Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bits and pieces

Here are a few other homeware-type things that I've acquired, lately as a follow up to the last post. I have even more to blog about but I think I need to space it out a little bit.


This Bristolite canister was given to me with the Gayware set - it originally would have been one of a set (as the biggest, used for flour) but it happily matches the colours of my other canisters. I've decided this shall be used for biscuits because it's nice and big as a biscuit barrel ought to be, I think.



I like the art deco style details (though it was made much later) around the lip - this is where you insert your label for whatever it may be. They originally came with their own labels but this one's is long gone. I'm planning on making one up with some kind of neat '50s style font.


A set of four TV snack plates in different colours. These were dated as 1960s when I bought them and I couldn't guess any better than that. I love the colours and the shape reminds me of an artist's palette. Bought from a stall at the Fishermen's Wharf Market. You can also see the kidney shape of my little coffee table in this shot. While it's very '50s in terms of shape, I think it might be a bit later.


This Nallyware biscuit container is a bit worse for ware - the knob is missing from the top of the lid and the 'i', 't' and part of the 'u' are gone. But it didn't cost me much and it's the perfect size for my smaller craft supplies. I'm also thinking of trying to restore it a little but I shall tell you how that works out when I get around to attempting it. Bought from a stall at the Fishermen's Wharf Market.

Andi B. Goode

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now Colour Planned for Every Home!

I think it's safe to say that most Australian vintage lovers lust after Gay Ware and I'm certainly no different.

I was beginning to despair of ever finding a set of Gay Ware canisters that I could actually afford when I went to my dad's partner's for dinner the other week. I told my dad how I was on the lookout for some 1950s canisters and his partner brought one of hers out from her pantry and asked 'like this?' I'm sure I said something like 'Yes! Exactly like that' and then she told me I could have them. I honestly couldn't believe my luck.


Aren't they gorgeous? I'm so incredibly happy with them - when I first brought them home I just kept staring at them. (You also get a sneak peek at a coffee table I keep forgetting to take photos of.)



The red and white colour combination is just perfect for my future dream kitchen.


Of course, my search isn't over - as you can see from the two 1950s ads below, there are many items left for me to find to have a complete Gay Ware kitchen.

Kitchenalia - GayWare kitchen aids

Kitchenalia - GayWare

And look at this window display below - I could just cry thinking about walking past a display like this! Though, of course, one thing that's so satisfying about being a vintage collector is when you find something special or that's usually hard to find, don't you think?

Andi B. Goode

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Green, black and a few other colours.

My friend bought us tickets to see Gotye, the other night, and it was so fantastic. I saw him back in...2008, maybe, at the St Jerome's Laneway Festival. He was also great to see back then, but this show was a very different vibe as he had other musicians with him this time. Anyway, I wanted to wear something comfortable but that was still fun so I decided to put on this dress - I don't think I've photographed it for the blog before, either.


Outfit details: 1950s hat - Red Ruby Vintage; sunglasses - Lost and Found market; necklace - Fisherman's Wharf markets; bolero - gift; 1950s dress - etsy; belt - Valley Girl; bracelets - various; handbag - Clearit on Brunswick street; stockings - ?; shoes - KMart.


I'm completely in love with this dress - it's so comfortable and I think it's quite versatile, too.


Hopefully you can see my hot dog earrings at least somewhat clearly in this photo. I used to wear a lot of slightly silly/novelty accessories so I decided to trying to integrate a little of that back into what I wear. Hence, hot dog earrings (I made them myself from some charms I bought on etsy).



And, for anyone who hasn't heard of Gotye and has no idea what I was yammering on about, here's the film clip (which is still amazing no matter how many times I see it) for the first single off of his latest album, which also features Kimbra.

Andi B. Goode

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beauty Beat at Two-Bit Villains

Hello, dear readers, I have an announcement for you, today (which may, or may not, only be interesting for my local readers). My friends at Two-Bit Villains are running a series of classes at their shop each Friday night in October, all centred around the theme of style and beauty with a vintage/rockabilly focus. And they asked little ol' me to teach a couple!

As you can see from the flier above I'll be doing two sessions on the 21st of October - the first on how to get the perfect pair of red lips and the second on faux bangs (that I used to sport all the time - I think it might just be time to start sporting them regularly again). I've never taught anything before so I'm a little nervous but definitely looking forward to it! I really hope it goes well and is useful to those who attend. I also hope that I might get to meet some of my local readers.

For more information, or to book, you can go here or you can always just visit the Two-Bit Villains Facebook page here.

Andi B. Goode