Thursday, September 22, 2011

Retro Chick and Lady K Loves

Last Friday I showed you all the final result of my collaboration with Lady K Loves - well, today I want to show off the dress designed by Retro Chick.

Drawing more from the 1930s, this dress is made from a striped cotton and has some gorgeous details like the puffed sleeves and an under-bust seam plus that lovely little collar. This is the kind of dress I would imagine having tea and cake in - that's not just me, is it?

The same deal goes for this dress as does with mine - very limited edition with only one in each size (and one for its fabulous designer, of course). The dress, with sizing details, is available on the Lady K Loves site - I've just taken a look and there are only four left! 

Just as Gemma pointed out on her post about my dress, I love that we both went for very different locations to shoot pictures of our very different dresses. Mine are still on pre-order and none have sold, yet, so you can still get one if you like. The sizing charts are now up, too and sizes range from XS to XXL.

Miss Kitty Boo in Lady K Loves

If you have any questions you can contact Kessie through the Lady K Loves website.

Andi B. Goode


  1. You're right - that dress is perfect for tea and cake! And I love those white shoes!!! :)

  2. I really can't decide which one I love the most, they are both so stunning!

  3. Oh I am trying to be good with not buying but now I want both of those dresses! I love the fabrics and detailing!

  4. Miss Meadows: Glad you agree. And they are lovely.
    Harlow Darling: Thank-you! I'm glad you like them both.
    Tara: Hehe, oops - sorry! Glad you like them, though. :)


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