Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bits and pieces

Here are a few other homeware-type things that I've acquired, lately as a follow up to the last post. I have even more to blog about but I think I need to space it out a little bit.


This Bristolite canister was given to me with the Gayware set - it originally would have been one of a set (as the biggest, used for flour) but it happily matches the colours of my other canisters. I've decided this shall be used for biscuits because it's nice and big as a biscuit barrel ought to be, I think.



I like the art deco style details (though it was made much later) around the lip - this is where you insert your label for whatever it may be. They originally came with their own labels but this one's is long gone. I'm planning on making one up with some kind of neat '50s style font.


A set of four TV snack plates in different colours. These were dated as 1960s when I bought them and I couldn't guess any better than that. I love the colours and the shape reminds me of an artist's palette. Bought from a stall at the Fishermen's Wharf Market. You can also see the kidney shape of my little coffee table in this shot. While it's very '50s in terms of shape, I think it might be a bit later.


This Nallyware biscuit container is a bit worse for ware - the knob is missing from the top of the lid and the 'i', 't' and part of the 'u' are gone. But it didn't cost me much and it's the perfect size for my smaller craft supplies. I'm also thinking of trying to restore it a little but I shall tell you how that works out when I get around to attempting it. Bought from a stall at the Fishermen's Wharf Market.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Or you could just keep some Bslics' in it, then you don't have to fix it.

  2. Andi see tips for restoring bakelite on my blog sidebar tutorial, good for the bristolite one but not the grey and yellow nally. I love your red and white gayware set you showed in the last post.

  3. i love vintage housewares. i've never heard of gayware before! maybe one day i'll get lucky enough and acquire a piece.

    and in a sort of reply, i believe you like my outfit because it has ~plaid~ and i know how much you love plaid ;)

  4. This stuff is genius! I'd never heard of it before, glad i have now!

  5. I admit, I sat there for a second wondering what "Bsclis" were. lol But what a fun way to re-purpose something that's a little worn!

    I really like the red one a lot. Smart that it has a space for your own label so you can use it for whatever you please, instead of having to always remember that decaf tea is in the coffee container and black tea is in the sugar container. ;) Which reminds me, I did go home and check the bottom of my canisters after your last post, they're Burrite. They had the best names back then!

  6. Thanks to this post, I now know that the set of cannisters that I proudly inherited from my nana are Nallyware. I've often wondered and it's fantastic to know. Thanks!

  7. The art deco details on that canister are killing me. & love the bright red.


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