Sunday, January 15, 2012

Andi B. Goode on etsy

I had planned on making today the return of the regular movie feature I used to do, however I am posting with a little announcement, instead.

After literally years of saying I was going to sell off some unwanted vintage pieces on etsy, I've finally taken the plunge. There aren't a lot of things listed at present but I'm going through the pile they are all pieces from my personal collection, there isn't a lot of variety in the way of sizing, unfortunately.

I'm neither completely sold on the banner I made, nor the name of the shop but it was what I used at the last vintage fair I went to and I thought it would do for now. At the moment I've only listed shipping options for Australia because I was feeling a bit lazy, but if anyone outside of Australia is interested in anything, send me a message on etsy and I'll add other shipping options! I will probably be adding other options (or just an 'everywhere else') quite soon, anyway.

This is what I've managed to list so far:

Stained Glass Dress

Life is a cabaret, old chum!

Perfect Autumn Dress

Grey Dress for a Grey Day

Vintage Fashion Fair

Please do take a look and I might post updates here as I list new lots, if anyone is interested in keeping up to date.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love the last outfit!

  2. No, dont sell any of it....they ALL look fab!

  3. Yay, well done! Gorgeous dresses, already adding some to my favourites..!

  4. I used to sell on Ebay sometimes but it take a lot of time to make a photo shoot, take the measurements and create a listing... I would like to also create an etsy shop!!!
    I hope you will have a great success with it!

  5. Oh no! I wan't quick enough - looks like that lovely grey/green plaid number is on hold - please let me know if it doesn't get sold! I will buy it for sure!

  6. what beautiful clothing! i especially love that third dress!

  7. Ooh not suppose to be spending darn you! ; ) x

  8. Thanks for the support, everyone! :D
    Konad-licious: well, I don't want them anymore & I need the money, so...
    Hannah: Haha, I'm a terrible enabler ;)

  9. That's absolutely awesome, Andi! What a cool note to kick off 2012 on. I wish you tons of success with new venture and am off to add your etsy shops to my fave right now, dear gal.

    Scores of hugs & happy weekend wishes,

  10. Oh, the grey 50/60s dress is lovely!


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