KMart.

40s hair, 60s dress

Even though I was wearing a '60s dress I took some inspiration from the '40s for my hair. I used hot rollers, which I hate (but it was all I had at that point), so my hair isn't as curly as I usually like it. I just twisted and pinned back the sides and did two little rolls at the front, using the hair that used to be my fringe.


This dress is actually perfect on those days that still have a slight chill because it's a little heavier than my other summery looking frocks (and has slightly longer sleeves, too!) but not too heavy. Oh, and it's very comfortable to boot.

40s hair, 60s dress

Andi B. Goode


  1. The hair is super-impressive - perhaps I will try it when mine grows a little. I'm also lusting after your sweater clip collection! Hopefully I'll find one ASAP. Have a good week :)

  2. I'm getting "juicy fruit" - candy stipes - pascall's lollies - pastel colours - it all dovetails....

    I love your sunnies.

  3. Always enjoy your blog. Btw - there's a lovely pic of a woman who could be your ancestral double, on Giant Pants of the 30s - Sep 6th. She looks amazing. I saw her and immediately thought of you!

  4. You are powerful and elegant!
    Very cool & Cute!
    I come back to this blog<3

  5. All hail the juicy fruit dress!! It looks lovely!

  6. Cute dress and you're so right, it is definitely a Juicy Fruit dress. You look as fabulous as ever. x


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