Sunday, September 11, 2011

Silver Screen Sunday {Queen of Outer Space}

Well, I haven't done one of these posts in quite some time, now, have I? They actually take a lot more effort than outfit posts, most of the time, so with one thing and another doing movie posts just dropped off my radar. But I watch so many movies (many of which have fantastic costumes) and I really don't have anywhere I can share them all so I may start this up again.


Enough of that rambly preamble, and onto the point of this post: Queen of Outer Space, a 1958 sci-fi film directed by Edward Bernds, which, despite its low rating on IMDB is, at least, a great film to look at. It's also great to laugh (and yell a little) at, I found.

Like other films of this era (Cat Women of the Moon comes to mind) it centres on a group of earth men who go to another planet (in this case, Venus, which is actually inhabitable despite all that science had discovered about it) which is populated by a whole lot of beautiful women who have forged a society in which they see no need for men. So, of course, the earth men have to put a stop to it! (Or you get films like Attack of the 50 Ft Woman where, once again, a powerful woman who controls her own sexuality, etc., is basically seen as a threat to society and social order.) I think this can still be seen as a result of a postwar period when men had returned home to find women doing the jobs they had done before they went to fight, and the tension created by this situation flowing over into films, just as the paranoia and fear of the 'other' sparked by the thought of Soviet invasion, etc., can be seen in other sci-fi films around this time. However, this film is definitely more on the spoof side of things and I think it stands up best as a campy, kitsch film with great costumes and glittery props. (But I'll probably end up switching back and forth between over-thinking it and not thinking about it at all, as I often do with films, etc.) You can read a little more here at wikipedia - it's a tad spoilery but I don't think it matters for this film, to be honest.

 Outer Space 1

Joi Lansing - pictured above - plays the only 'earth woman' we get to see - I love her hair but, most of all, I love the red (sequined!) gloves with the nearly chartreuse outfit.

Outer Space 3

I wish I had something to do for Halloween because I'm rather partial to the idea of going as one of the guards. Probably the red uniform - you should all know by now I'm particularly fond of red.

Outer Space 7

This is the Venusian queen Yllana who banished all of the men from Venus (I think they're being held captive some place) after a war.

Outer Space 2

Great hair, perfectly sculpted brows, glittery costumes and kind of film!

Outer Space 4

Zsa Zsa Gabor plays Talleah, who (along with some of the women pictured above) wishes to overthrow Queen Yllana and integrate the men back into society.

Outer Space 5

Zsa Zsa Gabor had some positively gorgeous gowns - I'm drawn to the red one (of course) with a split all the way up one side.

Outer Space 6

Many of the costumes used in the film were recycled from Altaira's wardrobe in Forbidden Planet, as well as props and sets from other films, too.

Outer Space 8

Think I'm going to take some interior design tips from this film, too - must get glittery curtains and a sparkly screen! But maybe not so much the strange device (intended to destroy earth) in the last image...

Andi B. Goode

Just wanted to add that this does have a DVD release that's in its original format (it was shot in cinemascope) but, even if I had it, I wouldn't be able to screencap from it as it'd be the wrong region for my computer to play. Woe!


  1. oh this is a good one Zsa Zsa is great, love these cheesy old space movies - my fave is I Married a Monster from Outer Space...thanks for the post!

  2. This looks amazing, glitter and strong brows is what I am all about, oh and red! Definitely need to watch it. x

  3. I want glittery curtains now too!! OH, and that gold embellished dress!! It's all so pretty... except, yeah, that strange device! :S xx

  4. I so love campy, sci-fi films from the 50s. This is one I haven't seen yet and have added it to my Netflix queue now! :) Having just watched Attack of the 50 Foot Woman recently, I think it's an interesting (and totally reasonable) hypotheses about the post-war paranoia. A thread I see in a lot of movies (not just sci-fi) of the 1950s... I just always find it ironic since the way "glamorous" women were portrayed in movies at the time (think Marilyn), and yet female sexuality was so highly frowned upon. Ah, the 50s... The more I learn about you the more you make my scratch my head! lol. ;)

    Enough rambling! Glad that you posted another SSS feature--hope you'll be able to post more (I've missed them!). ;)

  5. Looks brilliant! I wish recent films had this kind of styling. x hivenn

  6. Sissy: You're welcome. Glad to find another fan. I need to watch more cheesy old space movies - will have to watch your favourite!
    Hannah: Hurrah - a girl after my own heart. And indeed you do. =]
    The Mint Palace: Let's find some glittery curtains!
    Casey: So glad you love them too =D Hope you enjoy this one. And, thanks. I'm glad you think so. Indeed - I feel the same way about the '50s. Ha.
    Jazzy E: Glad you enjoyed it =]


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