Thursday, January 26, 2012

Art, art, art

I have to start this post by saying that I'm quite overwhelmed by the amount of people who commented on my last art post! It's so encouraging to get that kind of feedback and I really appreciate it. I must admit that my motivation has plateaued since my last post so I've only managed to make a small number of drawings since then, but I've photographed them to share, anyway.


I watched this video (Dumb Dumbs by Supercute!) which I thought was OK but I was really taken with the heart-shaped blush and wanted to draw a picture of someone sporting it. Oh, and definatalie has drawn some really cool illustrations with heart blush, as well. I didn't see those until after my drawing but I love her work and find it inspirational, too.


This one was inspired by this but I've simplified the details, etc. Apologies for the slightly blurry photo, though!


This wasn't inspired by anything in particular...except for perhaps these heart eye-lashes from ASOS.

I don't think I'm 100% satisfied with any of these but I definitely still like them. I was hoping to start selling prints soon but, alas, I cannot afford the scanner I would need to do so. Until then I'll keep posting some drawings intermittently and hope that I can save up enough money for a scanner. I'd rather not sell any original pieces until I have the means to get good quality reproductions of them. I also need to think of a name to sell my art under, as well. Hmm. Thinking cap on!

Andi B. Goode


  1. hello dear friend from IG, have you thought about selling some small originals to help pay for your scanner? I dont have a lot of extra funds to spear but would love to help another artist out

  2. I like the first one best; love the heart cheeks, and I really want my hair to be that color! The outfits in all of them are so cute.

  3. I love them all!! I love the awkwardness yet beauty of them :) love the rolls in the hair on the second one :)

  4. These are lovely, the second one is my favourite love her teeth and eyebrows! x

  5. I love your art! I am an art mayor myself. so it is always encouraging to see other talents as well. keep it up, you have motivated me to start posting my work as well! I love your blog by the way, If im not mistaking i think i remember you from the fedora lounge!! I never forget a face.

  6. Ooh I saw one of these of Girl Guts! I think your style is very orginial - keep up the lovely work! <33

  7. Well Done YOU!! Can you get them scanned professionally? Just an idea until you can get the scanner you want.

  8. Deb - I've thought about it but, as I said, I want to be able to keep a high quality copy of any image I create because I like to keep them for posterity. :)
    Ms Dee: thank-you! Yes, I'd love my hair to be that colour, too.
    emma_G: thank-you! Awkward is definitely what I was going for. :D
    Hannah: Thank-you! Yes, I'm quite fond of big teeth and thick eyebrows (probably because I was always self-conscious of my eyebrows in their natural state and my big teeth!)
    The adventures of Mr and Mrs Jaime: thank-you! I'd love to see some of your work, too :) And, sadly, no I was never on the Fedora Lounge! I could never get my account verified because I have a free (ie gmail) email address.
    Kailey: Oh, awesome! Thank-you :)
    Shona: Thanks :D I had a look after you mentioned it but it's about the 3rd of the price of a scanner for the ones I want done, anyway. Bah.


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